Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Can't Sleep

I think the most frustrating thing about sitting here staring at the clock for the last hour is that I wanted to wake up at 4:30 to make it to spin before powerpump... but alas, I don't think that's happening today.

So instead of really dreaming, I'll day dream  or whatever type of dreaming you'll call dreaming at 3:00 am about what my life is going to be like for the next couple months.  (But to put my mom at ease, and in case you have any bright ideas that you want to come rob my clothes... because that's pretty much all I own...OR kidnap Schnuckums remember my roommate now works for Vivint... that means not only do we an alarm, we now have cameras throughout our house AND can now lock our door and adjust our thermostat through an iPhone.)

Back to my schedule over the next two months:

Next weekend: Easter in CA....Disneyland and the annual Lindstrom Easter Egg Hunt.
Then Hawaii part II for Spring Break...... I am so excited to see Shar and the sunshine and the beach. You can go here if you want to remember what Hawaii part I was like last spring break.

The next week: Natalie's Wedding in Rexburg.  So excited my cousin is marrying a guy from Paris.... what a dream right?

 The next week: No plans yet...

The next week: Parson family Disneyland adventure... so excited about this.  A huge majority... or if I get lucky my entire family is going to come to Disneyland!  And then the next day Myra gets married.  If you haven't seen her wedding video yet... you'd better watch it.

Myra and Kenneth from Romantic Wedding Videos on Vimeo.

The next week: Myra's open house in Rexburg.

Then drum roll please......... only 13 days left of school after that with all it's glory of Lagoon, yearbooks, parties... I think I am going to cry when this school year ends.

Then 13 days later...... European Adventure 2012.

If you know my dad you know that he is a very very very practically person.  On my birthday we had a great philosophical discussion about life, the meaning of life, our purpose in life, and what we should be doing in our life.  (Sound kinda heavy for my birthday?.... it's actually a very typical conversation between me and my dad)  Anyway, point is... my dad told me what he thinks I should be doing with my life right now.  He said, "Kristin, I think you should be having as much fun as possible."  And by golly... I'm going to do it.

Now if only I could sleep...

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