Saturday, March 31, 2012


Working on my base tan while learning how to be a better person... what a great day.  If you'd like to listen go here.

P.S. I am OBSESSED with Draw Something right now.  If you have it, let's play!!! Find me!   kaypar

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Can't Sleep

I think the most frustrating thing about sitting here staring at the clock for the last hour is that I wanted to wake up at 4:30 to make it to spin before powerpump... but alas, I don't think that's happening today.

So instead of really dreaming, I'll day dream  or whatever type of dreaming you'll call dreaming at 3:00 am about what my life is going to be like for the next couple months.  (But to put my mom at ease, and in case you have any bright ideas that you want to come rob my clothes... because that's pretty much all I own...OR kidnap Schnuckums remember my roommate now works for Vivint... that means not only do we an alarm, we now have cameras throughout our house AND can now lock our door and adjust our thermostat through an iPhone.)

Back to my schedule over the next two months:

Next weekend: Easter in CA....Disneyland and the annual Lindstrom Easter Egg Hunt.
Then Hawaii part II for Spring Break...... I am so excited to see Shar and the sunshine and the beach. You can go here if you want to remember what Hawaii part I was like last spring break.

The next week: Natalie's Wedding in Rexburg.  So excited my cousin is marrying a guy from Paris.... what a dream right?

 The next week: No plans yet...

The next week: Parson family Disneyland adventure... so excited about this.  A huge majority... or if I get lucky my entire family is going to come to Disneyland!  And then the next day Myra gets married.  If you haven't seen her wedding video yet... you'd better watch it.

Myra and Kenneth from Romantic Wedding Videos on Vimeo.

The next week: Myra's open house in Rexburg.

Then drum roll please......... only 13 days left of school after that with all it's glory of Lagoon, yearbooks, parties... I think I am going to cry when this school year ends.

Then 13 days later...... European Adventure 2012.

If you know my dad you know that he is a very very very practically person.  On my birthday we had a great philosophical discussion about life, the meaning of life, our purpose in life, and what we should be doing in our life.  (Sound kinda heavy for my birthday?.... it's actually a very typical conversation between me and my dad)  Anyway, point is... my dad told me what he thinks I should be doing with my life right now.  He said, "Kristin, I think you should be having as much fun as possible."  And by golly... I'm going to do it.

Now if only I could sleep...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kiss Me


It was an interesting time in life.  I was about to turn 16.... my older brother went on a mission and I cried a lot.... but probably the most influential thing about that time was the movie "She's All That."  It's the classic story of an ugly duckling that wins the prince... as in Freddy Prince.. haha.  2-13-1999 was the date of my first kiss.  All I can vaguely remember about that night was a red rose he gave me for Valentines... and the song "Kiss Me" by SixPence None the Richer.  It's a great song... fabulous song. It was in the soundtrack of She's All That.

Someone showed me a cover of that song that is incredible.  So without further ado 13 year later the song still rocks my world.....

The only reason I remember my first kiss was on 2-13-1999...
is because The Stating Line's song Leaving talked about 2-12-1999...
Other than that... my first kiss.... totally lame.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Perfect Saturday

Started with Step Class and Power Pump and the Treadmill.... a deadly combination....

Then I did a much need Spring cleaning.  My favorite part: I put away all my winter coats! (Coats that I didn't even wear this winter!!!  It has been a fabulous winter!)

Then Danielle came over and we purchased our European Adventure plane tickets.... It's done.  Europe 2012 is officially on.

Then I watched The OC while I sat our on my balcony and blogged.  Here is another great clip of how stinkin' cool Seth Cohen is.  If only there was a real guy out there like him.


Then Cecilly and I got together.  I don't think I've given Cecilly a good enough shout out on this blog.  She is my amazing friend that lives in LA and goes to fashion school.  She is chill, cool, super fun, and loves food as much as I do.  (I don't know why that is such a determining factor in a BFF for me... but it really is.)

So she was kind enough to go with me to a PG baseball game.  It was a glorious perfectly beautiful day.... ideal baseball weather!

Then we went to Salt Lake to visit the Lindstrom clan... where Raine gave me the BEST birthday present ever.

