Thursday, September 29, 2011

The first step...

is admitting there is a problem.

My problem.  Not that I eat at Yogurtland too much... because really? Can eating a cup for of fruit, walnuts, and a little bit of fat free no sugar added frozen yogurt be a problem?

My problem... completely unconsciously rather than throwing away my spoon after a delightful cup of blueberries, peaches, raspberrys, and strawberries with french vanilla yogurt... I suck on the spoon until I get bored with it, sometimes hours, and then I put my spoon in my purse.  As I was grabbing for some chapstick yesterday and all I could find was spoons... I realize, I have a problem.

Spoons in this picture were collected from Yogurtlands in:
Orem, Utah
Las Vegas, Nevada
Burbank, California
Arcadia, California
Brea, California
Clarmont, California.

Hopefully there is a Yogurtland near you.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Step Aerobics

I am addicted to step.  I have been since I took my first step class back in 2001.  If you remember Lars caught me red handed doing step aerobics in his backyard this summer... that is how addicted I am.  You can watch the video here. (If you need a good laugh)

Well I also have talked about the step aerobics class that I have been attending for the past 5 years here.  I love this instructor so much I would get up at 4:30 am to drive from Sandy to Provo this spring.  (Yes she is THAT good)

(I left class early so I didn't make it in the picture :( 
Well I am excited to announce that she made a step aerobics video!!!  Just one look at this lady and you will be SOLD on step.  She is turning 60 and she is ROCKING!  

Anyways, I am totally recommending that you get her DVD or download her video... why?  Because she goes through a 20 minute introduction to step.  That way when if you ever want to go to a step class you will already be prepared.  I have seen too many people leave class because they are frustrated thinking it's too complicated.  Don't get me wrong, it is complicated.  That is what it makes it fun.  Laura goes through all the basic steps as an introduction.  Then she does a 45 minute step routine. It is great fun.

This morning when I was talking to her she asked me if I had seen her website yet.... I had COMPLETELY forgotten that someone video taped me talking about step... so if for no other reason go check out her site and get a good laugh at my "testimonial". (For the record, we didn't think the camera was working so I was just messing around.)

Her Website                        My testimonial

 I got the DVD for my mom for her birthday.  I will let you know what she thinks of it!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Waiting for my Golden Ticket...

Sometimes I wonder why I write this blog.  I mean it's kinda creepy when you really think about it.  Anyone can read it.  Anyone can know my thoughts, my feelings, what is going on in my life.  Why do I share it with anyone that is willing to read?  Tonight I was reminded why.  The reason I write it is because in search for the fabulous roses I don't want to over look the ForGetMeNots.

Today could have been a bummer day.  I know someone is in town I would really have liked to see.  But rather than be bummed I took my lemons and made lemonade.  It was a surreal day.  The beauty and joy of the day was unbelievable.  I love the fall. And I love this girl.
We rode our bikes up the canyon to enjoy nature and
see the changing colors.

Our raw food picnic.
As we were driving home with the windows down, the sunroof open, and Brandi Carlile blasting Myra said, "Ya know Kristin, you sure know how to make some pretty amazing Lemonade."

"If we spend our days waiting for the fabulous roses we might forget the simple and beauty of the ForGetMeNots." 
- Elder Uchtdorf
Relief Society Conference, September 24,2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tips and Tricks of Disneyland

