Monday, April 23, 2012

Craiglist Advertisement

Worried that no one is going to come to your wedding?  Worried that your guests might not make the prettiest background?  Worried that your guests won't dance, cheer, or have fun at your wedding?  Have no fear.  Introducing....

the wedding fillers.  These three are experts at weddings.  They can fill in at an empty table, be the first to pin on $20 during the money dance, tall enough to stand on the back row of a picture, be a perfect date for an lonely bridesmaid/groomsman or even give a wedding toast.  For an extra fee they can decorate the get away car, arrange flowers, set up tables and chairs, or serve wedding cake.  Available every Friday and Saturday night throughout this busy wedding seasons.  So to ensure the picture perfect wedding of your dreams, don't go without the wedding fillers.

Yes... we go to so many wedding that we have decided we should really start a career out of it.

Some other fun pictures from Nat's wedding this weekend:

I love this picture!

The highlight of the weekend.

One is the loneliest number

Oh yeah... and don't forget if you need someone to catch the bouquet....


Camile said...

Ha! That would be a super fun (and yummy) side job!

p.s. I love your cardi!

Nicole said...

ha! too funny.