Monday, April 9, 2012

It Never Gets Old

So Saturday marked my 40th visit to Disneyland since the purchase of my annual pass on 6/7/2011.  That means on average I have gone to Disneyland once a week since that purchase.  And as the title of this blogspot stated... it just never gets old!
 While Lars and I wait in line or just wait in general at Disneyland (which occationally even happens to us veteran Disneyland guests) we like to talk numbers.  Now that might sound extremely bizzare but we have a BLAST doing it.  Now when we say numbers we like to come up with questions and try to figure out percentages or numbers.  An example: What percentage of the Disneyland guests do you think have annual passes today?  Well, this weekend we got a much better idea of the answer.  Saturday was a blackout date for all passholders because it was Spring Break for much of America.  So Disneyland was expecting big crowds.  I was really bracing myself and my friends that came with us to Disneyland on Saturday because I was really expecting to see some of the worst crowds ever.  But when we got into the turning lane on Ball Street to enter into the parking garage I KNEW it was going to be a great, not crowded day at Disneyland.  (Is it pathetic that I can gage by the amount of cars turning left  on Ball to the crowds at Disneyland.... yes very pathetic)  It was almost 11:00 AM and we were still parking on Mickey!!! (The 2nd level out of 5 levels of the parking garage)  There have been times when we have parked on Goofy (the top level) by this time in the day.  I was thrilled!  But back to me and Lars and our numbers.... we have determined from our observation Saturday on typical days we go to Disneyland when annual pass holders aren't blocked out, over 50% of the guests at Disneyland are passholders.  So those of you that are still reading this long probably boring paragraph... if you are not a passholder, OTHER than Christmas Break, I would highly recommend looking at blackout dates and attending Disneyland on dates that annual passholders are blocked out. Okay... back to the pictures
 This picture.... well if you understand this inside joke... this here spot, in between the Haunted Mansion and Pirates, marks the spot when I went from a 0 to a 15 in 3.5 seconds.  Possibly the funniest story in the history of Lars and Kristin's adventures at Disneyland.  But for those of you that have no idea what I just said.... here is one of my cute new outfits for my European Adventure.  That being said... enough about Disneyland.

Weeks ago Aunt Raine was complaining to me that NO ONE was going to be around for Easter.... 31 guests later, we had the most WONDERFUL Easter celebration ever!   Delicious dinner of ham, red potatoes, Melanie's famous pull-apart bread, and of course Strawberry short cake for dessert.  You wouldn't believe the ecelctic group we had even if I tried to describe it.... we'll just put it this way.  As Nils was gathering everyone together to say the blessing on the food he said, "Come one, come all sinners, saints, past sinners, past saints we are so glad to have you all here to celebrate Easter."

But the best part was our adult Easter egg hunt.  There was money involved so it was very serious business.  SO serious we had to stretch out and I had to put my running shoes on.

We all got punch balloons in our individually named bags and we had a great time in our balloon war.
It was the most wonderful perfect day.  And of course I had to use the sidewalk chalk I found in my bag.

I've had so much fun... with so much laughing.... I almost just could stand it... ok, you are right, at one point... I didn't stand it.

Next time I blog.... it will be in Hawaii!


Kennan said...

Love your European outfit!

robyn.fitts said...

you are seriously so gorgeous.
you & all of your clothing.