Since becoming a connoisseur of Disneyland, many people have asked my tips and tricks.  These are clearly 100% my no particular order.
1. Always request the seating you want on a ride.  Don't worry, the worker won't glare at you. Some of my favorite seats are:
- Thunder Mountain: the very back seats.  For an added twist, turn backwards the whole ride... AMAZING.
-Space Mountain: the very front row.  You can't see the track. It's unreal!
-Tea Cups: the ugliest orange and red tea cups go the fastest. (We think)
-Pirates: The very front unless you don't want to get wet.  Sometimes I forget you get a little wet up there.
-Splash Mountain: if you don't want to get wet, sit in the back and make sure to put your feet up.
2.You can have fast passes in both parks at the same time.
3. This is a little complicated but I am going to try and describe it because it is SO worth it:
     When you are parking in the parking structure you ride the tram to the entrance of the parks.  There are lines to ride the trams.  When the lines are very long, get in the very first line where most people with strollers are.  It is typically the same length as all the other lines but that line feeds into two tram cars while all the rest only feed into one.
4. When the park is busy always single ride Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, and California Screamin'.  Especially Indiana and California Screamin' because often you get seated together on Indiana and on California Screamin' you can't talk on the roller coaster anyway.  Splash Mountain is not as fun single rider, but in the heat of the day, it is totally worth only waiting 15-30 over 75-90 minutes.
5. Leave the fireworks after Dumbo flies.  (Sorry if I just spoiled it for you) You avoid the crowd and often times as you get a better view of the finale as you are walking than where you were standing. (Most of the time we go straight to Thunder Mountain)
6. Toy Story Mania doesn't have fast passes.... but it's like Peter Pan... TOTALLY worth the wait! (I didn't think it was going to be... I was mad I was waiting 45 minutes to ride it.... but it's pretty much worth all the hype)
7. If you ever want water, just walk up to any place that has fountain drinks and ask.  They will give you water a cup of ice water for free.  I feel like a fool for EVER buying bottled water.
8. Best food that I would recommend:
French Onion Soup
-French Onion Soup from Orleans Square.  TOTALLY over priced: $8.50 but the best soup I've ever tasted.  Not Kidding.  The best.  The crappy thing is EVERYTHING at the restaurant is overpriced and not that great.  So I would recommend just getting the soup for a snack.
-Pineapple Dole Whip.  150 calories. Need I say more?  (Sometimes the line is ridiculously long.)  Go into the TikiRoom courtyard area for the shorter line.  $3.50ish
We Ordered Last Piece of Toffee
-English Toffee from the Candy Shop on Main Street.  It is fabulous! (Roasted Almonds.... milk chocolate... and toffee) $4.50 for a square that feeds 2.
(yes, notice I really didn't say any real food in Disneyland.  I am not impressed with the food in Disneyland.  I would recommend either bringing in your own food, if you will have a stroller anyway, or if you don't have kids, walking out of the park and hitting up the McDonald's or Quiznos across the street)
California Adventure
Caprese Salad
-Mediterranean places by Goofy's First Flight... Fantastic!  Everything is from $8-10.  I love the pesto artichoke flatbread pizza and the cranberry type salad.  Typically we get both and split it.  Perfect meal.  Totally healthy for under $10.  Also the Greek Salad and Kabobs are delicious.
-The Vineyard Italian Resturant: FREE bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  The dinners range from $15-20.  We typically just eat a side salad or the caprese salad.  Both under $5.00.  Both tasty.  Great way to spend very little money on dinner.
 9. People watch on Main Street.  When you are tired just sit on Main Street with a beverage enjoy just being in Disneyland.  I think sometimes we are so worried about riding all the rides that we forget to just sit back and enjoy that we are in the happiest place on earth!
10. The best ratio for kids at Disneyland is 1.5 adults for every child under 4.  If you need another adult on your next Disneyland don't hesitate to ask :)
11.Shoes. My Disneyland shoes have changed my Disneyland Life.  Fashion is not important.  Also, if you don't want wet shoes after Splash Mt. take off your socks while in line, then sneakily take off your shoes when you get in your log.  (Although uncomfortable Lars put his shoes behind his back.) No one likes walking around in soggy shoes.
12.  Last probably most important. While you are standing in line, decide what you are going to do next.  Getting off a ride and not knowing where to go next wastes way too much energy.  My cute little niece has our whole Disneyland rides plan listed out beforehand.  (They may have even drawn a map to all the rides in church :)

The huge dilemma I am now facing is whether or not a Pass Hopper is worth it.  Here is my list of pros and cons for going to both parks.  (I had never been to California Adventure until this year, and clearly this is only a problem if you are like my family that only goes to Disneyland for 1 day)

Pros to a Park Hopper:
- More fast passes.
- You get to ride: California Screamin', Tower of Terror, Soarin' over California, Toy Story Mania, World of Colors, and Little Mermaid.
- Better and cheaper food.
-When you go back into Disneyland it is like a breath of fresh air.  (I know that sounds weird, but when you only go to Disneyland, you only get to experience the thrill of walking into the park once... and it's possibly my favorite part of going to Disneyland.)

