Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tappin' Out

*Disclaimer: This is one of those whinny posts that I often times delete within a day.  So if you actually read it, enjoy my emotional... not so logical whine. (And if you feel like commenting after asking if I want some cheese and crackers to go with that whine, I don't blame you.)

I'm Done.
Tappin' Out.
Waving my white flag.
Stickin' a fork in it.
(Insert any other phrase I have forgotten)

As of last night I am officially done dating.  I am so sick of it!!!  I am so sick of the awkward first date.  I am so sick of the boring dates when I look at my watch and just wish I could be in bed.  I am so sick of the stupid formality of it all.  I am sick of trying to pretend to like something, be something, or do something in order to appease my date.

Yesterday in class I was teaching about the arranged marriages.  I joked that I wished I was born in such a culture.  One of my quieter geekier students (hence I was shocked hearing it from him) said, "Miss Parson, you could have been married a hundred times if you wanted to!"...... snap.

But to answer your question... why today?  Why have I decided I'm done dating as of today.  Last night was the straw that broke the camel's back.  I've been going on a lot of first dates recently.  It is absolutely exhausting...I met a guy a couple of weeks ago.  We talked about going out.  He called and I almost felt like I was on the old 70's church movie "The Phone Call" as he awkwardly asked me on a date.  It was kinda endearing how nervous he sounded.  I thought he was a cool guy.  I was kinda excited to get to know him.  But apparently when I text him my address last night and told him I was excited about our date I didn't use enough !!!!! or :) :) :) or maybe I should have thrown in a ;) because 10 minutes before the date.... which means, AFTER I had already pulled myself out of my warm cozy bed, taken a shower, put on make up, done my hair, and got dressed.... he sent this text,
I'm done.

***My whining is not about this particular guy.  Honestly, I think he chickened out, I don't think he is a jerk.  (It might have to do with when he asked me how long I've been teaching and I told him this is my 7th year and he did the math.... since he graduated high school in 2008...)   But anyways my whining is about how ridiculous/sensitive/vulnerable dating can make us.  Hence, I am done.


Angela said...


Schuyler said...

Eww, that is so annoying... Sorry lady

Zoe Maude said...

Guys SUCK!! All of them. I'm pretty sure of it.

Camile said...

What the...?!

Texting can really annoying for this reason. You can't hear the personality or emotion with the words.

I can't believe he did that! I would be whining too!

Jaelyn said...

Well, that date surely couldn't have turned out good. Your better off not having wasted time there! What a dirtbag!

Scott Halle said...
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Scott Halle said...
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emilee said...

He didn't even have the common decency to spell out the word "you". What a fag.


Juliana said...

I am envious of your dating life! Here is Australia there seems to be no dating... So it's really hard to meet people. It seems you have to be drunk in a pub to meet someone

PS I'm not trying to generalize for my country... Fellow Aussies can feel free to disagree with me!