Friday, February 17, 2012

The Power of One

It's an amazing concept.... what one person can do.  The heart to heart that I mentioned here went really well.  I had a student sing "Waiting for the World to Change" by John Mayer.  We talked about why people are waiting.  Why when there is so many problems in the world, so many are just sitting back and doing nothing.  We talked about different people that are making a difference in the world.  We then talked about people throughout history that have made a difference.

I then explained that we are going to learn about lots of problems around the world.  I begged them to find something they are passionate about.  I begged them to not wait around for someone else to do the hard things.  I begged them to prepare so one day they could change the world.

Then we are watching parts of one of my favorite movies, "The Power of One".  I must see.  My favorite quote from the movie:

Little beat big when little is smart.
First with your head, then with your heart.

Speaking of little beat big.... last night one of my little freshmen took state in wrestling.  The poor kid has been starving himself for 3+ months.  Every time we had food in class he had to be tortured... sometimes I would ask him when the last time he drank anything was.... often times it was the previous day.  Awful.  But big sacrifice paid off... so today I made cookies for him and his older brother who also took state, PG won again!  AMAZING!


emilee said...

You know I never got to watch The Power of One?
So bummed.

Kris said...

Emilee.....WHY? Seriously, go rent it right this instant! It will change your life.... but to warn you I clearly cut out some of the scenes because it is kinda violent... it is PG-13.