Friday, February 10, 2012


My sister and I were at Gap a while ago... honestly I can't figure out when it was... but I know we were in the Gap buying jeans.  She started talking to one of her high school friends.  I wasn't really paying attention... if I remember correctly I think I was kinda bugged because our mission that day was to find her a new pair of jeans... and she sat and talked to this girl FOREVER.

I remember as we walked away Sara said, "She is writing a book series.... Disney has already bought the story."  I said, "What's her name?"  She said, "She grew up down the street from us, her name is Ally Condie but it was Braithwait."  I didn't really remember her so I completely forgot.... until...

Every single one of my students has been reading her books!  So I figure I'd better jump on the band wagon and see what all the fuss is about.

I love the cover!  I love the idea of the story.  I was excited about the story.  (I read the entire 366 pages in one day.)  And I think if I had never read a few books I would have thought her story absolutely GENIUS!  But sadly all her story is is a mixture of:
- Ender's Game
- A G version of The Hunger Games
- A not so pathetic Twilight

I absolutely love Ender's Game and The Hunger Games so I loved a lot about Matched.... but I am SO SO SO sick of the pathetic love triangle of 2 guys desperately in love with a girl and the girl picking the weaker of the two guys (clearly in my opinion).

I'm currently reading the 2nd book in the series called Crossed.  It's a slow start so I haven't gotten far but I would recommend Matched if you want a lite easy read that's pretty fun and entertaining... and if you want to support the Cedar City girl that's getting to live out her dream as a writer.


Jen said...

I know the story/love triangle is pretty familiar, but I seriously loved these books! I know I am in the minority, but I liked them more than Hunger Games and Twilight. I am really looking forward to the 3rd one coming out.

Ashley said...

Yahoo for book ideas! And I agree about the weaker male thing.

Ashley said...

P.s. After reading the overview of the book, I'd throw in The Uglies Series