Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Sometimes life just goes your way... today was one of those days.  First bit of great fortune?  2 empty seats next to me on our 6 hour flight at 2 am... I slept the entire flight over!

 The forecast for today in Laie and Honolulu was rain.......
if this is rain, I hope it rains every day!
 We've decided to critic a different snow shack place every day we are here.  Clearly we had to start with the most famous... Matsumoto's.  How did we know it was famous.... look at the line!

 Here is a picture of me with my and Kristen's shaved ice... I decided to be nice and only post a picture of me and my nasty wet hair... we ate our shaved ice while we shopped around the local shops.

We made a stop at a locally recommended pizza place for my usual margahita pizza.

Last stop of the day..... enough stimulation to keep even the most ADHD person.
1. The beach.
2. AMAZING waves with lots of surfers.
3. 3 turtles.
4. Sail boats.
and 5. The sunset.

Like I said... things today, just went my way.

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