After dinner and shopping where I got my new favorite outfit... we hit up a "Say Cheese" party.  So cute.  Everyone brought a cheese from the first letter of their name...

My only picture with cute Paisley my old roomie that I adore...
and my new outfit.
And of course the night couldn't be completely without Yogurtland... and clearly from the line, everyone else thought that 11:40 PM was the perfect time to get yogurt...

And as if the night couldn't have gotten any better....


Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Battle of the Frozen Yogurt

Of all the "treat" fads I really hope this one is here to stay. Cupcakes can come and go...smoothies, donuts, macaroons, cake bites, ice cream blended, poured, or slapped around on a hard surface... I won't bat an eye if they leave.... But if this most recent self-serve frozen yogurt craze died... I will not be a happy camper.

Now it's seems on every corner there is another self-serve yogurt place. Sadly I have been disappointed many times because not all yogurt place are created equal. So here is my guide to the ultimate frozen yogurt place. Here are the 4 criteria I judge a yogurt place on... In the respective order of importance.

1. Flavors. This is so basic that often times it is overlooked. There needs to be a good variety of flavors. I think there are 3 basic categories of flavors that needs to be there. 1. The sweet..chocolate, some type of cookie or cake batter, and extra points for a mint. 2. The fruity. Strawberry, coconut, and extra points for a pineapple or peach. 3. The tart. Original, raspberry, or a key lime.

2. The quality of yogurt. Most yogurt places do a pretty good job with criteria number one... It's this second requirement that truly separates the amateurs from the professionals. A good quality yogurt is thick, rich, and creamy. A rookie is often icy, running, or lacking flavor. The hard part of this requirement is some yogurt places have some fabulous flavors while others are pretty weak.

3. Some find this critera less important, but for a connoisseur like me... This can make or break a yogurt place. The quality of fruit. Some self-serve yogurt thinks that throwing half frozen soggie fruit from a bag or a can of syrupy fruit into a container constitutes the fruit section.  No. Way.  A good joint will have berries: blackberries, strawberries, ripe mango, pineapple (not from a can), blue berries and for extra point peaches when in season and raspberries.

4. The Spoon.  Who knew that eating frozen yogurt could be affected so much by the utensil!

So here are my top three favorite yogurt places and their evaluation out of 5 stars in each category.

Yogurtland... shocking.
1.  4 stars
2.  5 stars
3.  5 stars
4.  4.5 stars
Total: 18.5 stars

1.  5 stars
2.  3.5 stars
3.  5 stars
4.  2 stars
Total: 15.5 stars

Orange Leaf
1.  5 stars
2.  4 stars
3.  0 stars
4.  6 stars. (yes hands down the most creative and delightful spoon/ shovel ever!)
Total: 11 stars

Honorable Mention:
Technically not self-serve but the tart flavors at Millhollow in Rexburg can not be beat.
The original soft-serve Maverick Gas Stations.... way too many memories to not be mentioned.

If you know of any other places that feel I neglected or need to consider.  Please let me know.

(If you are embarrassed about my love for frozen yogurt, 
I completely understand.)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Long time readers might remember the time that I said I was going to go on a Mediterranean cruise.... well after 4 long years of dreaming................... June 15th is the day.  Why a cruise? well other than the fact that I get super sea sick (don't tell my 3 friends I am going with) cruising around the Mediterranean is the ONLY way to go.  Less than $100 a day for food, transportation, and lodging.... and we all know there are only 3 things I need in life.  Beach, sunshine, and caprese salad.... clearly this cruise can. not. be. anything. but. heaven.
We start in Barcelona:

 Then we go to Marseilles, France:

Then we go to Florence:

Where I am SO excited to finally meet this guy:

Then clearly all roads lead to Rome....

Where I am also super pumped to see these guys:

Do you see the pattern with the artwork?
4 single Mormon girl....
we gotta get our thrills somewhere!

Then on to where they invent my favorite food in the whole wide world..... PIZZA! Naples:

Then a fun day at sea.... I think I am going to need a fun day at sea by this point......... I am exhausted just thinking about it!

