Sunday, March 4, 2012

So this is what heaven looks like...

I almost peed my pants when I turned around the corner to face the castle and I saw tulips!! I screamed out "OMG!" as Lars hit the ground laughing. Who says OMG?!? (only someone that hang outs with 15 year olds all day) Clearly I had never been to Disneyland in March before because I had no idea there would be tulips! (for another who doesn't understand why it would be a big deal for Disneyland to have tulips... Let me explain. Tulips only grow in cold climates. They are bulbs that need the freezing winter before they bloom. Hence southern California is not 100% perfect because tulips can not naturally grow. If you want tulips here you have to keep the bulbs in your fridge all winter and then kinda force them in the spring. I had NO idea Disneyland would go to such trouble. (but why am I surprised... It's Disneyland!)

AND to make my night at Disneyland even MORE perfect than tulips, the perfect temperature, and dinner at Cheesecake Factory with Del and Lynette (who were not one STITCH surprised to see me)... Ready for my luck? There was a bomb threat at Disneyland so they opened the park late... So it stayed open til 1 am! (some genius thought it would be a good idea to put a geo cashing pipe in a tree...)

Moral of this story... Some days you just get lucky.
I didn't take this picture, but I sure wish I did.

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Stephani said...

Ohh - pretty!! I can never get enough tulips...we are leaving next week for Disneyland - so now I am even more excited! (There is definitely a tulip shortage here in sunny AZ)