Thursday, May 3, 2012

Brown Turtles

Once upon a time  I was dating a guy.  Now to be nice, let's just say this guy was kinda a loser.  Though he was attending a BYU he hadn't really lived the standards of such a school.  Long story short... definitely not a guy that my family was thrilled I was dating... let alone possibly going to marry.  

So after I had been dating him for some time my dad came to visit and told me the following story.  When my dad was young his family had hardly any money. So any extra things he had to earn the money by himself.  So when he really wanted a pet, he had to come up with the money.  He walked along the ditches of Rexburg for weeks collecting soda pop bottles to exchange for a penny each.  Finally he had enough money for a new little friend.

When he walked into the pet store he was instantly drawn to the huge plastic swimming pool of green turtles.  They had all sorts of designs, some had swirl shells, some had red dots... he was just amazed at how cool the turtles were.  Then he looked over in the corner at the little brown turtle that caught his eye.  This turtle was clearly different from the rest.  He wasn't quite as fast... definitely not as big, but the strings of my dad's heart tugged, and before he knew it he was pouring out all his hard earned pennies on the counter to buy that little brown turtle.  Right before the Pet Store Owner made the final transaction he said, "You know there are no exchanges or refunds right son?"

But by this point, my dad didn't care.  He was so excited to get his little buddy home.  So he went home and played all day with his new found friend.  He made a cool house for him, scrubbed his shell, fed him all sorts of nutrient dense greens, and even walked him on the turtle treadmill.  That night he went to bed smiling.

The next morning... his turtle was dead.

Moral of the story:  Don't date brown turtles.  Even it's appealing because they are different.  Even if you feel sorry for them.  In the end, there are no exchanges or refunds.

I had some extra time in one of my classes the other day so I gave this story as a heart to heart.  This morning on my desk, this is what I found.


Lynette said...

Del is laughing....

Camile said...

I want to remember that story - for my own girls and also the Mia Maids that I teach.

Thanks Del and Kristin for sharing!