Then my MOST excited place.... Croatia.  Whenever I think of Croatia I think of Dallin bragging in all his letters about how warm and beautiful the Adriatic Sea was as I was turning into an icicle in Rexburg... so I have always been so excited to see Croatia.  
Doesn't this look like the Little Mermaid????
Who knows... maybe I'll find my Prince Erik.

Then to Venice:
Then another day at sea......

Then Sicily:
Then another day at sea...................
Then Palma-de-Mallorca

I can not wait.  The good news?  It's only like 12 weeks away!  Even better news..... I'll go to Rexburg, Disneyland twice, and Hawaii before then....ya know sometimes I can not complain.

P.S. If anyone is reading this and going awwww.....
 I want to go to Europe, and you'd like to say.... spend a week in Paris? 
or heck... longer than a week.... or anywhere in Europe.... I haven't
 bought my flights.....and I have a whole summer to burn.... 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On the Way to the Jazz Game

And I thought I was a cougar for going for a 24 year old...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Students' Honesty

At least I can always count on my students to be honest with me... Some of my favorite things students have said the last couple days:
- "Miss Parson... I like your hair better blonde"
- "Why does half your face look... Swollen?"
- "wow... How do you get your huge hair into that little bun"

And my favorite comment from a student today...

-"Miss Parson.... I think it's time for you to just get married."

Sunday, March 18, 2012

9th Grade Journals

So it's probably quite obvious by my consistent blogging that I am a huge journal writer.  It started in 5th grade and I have written in a journal at least once a week ever since.  I probably have 50 journals.

Last night I dug out the heavy box of journals from high school and read what I wrote my freshman year.  I figure it will help me remember what it's like to be a 15 year old girl.... help me remember what I cared about... what I thought about... what was important... so maybe I can be a better teacher.

Reading those journals was quite an experience for me.  I was shocked.  Sure I was extremely boy crazy and totally immature but what shocked me most was how good of a girl I was.

Three examples:
1. I wouldn't even go see Titanic because of the nudity scene even though I really really wanted to see it.
2. Biology was almost the death of me.  Someone offered me the answers to one of the tests.  I didn't cheat.  I missed those answers but was okay with it because it was better than cheating.

And the last one was COMPLETELY shocking.  I had 100% forgotten about this.

3. I had the FATTIEST crush on a boy from 8th grade to pretty much 10th grade.  Anyone that knew me during these years knows exactly who I am talking about.  This kid freaking rocked my world.  Well, at the height of my crush on this kid I had completely forgotten that he actually liked me back.  How I forgot that I have no idea!  He had a girlfriend during most of this time.... but he finally broke up with her and I guess liked me.  He knew I was a really good girl so he asked my brother if he should ask me out.  Nick asked me if I would go out with a boy if he asked.  Without even batting an eye I said, "Of course not Nick, I don't date til I'm 16."  I am honestly shocked I didn't even consider going out with this guy!

The more I read my journal, the more impressed I was with how much faith I had God, how my priorities were completely in the right place, how I was really trying to be an example of Christ.  I mean clearly I wasn't perfect by any means but I was just really impressed to read the intentions of my heart at age 15.

Now don't worry, I am not trying to pat myself on the back in this post... if anything just the opposite.  Last week when I taught Gospel Doctrine, I read the official quote about the frog analogy.  Elder Faust said,

"Once a story was told about some frogs who were killed without resistance by being boiled alive in a cauldron of water.  Why didn't they resist?  Because when they were put in the cauldron the water was tepid.  Then the temperature was raised ever so slightly...then a bit warmer still, and on and on and on.  The change was so gradual, almost imperceptible, that the frogs accommodated themselves to their new environment - until it was too late.  The point that Mr. Muggeridge was making was not about frogs but about us and how we tend to accept evil as long as it is not a shock that is thrust on us abruptly.  We are inclined to accept something morally wrong if it is only a shade more wrong than something we are already accepting."

Reading my journal last night was shocking because it made me realize how much the temperature that I am willing to accept has drastically increased over the past 14 years.  When Jor asked me yesterday what I wanted to do with my last year before turning 30 I said I want to learn how to do the splits.  But that has changed.  I want to return to the innocent, faithful girl that isn't comfortable in water that is spiritually cooking her to death.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Need a Hero.

