Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beautiful Sunday

You know when it's been a few days since I've blogged it's one of two things.
1. I'm traveling.... typically a good guess.
2. There's somebody....

let's just say.... I walked 8 miles on this trail today.

What a beautiful Sunday.

Shar, was that cryptic enough?

Friday, April 27, 2012

My Virgin Voyage to City Creek

So many people have been talking about City Creek for the past few weeks.... really it's quite pathetic and shows how little free time I spend in Utah... but I finally made it to City Creek.  Paisley was a fabulous tour guide for a rookie like me.  

I hate to be bratty... because it was fabulous... beautiful, clean, delightful.  But I wouldn't travel to City Creek if I actually wanted to shop.  I don't think it is worth the extra hassle of driving to downtown and paying for parking.  I would only go to City Creek for entertainment.  Fashion Place is much more convenient.  But there is one thing that can not be beat... Temple Square.  It's been a few years since I've ventured to Temple Square during the hite of the tulip season... but seriously, it did not disappoint!

You know me and tulips.... like a kid in a candy shop.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rough Day

It was one of those days... Exhausted from a LONG day of babysitting (teaching jr high students when the weather turns nice... is awful.  It's like they forget they have brains) still trying to recovered from the jet lag of going to Hawaii (I have NO idea how I am going to survive in Europe) and most of all exhausted from dating.  But I've already complained about that, so I won't even go there.... let's just say I was thrilled to close my shutters, put on my pjs and crawl into bed.... at 4 pm. So when I got a text message at 4:45 waking me up from my delightful slumber I was kinda bummed.... even more bummed when the text said, "Check your email."  I was positive it was some fancy announcement telling that she was having a baby.  Sure in a few hours after some good sleep and proper perspective on life I would have been thrilled that she was having a baby... I know they've been trying for a long time, but at that moment, I didn't want to "be so happy for you!"  So I pulled my covers over my head and rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.

But curiosity got the best of me, so I pulled up my laptop and opened my email.  This is what I saw:

I'm sure it took her two minutes, but it made my whole day.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It's interesting.... how differently God blesses each of us.  Why one person is beautiful, while another is smart... why some people are so stinkin' funny while others are so nice they couldn't hurt a fly.  I want to believe that everyone gets to be extremely lucky in some way.  We all get to feel blessed... sometimes we feel it more than others.  Sometimes I am dumbfounded at one way that I have been blessed so much.  This past week I have been reminded how lucky I am.  Every time I travel with a few rare exceptions, it is to see family.  When it comes to will not believe my luck.  Today I want to give a shout out to my Parson girl cousins..... within a span of like 3 or 4 years there are 11 parson girl first cousins.  Did that cause a lot of drama? Oh you'd better believe it!  But the awesome thing about family is.... no matter the circumstances, married, single, kids, no kids, far away or close we are always close.  I am so lucky to have such awesome best friends.

So here are some pictures of us through the years.
Possibly my favorite picture of all time.
I love this picture... because it was at a Daddy Daughter Breakfast.
We were so cold and there was hot water in Franci's Dad's car... so we put our feet in it.
We found out it was for the hot chocolate.

Don't mind my shoes...

Erica had just been crowned Prom Queen... she is so cool.
And yes don't mind Franci or my big hair.

I completely forgot about this UEA trip to Dland!

Shar... was your hair really red???
(I think this was on the way to Spency's wedding?)

I am one lucky girl.

P.S. I totally beat the system.  I didn't pay money for more picture... 
I just added another admin to my blog. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Blogspot just informed me that I have used 100% of my free 1G of storage.... so I have to buy more? Seriously?? I'm kinda bugged.  Kinda considering a move over to wordpress.... it's cutter anyways right?  Thoughts?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Craiglist Advertisement

Worried that no one is going to come to your wedding?  Worried that your guests might not make the prettiest background?  Worried that your guests won't dance, cheer, or have fun at your wedding?  Have no fear.  Introducing....

the wedding fillers.  These three are experts at weddings.  They can fill in at an empty table, be the first to pin on $20 during the money dance, tall enough to stand on the back row of a picture, be a perfect date for an lonely bridesmaid/groomsman or even give a wedding toast.  For an extra fee they can decorate the get away car, arrange flowers, set up tables and chairs, or serve wedding cake.  Available every Friday and Saturday night throughout this busy wedding seasons.  So to ensure the picture perfect wedding of your dreams, don't go without the wedding fillers.

