Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy News.

You know the news that is so happy it makes you cry?  You know the kind that makes you giggle, cheer, and cry all at the same time?  Well we've been having a lot of that kinda news lately.  Yesterday as I was driving home from school, the sun was shinning, it was a beautiful day, and once again I couldn't help but cry as I thought about it all.  So I guess this is my good news minute:

- My little brother got into med school!  So although the sad part of this is my buddy who adventured Utah Valley with me 6 years ago is finally leaving....it is to much bigger and better places!

- My sister's husband got his Derm residency in Utah Valley so my sister can finally build her dream home here!!! I am already dreaming about cooking together, planting beautiful herb and flower gardens together, and just hanging out....There is just something so magical about family.

-But probably the best news that made me jump up and down, cheer, laugh, and cry is the fact that MS can go into remission.... WHO KNEW!  But it is the best news ever!!!!



Chelsea said...

Hooray! Fantastic news all around. Just curious...where is he going to med school? MCW by any chance??? Always looking out for future med students that we can pass our "wisdom" on down to. :)

jeanine said...

THANKS!!! Yeah, who knew/!! Hopefully it is a LONG remission huh?! and praying that the new, supposed to be best drug, comes on the market sooner than later this year!

Danielle said...

So my whole family is going to Disney Land and my husband doesn't want to go. So I read him your blog and tell him how some people just randomly go on the weekends so we can go. I'm pretty close to convincing him! Thank you!