Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vanishing Tulips.

I just realized I never finished posting about my fabulous weekend in LA.  But the most terrible thing happened....  If you remember I was excited... okay maybe that is an understatement, I about peed my pants when I saw tulips at Disneyland Saturday night.  So I was SO excited to take more pictures with the tulips on Monday in the daylight.... from the title of the post I'm sure you can guess what happened.
There is nothing more disappointing than vanishing tulips.
But HOW incredible is that? One day they are there... next they are gone.
Good thing I got a picture or else I would have thought I was going crazy.

Possibly my new favorite flower.

My teacher friend that I surprised... it was AWESOME!


I can't decide what the best smell in the world is.... Orange Blossoms
or rain in the desert.
Either way. My run in CA was GLORIOUS with the smell of blossoms everywhere!

Do they use the food grown in Tomorrowland?

Most random group ever!

My trusty suitcase...
already ready for another adventure.

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