Yes... we go to so many wedding that we have decided we should really start a career out of it.

Some other fun pictures from Nat's wedding this weekend:

I love this picture!

The highlight of the weekend.

One is the loneliest number

Oh yeah... and don't forget if you need someone to catch the bouquet....

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dear High School Girl.

I know right now it seems like a big deal... a huge deal... possibly the biggest deal ever to not get asked to prom or not make the dance team... it breaks my heart to see you suffer... and I wish that you could see what I see now.  In 10 years it won't matter.  In 10 years you might even be able to laugh about it.  In 10 years you might have even forgotten.  In 10 years you might even consider it a blessing.

I am not trying to tell you that things in high school don't matter, I am not trying to down play this time of life.  But in 10 years the thing that is going to matter most are the decisions that you are making every day.  In 10 years it will matter where your priorities were.  In 10 years it will matter what your standards were.   Because as scary as it is, right now is the time you choose your future.  Dream big. Have fun. And keep your standards high because in 10 years, that is what will have affected your life.

Today as I was recording the scores at a track meet, with the sun shinning down, listening to girls giggle as they pointed to the "hot" older guy walking by in his baseball uniform, it made me nostalgic for high school.  I've talked about this before, but the more I observe high school the more grateful I am for the friends I had at that vulnerable stage of life.  So high school friends out there.  Thank you.  Thank you for your support.  Thank you for your example.  Thank you for your high standards.

But don't worry high school girl.  I get it.  It doesn't matter how many times someone older than you tells you it isn't a big deal... I get it.  Right now, that date, that boy, that team.... is the most important things in your world.  So why do I give you this advice?  Because like the Sunscreen song says, "Advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it is a way of 
fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth."

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where much is given...

Students and past students come and ask me all the time what I think about the Make Kony Famous campaign.  I loved the youtube video.  I loved that so many people were educated at least a little bit about current events particularly in central Africa.  I even bought a make Kony famous shirt.  Honestly, I don't really care if the organization Invisible Children is a fraud.... or making huge profits off the video.  I am just thrilled that people, particularly kids, that would normally not even know where Uganda is locate, are caring about something other than the latest app or video game.  I am thrilled to see that humanity still cares.

But of course whenever I learn about the horrible things that happen in the world, I feel so helpless.  Sure I feel like I am doing my part in some ways... I am really trying to help produce responsible citizens that are aware and conscience of the world around them.... but sometimes I feel so guilty.  Like I should be doing something more.  And you are right... I should be.  But at least for today, I feel so proud to be a member of my church when I read articles like this one, to know, that although I am not in Ethiopia or Somalia during this terrible drought hauling water, or trying to prevent genocides or tyranny from reigning in a region... at least I know I am apart and supporting an organization that is trying to make a difference for no other reason than it's the Christ like thing to do.  It's articles like this that make me proud to be a Mormon.

Mormons Partner With Charities in Ethiopia

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ever thought, "Maybe I should go on a trip with Kristin".... Think again.

So getting back to the Mainland was quite a trip..........  rather than take the time writing it out myself, here is my friend, Kristen's version of the story.... Enjoy!

I just got back from Hawaii.  Holy cow, what an adventure!  With the biggest one being this morning.  It involved running and law-breaking and craziness.

For some reason we got up at 4:30 (instead of 3:30) to catch our flight that left at 6:05 AM.  We were stupidly thinking we had an extra hour or something.  We left the house at 4:45 and were on our way to the Honolulu airport.  And then it dawned on us that we were supposed to have left an hour earlier. INSERT (We were staying on North Shore... it takes 1:10 on my gps to get from Laie to the Honolulu airport) Because not only did we have a flight to catch--after going through security--but we had to drop off the rental car beforehand.  And that's of course after filling up the gas tank at a gas station within 10 miles of the rental place.  (Specific orders from said rental place.)

