Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sun and more sun... with LOTS of Sunscreen.

For Erica: I have been wearing my hat AND lots of
Sunscreen every day.  I have no gotten burnt yet. :)

Turtle Bay Resort.

The View from our Lunch

 Shark's Cove
My buddy Monk Seal
where we snorkled.
Stop in Haleiwa for snowcones... although these snow cones were not "world famous" I liked it WAY better.

I keep telling Kristen... here in Hawaii
You've got to live with Aloha.
Waikiki Again.
Can Not Complain There.

 We ate a a darling Italian Restaurant.  
The menu was in English and Japanese...
There were numbers next to every food item.  I sure hope it is like that in Europe.

 It was pretty intense... they made the pasta in front of the guest.  

 The bread was delicious!
You will be shocked what I ate....

 Okay you are right, you aren't shocked.  But I'll tell ya, this caprese salad had the BEST cheese ever.  Possibly the best I've ever had... making this the best cold caprese salad ever.  Thank you Waikiki.
 Kristen's Nochi
The fireworks.  So fun... but no Disneyland.

Yogurtland again... shocking.

Making leis for Graduation tomorrow....
who is graduating???

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Next time I'm coming with you! ;)