Cons to a Park Hopper:
-More money
-Way more walking.  (It is 1 mile from Splash Mt. to California Screamin')
- Gross, Alcohol, a different crowd.
- Hotter because of less vegetation.
-You have to wait in line to enter and exit both parks.
-Bottomline... it's not Disneyland.

So my conclusion about a hopper pass for a 1 day trip to Disneyland:  Without kids or people that get tired really easy I would say California Adventure is worth it.  Especially if it is a busy day at the parks.

With kids for one day... I think it is a tough decision.  Little Mermaid isn't cool enough to make it worth the extra money and long walks and Toy Story Mania I don't think would be very cool for kids under 4.

The best news matter what tricks or tips you follow... no matter the weather... no matter the crowds... it will always be the happiest place on earth.

Clearly all of this is my personal opinion.... if you have any additional questions let me know!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Drum Roll please...

for the first time in 18 weeks... I am going to go to the ward where my records are located on Sunday.... why?  Because although I only met with my new bishop once for 5 minutes (on a Wednesday) he thinks I need a calling... (I tried to tell him I have an honorary calling in my LA ward, I lead the music in Sacrament Meeting whenever I'm there) but from now on just call me Gospel Doctrine Teacher... So no traveling this weekend...

But on a happier note: I love the lighting this time of year... it rocks my little world!

 Sunflowers and sunshine in September.... I love the fall.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Farm Boy.

It's so weird. Like a dream. I almost forget.  But it's shocking how fast it comes back.  How powerful it is when it hits.  I think it was the way the golden hue was being cast across the fields.  The cold crisp air.  The smell of alfalfa.  I love Idaho.

It always brings back so many emotions.  I did a lot of growing up in Idaho.  I did a lot of changing.  I found a lot of myself there.  Being there makes me long for the past but grateful for the experiences I've had since.
I rode up to Idaho with a farm boy.  It's a blast from my past that always gets me a little.  I drove the farm boy's pickup the last couple of days while he had my car.  It's the little things I miss like having to hop up to get into the lifted pickup or calling it a pickup because a truck is something you put a load of potatoes in.  Life is so strange.  There was a time that I thought I would spend the rest of my life out on a farm.  There are so many wonderful things about the farm life.  The self-reliance, the strong family connections, and trust and faith you have to put in God because there is no where else to turn.  But when a farm boy asked me if I was going to marry him I said no.  And although I am glad with the decision I made it doesn't mean that every time I go to Idaho... especially during harvest...  I don't romantized and dream about the life I left behind.

Monday, September 19, 2011

No Girls Allowed

For years, girls weren't allowed.  But thank goodness that rule has now changed because this is one of the most beautiful places on earth!  

(I have lots of pictures, if you click on a picture there's a slideshow or to read captions just scroll down)

No girl food allowed... KFC.
(They did let me get a piece of grilled instead of fried)
On the ride up to the falls

So excited.

City Slicker Vs. Outdoors man

The real fisherman.

The Smart One
(Isolated waterproof waders) 

Always getting the short stick.

The Model.

The adventure begins.

The Climb down
 My dad and a group created this trail more than 35 years ago.  Like Lewis and Clark they went down a river that no one (they knew) had ever gone before.  They had scouted it out, discovered Sheep's Falls, knew if you kept to the left... you MIGHT be okay and they took off.  Now, 35 years later, it still isn't well known but there is pretty much a neon sign that says, "Fishermen welcome, great fishing here."  Oh how times have changed.
Using Ores is the best way to make it down the steep terrain. 

The first view of the River

Thank you Walmart for $10 waders.

The first fish of the day

As soon as Craig caught the first fish,
Del got down to serious business.

Yes, I am wearing a fanny pack... yes I am THAT hardcore.

Every  one knows the best fish are hiding near the rapids... so often times
no one is manning the boat as we do 360's down the rapids.

The first fall in of the day.
Trying to dry out and warm up after the fall.... 

The biggest catch of the day.

Lounging after the big catch.

It was a gorgeous day, it was tonz of fun.... it's days like today that I remember that Idaho will always have my soul.
And thank goodness that  they now allow girls.