Forget the lame 35 mph speed limits in Hawaii!!  We had to start hauling you know what.  I got on the phone trying to talk to the incomprehensible Hawaiian Airlines chic to see what other flights were available.  My friend was using her iphone to navigate and assess traffic.  After making a wrong turn we decided to do what we did for a lot of the trip:  Me behind the wheel while my friend can solely concentrate on the iphone and use her excellent navigation skills to get us to the desired destination.  And what do you do when you're at a left-hand turn lane with a red light and you want to switch drivers?  The Chinese firedrill of course!  We buckled up and I flipped an illegal u-turn, and we were off!  I broke all sorts of speed limit laws, going 70 in 45 mph zones.....weaving in and out of traffic as needed.  Navigation may be her skills; driving like a maniac--albeit always safely--is mine.  (Did you know that the highest speed limit in this state is 55!?!?) 

We had a few minor setbacks with the GPS messing us up a time or two, but we found the car rental place.  Luckily there was a Chevron just beforehand.  My friend hopped out, gassed up, and I started pulling away before she even closed her door.  We pulled up and my friend hopped out again to flag down the shuttle about to leave for the airport.  I gave the key and gas receipt to the nice lady coming out of the building.

Me:  Are we good?

Lady:  Do you need a receipt?

Me (running to get on the shuttle):  Nope!

Lady:  Same credit card?

Me:  Yep.  Thank You!!

I seriously hope there's no extra charges from this car rental.  I have no idea.  She must have thought we were crazy.  Wait; we are!!

Oh but it gets better. 

The nice shuttle driver drops us off first.  I didn't even have any time to tip him (I was also completely out of cash).  We at least did one thing right printing our boarding passes the night before.  And only taking carry-ons.  While on the shuttle we got our flight info and licenses out and ready.  We ran to security, stripping off anything with metal and throwing it in the bins, and ripping off our shoes.  My friend went through first and as soon as she had her stuff together she took off toward the gate.  I was about a football field behind, running with all my baggage PLUS my shoes, belt, and fluids in hand.  I couldn't waste 10 seconds to put the shoes back on.  So I started booking it.  No shoes, mind you.  (Next time you see people running to catch a flight, don't judge them to harshly.)  And of course our gate was freaking far away.  So by the time I reach it and start shoving all my flight info at the guy, he just kind of shook his head and motioned for me to board the plane.  Luckily my friend had reached it seconds before me and told him I was coming.  I kid you not, we were within seconds.....SECONDS of losing our seats to standby passengers (who I'm sure were sorely disappointed that we showed up).   Our flight left not even 10 minutes later.

Dude.  DUDE.  I still can't believe we made it.  Really.  Closest call ever in the history of flying.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I had NO idea that leis were such serious business.

Sun and more sun... with LOTS of Sunscreen.

For Erica: I have been wearing my hat AND lots of
Sunscreen every day.  I have no gotten burnt yet. :)

Turtle Bay Resort.

The View from our Lunch

 Shark's Cove
My buddy Monk Seal
where we snorkled.
Stop in Haleiwa for snowcones... although these snow cones were not "world famous" I liked it WAY better.

I keep telling Kristen... here in Hawaii
You've got to live with Aloha.
Waikiki Again.
Can Not Complain There.

 We ate a a darling Italian Restaurant.  
The menu was in English and Japanese...
There were numbers next to every food item.  I sure hope it is like that in Europe.

 It was pretty intense... they made the pasta in front of the guest.  

 The bread was delicious!
You will be shocked what I ate....

 Okay you are right, you aren't shocked.  But I'll tell ya, this caprese salad had the BEST cheese ever.  Possibly the best I've ever had... making this the best cold caprese salad ever.  Thank you Waikiki.
 Kristen's Nochi
The fireworks.  So fun... but no Disneyland.

Yogurtland again... shocking.

Making leis for Graduation tomorrow....
who is graduating???