Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Cedar City Christmas.

Just in case you are wondering what a Cedar City Christmas looks like...

The only place I know that looked like this on December 25
Which led to this:
Which caused this:
My knee still hurts every time I try and work out... bad news. 

Speaking of working out... what happens when Cedar City Golds Gym is closed on Christmas Eve...
It looked a lot like when I got caught red handed but just next to the Christmas tree.

Why I had to work out so hard:
Peppermint + Cream = My Kryptonite

But I tried to balance it out with a lot of this:
My Disneyland Imitation
Caprese Salad

But we still had a lot of lovely these:

Although I did not venture to Disneyland this holiday break...

Lots of Disney appearances.

A nightshirt I made for Sadie

But the highlight of Cedar City Christmas 2011.... The present Del gave Craig.

 What do you think Del was hinting at????