Tuesday, January 3, 2012


There comes a time in every girl's life when she's got to decide. Everyone gots to have a style. Some girls decide to be punk rockers... Some decide to be granola. Others turn 30 and decide they need rhinestones on their butt. After years of confusion... Experimenting.... And lots of trial and errors... I have figured out once in for all what my lot in life is. Thanks to Zoe's gift I know my place in life.  She is so sweet... she got me these Sperrys I have been eyeing for weeks.... (She clearly loves me because she got them for me even though she told me they look like grandpa shoes.)

I am a preppy and there is no hiding it now!

Maybe it's the hours of Gossip Girl I've been watching....

 (Please don't judge... I know it is pretty shameful that I watch it... but I had to watch it for 2 reasons.  First, Blake Lively.... a 24 year old girl that dated Leonardo Decaprio,34 and is now dating Ryan Reynolds, 35.  I wanted to figure out what was so great about her that these dreamy guys would want to date her.  And for the record... she is so amazing I want to date her!  The second reason I watched it... the writer is the same guy that wrote The OC.... but sadly there is no Seth Cohen character in Gossip Girls so it can't compete with the OC.)

Whole point is... I am officially a prep... Pollo, JCrew, Sperry... you own me. 


Natalie said...

that show is very addicting. i'm in love with it.

Amanda said...

you got sperry's for christmas?

i'm jealous!!