Monday, May 28, 2012

Days Like Today

Part of me wants to write a post about Veterans.... How grateful I am for them, how proud I am of both of my grandpas... Part of me wants to write about how emotional I get when I think about our freedom... How I bawled like a baby yesterday as we sang America the Beautiful in church.  But you see... I'm on my iPhone right now and both of these ideas will have to wait. Rather I will tell about my memorial day because honestly I don't think this day could possibly have gotten any better. 
- First: I woke up around 7.
- Ate a bowl of honey bunches of oats and went back to bed. (Nick loves to do the same thing and Jeanine things we are so so weird.)
- Woke up at 9.
- Watched some Saved by the Bell with Craig and Chad while I sipped on my morning "coffee". 
- Hit the gym for an hour. Lifting weights and did some step. 
- Rode my bike the 18 miles to New Harmony Gas Station where I was picked up by all the fam. 
- "hiked" to Red Cliffs natural pools and waterslides. (AKA heaven on earth)
- Had a BBQ in my parents amazing backyard. 
- And now I'm laying in the back seat of my car watching Harry Potter as Chaddy drives and Craig sleeps in the front seat. 
- Later I'll meet up with the BF to tuck me into bed. 

Honestly people life just doesn't get better than a day like this. 

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Matthew and Lindsey said...

Red cliffs? Really. You kill me.