I can only blog about what I am thinking about.  I wish that wasn't the case, but it's why my blog clearly isn't random.  (For the record, did I tell you about the MBA grad that I went on some dates with that stalked my blog and criticized my blog title??  I had to read him this post clarifying that I know my blog is not random.)

Anyway, every spring I talk about how I kinda get bummed out a little.  I wish spring didn't bum me out... cuz it is kinda weird.  Seeing the tulips burst through the dirt shouldn't bum a girl who loves tulips out... but it does.  I'll admit it, I am straight up bummed.  But the good news,  I am doing what works best for me when I am bummed.  I am running.  Figuratively and literally.

On Saturday I turn 29.  My last year in my twenties... I'm kinda excited to have one more year.  The past year has been the best year of my life... and honestly, I think 29 will just get better.  But you know what as much as I try and put on a smile... as much as I try to remember the forget me nots... as much as I try and delight in my opportunities.... sometimes I just want a hero.  Today I spent the day being a hero for a kid.  I spent 5 hours working with him, talking with him, trying to get him see his potential... and although it was really really really rewarding as I drove home absolutely exhausted there was only one thing I could think about... I could sure use a hero.

This version of the song from Footloose is AMAZING.  I have been listening to it on repeat for almost 24 hours.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This is embarrassing.

But I may now have a new favorite moment in TV history.  I HATE HATE HATE this show.  It scares me!  I can't watch it at night... I have to turn it off half way through all the time because I am too scared.  But dude..... this scene rocked my little world!

What do all these stories have in common?


Sure, every girl wants to be Kelly, Joey, Felicity, Blair, Katniss, Elena, or Bella.... who wouldn't want two amazing guys fighting over you?  But seriously.... it's getting old.  I'm kinda done with it.  I'm ready for a different love story.

Monday, March 12, 2012

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

No matter where I go.... it's going to rain on my parade.

Saturday is my birthday.

Hot Springs

So Saturday was such a beautiful day that it didn't take much convincing, okay that is a lie, it took a lot of convincing because I was supposed to go to a fun party, but Joanie convinced me Saturday night that hiking in the snow/mud at night was a good idea.... and honestly she was so right!  I was shocked at how fun it was.  I mean I guess I shouldn't be that surprised, anytime I hang out with Russ and Joanie and company I know it is going to fun... We sat in the hot springs as we watched the stars.  Amazing.

And I feel like it is time I give a shout out to my dear friend Joanie.  We've been through a lot together... and honestly my life is 1,000 times better because she is in it.  Thank goodness Spencer is so awesome.... cuz I love having her in my life!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vanishing Tulips.

I just realized I never finished posting about my fabulous weekend in LA.  But the most terrible thing happened....  If you remember I was excited... okay maybe that is an understatement, I about peed my pants when I saw tulips at Disneyland Saturday night.  So I was SO excited to take more pictures with the tulips on Monday in the daylight.... from the title of the post I'm sure you can guess what happened.
There is nothing more disappointing than vanishing tulips.
But HOW incredible is that? One day they are there... next they are gone.
Good thing I got a picture or else I would have thought I was going crazy.

Possibly my new favorite flower.

My teacher friend that I surprised... it was AWESOME!


I can't decide what the best smell in the world is.... Orange Blossoms
or rain in the desert.
Either way. My run in CA was GLORIOUS with the smell of blossoms everywhere!

Do they use the food grown in Tomorrowland?

Most random group ever!

My trusty suitcase...
already ready for another adventure.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

There is only one thing in life you can be sure of...

You know it's fascinating really... how truly unique it is for there to ever be such a thing as a clear cut, forever, never again, have a good life, done... break up.  Or maybe it's just me.  I had a roommate once, the most beautiful popular girl in all BYU world... I think she never had a problem breaking up... but then again, although she had millions of would-be-suitors pounding down our door, I don't think she ever really had a boyfriend until her husband so never mind.

Why am I talking about this you ask?  Because the guy that I broke up with here, and was sad about here, and re-broke up with here... contacted me last night.  It's been almost a year since we broke up... over 6 months since we've talked.  2 different great friends last night were like, "WHY in the world are you talking to him?"  So that is what I am thinking about this morning at 5:00 AM.

