Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why Do You Get a More Golden Tan in Hawaii???

Today started out kinda cloudy so we thought we'd do some more touring.... starting with the Dole Plantation.  
 I was quite thrilled to know that the Dole Whip in Hawaii... tastes exactly the same in Disneyland.  No reason to fly thousands of miles for it anymore.
 Then Kristen and I headed to the Aloha Bowl Swapmeet.  Any pride I once had in NOT buying stupid souviners went down the drain... I bought: a big beach basket from the Philipines, a long pearl necklace, a beach towel, 4 pairs of fake glasses, a gold flower necklace, 3 little girl dresses for my nieces, and a wood carving that looks like it is off of Indiana Jones for my nephews obsessed with archiology... all for $95..... if I wasn't too lazy I would go take a picture of all of it to prove that it was a lot of stuff.... but I way too lazy.
The Swamp meet was HUGE... it just kept going and going and going.

After the swap meet Kristen wanted to go to Pearl Harbor.... 

So I dropped her off and headed to Waikiki.  Although Waikiki's beaches aren't the best, it is the BEST of both worlds... one side of the road is beaches with goregous turquios water and the other side are all the fun shops, resturants, and darling hotels.  If you haven't been to Waikiki.... but you have been to Miracle Mile in Chicago, South Beach in Miami, Old Town in Pasadena... you've been to Waikiki... just picture a beach on the other side of the road.                                
I travel half way around the world to eat.... South West Chicken Salad and Yogurtland. :)
Some other highlights:

Someday I want to stay in this hotel.... maybe when my ship
comes in...
Only in Hawaii.

Waikiki Beach


Just another day in paradise...

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