Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Bachelor

 This weekend I seriously felt like I was on the Bachelor.  I went on three of the most picturesque dates ever!  But of course rather than tell you about it... I figure we'll do a picture tour of all three dates. 

Date Number 1
Old Town Pasadena

We ate dinner at a DARLING Spanish Topless Tapas Bar....
Yes, the first time I heard about a Tapas Bar I thought he said topless.

We walked over to my favorite building:

 After we drove over to my favorite bridge:
 The night ended with hours of laughter with my family.

Date number 2
San Diego

Started with a walk around
Where he took
I LOVE Poppies!
Then we headed over to
to eat here
with this view of San Diego
where I ate
Best Caprese ever. The tomatoes were grilled!
Then we headed here

This is the basketball ARENA!!!

Where we watched these guys

Date number 3
Long Beach 

He picked me up here.

And we headed to dinner here:

With this view:
Where I ate:
Halibut with a tomato caper bail relish.

Then he took me here

So I could come back to reality....

What a great guy to make such a great weekend!

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Natalie said...

those dates look awesome! nice work.