Sometimes it is just so comforting to be with someone that knows you, cares about you, and accepts you.  It feels good to be with someone that you connect with.  Even if it can't last.  Even if it can't work.  Even if it might hurt... sometimes it's worth it just for the comfort of knowing that out in this big wide world there is someone that cares.  And that is why, every so often, you know there is only one thing in life you can be sure of... break-ups are rarely the end.

Speaking of Break-UPs... have we ever talked about how Lars is an amazing videographer?  If not, just in case you haven't been in a break up in a while.... just to remember how awful it is.

Simplicity from Lars Lindstrom on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I've been thinking about Juliana's question all day.  In other words, "How do you embrace and shape the future?  Love it, rejoice in it, and delight in it"

I've been thinking about it all day because clearly the easy answer that is all so often shoved down our throats at us in our desperate cries like Juliana did is "You choose it."  It reminds me of this book I used to read to my students called The Traveler's Gift.  The book goes through 7 decisions of success and each decision is taught through a historical story.  The 5th decision is, "I will choose to be happy" and it was taught by Anne Frank as she sat in the attic waiting for the Nazi's to find her family.  I remember the reaction of one particular student as we read this chapter.  She was a darling sweet genius girl so I was quite surprised when she rolled her eyes at this beautiful passage.  So I am hesitant to answer the question above because typically these questions have easy answers that we don't want to hear.

So thinking of Juliana's question... how?  I think that is a huge part of the test of this life... how.  It's different for everyone.  So I can only tell you what has worked for me.  I have tried unsuccessfully many different methods to embrace, shape, love, rejoice, and delight in the future.  Those long time readers of this blog have witnessed a lot of that discovery.  But what brings me joy and hope for the future comes down to one thing.  People.  So for me, to delight in the future, I have to go out of my way to make sure I am surrounding myself with the people that bring me that hope.  And the wonderful thing is I believe that my relationship with these people will not end anytime soon... I get to be with them forever.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Motto

Going to California always refreshes my perspective on life.  I had a wonderful chat with my dear friend Liz at church.  After our chat Liz showed me this wonderful talk by Elder Holland.  But from this talk came Lars' and my new theme.

"God expects you to have enough faith and determination and enough trust in 
Him to keep moving, keep living, keep rejoicing. In fact, He expects you not simply to 
face the future (that sounds pretty grim and stoic); He expects you to embrace 
and shape the future- to love it and rejoice in it and delight in your opportunities."

Here is the view from Lars' patio Sunday at breakfast.

By golly, we are going to rejoice and delight in our opportunities!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

So this is what heaven looks like...

I almost peed my pants when I turned around the corner to face the castle and I saw tulips!! I screamed out "OMG!" as Lars hit the ground laughing. Who says OMG?!? (only someone that hang outs with 15 year olds all day) Clearly I had never been to Disneyland in March before because I had no idea there would be tulips! (for another who doesn't understand why it would be a big deal for Disneyland to have tulips... Let me explain. Tulips only grow in cold climates. They are bulbs that need the freezing winter before they bloom. Hence southern California is not 100% perfect because tulips can not naturally grow. If you want tulips here you have to keep the bulbs in your fridge all winter and then kinda force them in the spring. I had NO idea Disneyland would go to such trouble. (but why am I surprised... It's Disneyland!)

AND to make my night at Disneyland even MORE perfect than tulips, the perfect temperature, and dinner at Cheesecake Factory with Del and Lynette (who were not one STITCH surprised to see me)... Ready for my luck? There was a bomb threat at Disneyland so they opened the park late... So it stayed open til 1 am! (some genius thought it would be a good idea to put a geo cashing pipe in a tree...)

Moral of this story... Some days you just get lucky.
I didn't take this picture, but I sure wish I did.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oops I did it again.

This morning I woke up at 6:45 like any other Saturday morning. I went to my step class... Decided to run an extra 3 miles after class... Ran into my old bishop... Went shopping at Costco... And took a nap til 1.

I woke up kinda depressed... I had nothing planned for the rest of the weekend. I turned on the OC... And that did me in.

Where am I now at 5:00? Sitting at the airport watching the Duke/ North Carolina game.... I'll be at Disneyland by 8:30.

Kinda pathetic... Maybe.