Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where much is given...

Students and past students come and ask me all the time what I think about the Make Kony Famous campaign.  I loved the youtube video.  I loved that so many people were educated at least a little bit about current events particularly in central Africa.  I even bought a make Kony famous shirt.  Honestly, I don't really care if the organization Invisible Children is a fraud.... or making huge profits off the video.  I am just thrilled that people, particularly kids, that would normally not even know where Uganda is locate, are caring about something other than the latest app or video game.  I am thrilled to see that humanity still cares.

But of course whenever I learn about the horrible things that happen in the world, I feel so helpless.  Sure I feel like I am doing my part in some ways... I am really trying to help produce responsible citizens that are aware and conscience of the world around them.... but sometimes I feel so guilty.  Like I should be doing something more.  And you are right... I should be.  But at least for today, I feel so proud to be a member of my church when I read articles like this one, to know, that although I am not in Ethiopia or Somalia during this terrible drought hauling water, or trying to prevent genocides or tyranny from reigning in a region... at least I know I am apart and supporting an organization that is trying to make a difference for no other reason than it's the Christ like thing to do.  It's articles like this that make me proud to be a Mormon.

Mormons Partner With Charities in Ethiopia

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EnlightenedStudent said...

I'm one of your students and let me just say what an inspiration you are to us. Thank you for helping us not to be ignorant any longer, and thank you for all the work you do for us. We all love you and hope that you know that, thanks to you, we care about the world and what has happened. Thank you for doing this to help the world. Your “small part” is actually a very big deal to us, no matter what we may say. We look forward to your classes every day and love to learn from you.
From, one of your students. <3