Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Long time readers might remember the time that I said I was going to go on a Mediterranean cruise.... well after 4 long years of dreaming................... June 15th is the day.  Why a cruise? well other than the fact that I get super sea sick (don't tell my 3 friends I am going with) cruising around the Mediterranean is the ONLY way to go.  Less than $100 a day for food, transportation, and lodging.... and we all know there are only 3 things I need in life.  Beach, sunshine, and caprese salad.... clearly this cruise can. not. be. anything. but. heaven.
We start in Barcelona:

 Then we go to Marseilles, France:

Then we go to Florence:

Where I am SO excited to finally meet this guy:

Then clearly all roads lead to Rome....

Where I am also super pumped to see these guys:

Do you see the pattern with the artwork?
4 single Mormon girl....
we gotta get our thrills somewhere!

Then on to where they invent my favorite food in the whole wide world..... PIZZA! Naples:

Then a fun day at sea.... I think I am going to need a fun day at sea by this point......... I am exhausted just thinking about it!

Then my MOST excited place.... Croatia.  Whenever I think of Croatia I think of Dallin bragging in all his letters about how warm and beautiful the Adriatic Sea was as I was turning into an icicle in Rexburg... so I have always been so excited to see Croatia.  
Doesn't this look like the Little Mermaid????
Who knows... maybe I'll find my Prince Erik.

Then to Venice:
Then another day at sea......

Then Sicily:
Then another day at sea...................
Then Palma-de-Mallorca

I can not wait.  The good news?  It's only like 12 weeks away!  Even better news..... I'll go to Rexburg, Disneyland twice, and Hawaii before then....ya know sometimes I can not complain.

P.S. If anyone is reading this and going awwww.....
 I want to go to Europe, and you'd like to say.... spend a week in Paris? 
or heck... longer than a week.... or anywhere in Europe.... I haven't
 bought my flights.....and I have a whole summer to burn.... 


Kennan said...

SO JEALOUS! I hate you.

Angela said...

Florence is the most beautiful warm wonderful city in the world. And when I say warm, I'm talking about the people. It is the happiest place on earth!!! Besides Disneyland. Ok I hope you have a blast...wait, why am I not invited? Ha ha...

Sara Peterson said...

Is this a 14-day cruise? Looks awesome!