Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let the good times roll!

Well sure, I can't go to Hawaii every week, but ya know.... the good times are here to stay for a while.... I love this time of year!
The first thing I did when I got to Cedar this weekend was head to the SUU presidents house that has the most gorgeous tulips.........
Then I went to color eggs with these lovelies.

Saturday I rode my bike to New Harmony then met up with these lovelies to visit my favorite place on earth.

This is the face of a very very happy girl.

The Jack Attack..... every time he brings me a book and cuddles up on the couch with me, my heart melts.

Carrots utensils and cheetos.... so so cute!

Why do I love Easter? I just can't get enough of this flower.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lessons learned the hard way in Hawaii.

Hey I figure if you have to learn a lesson the hard way, it might as well be in paradise.

Lesson #1: If you don't want to remember a 5.5 hour flight at. all. Take 2 benadryl before boarding.
(but be forwarned.... you might throw up about 3/4 of the way through the flight.... but totally worth it!)
Lesson #2: Just because the rooster start cock-a-doodle-dooing.... does not mean the sun is up and that it is time to go running. Wait until it is light enough outside to see the freaking curb.
(but spending more money on water proof band-aids than entertainment in Hawaii might just prove it really is paradise.)
Lesson #3: Wear Sunscreen. Even if it's cloudy. Many layers.
(or just plan on buying lots of aloe vera.)
Lesson #4: Donald just informed me it is more imperative for those suffering from ADHD to not go hungry for long periods of time. Lars can probably attest to that.... Lesson #4.... Always have diet coke and snacks readily available, sometimes force feeding might be necessary.
Lesson #5: Bring booties, crocs or some type of water shoes, even if it is jellys from the 1980s. Your feet need protection.
Lesson #6: Be sure to check for monk seals when stepping in to the water.... or make sure you have no need to go to the bathroom when Ricky the monk seal scares you....
Lesson #7: Don't think about where the chicken in your salad came from after finding a hair in your salad....
Lesson #8: Make sure you always have two pillows. One of your head, one for your rooster/crying baby (we stayed at the BYU-H married housing) exposed ear.
Lesson #9: Be sure to check the tightness of your brand new swim top before diving into a wave... unless you want to scar you cousin for life. ('nuff said.)
Lesson #10: Live with aloha man....... no matter the speed limit, no matter the bipolar weather, no matter how protective locals are of their "yards" (the street).......you are in freaking paradise.

But most importantly. Thanks to these guys for making it the best spring break ever!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Major Aloha Withdrawls.

Well it's 10:33 pm.... on a school night.... when I normally am fast asleep. But right now all I can think about is sunshine. waves crashing. and most of all.... I hate to say it. my tan skin. It's pathetic how much I love having tan skin.

What I don't miss... trying to work out in Hawaii. I won't lie, it was AWFUL! I don't know if it's the humidity or what, but it was awful. On the plane ride home I started reading The Hunger Games, I know I am totally behind the times... so I won't even tell you how good it is because more than likely you have already read the whole series. But let me just describe it this way. In the past two days I have spent more than 3 hours on the stair master.... reading. Yes. It is that. good.

But for just a moment....... I am just going to dream of this lovely place...........

But sadly all the beauty in the world can't make you stopping missing people sometimes.

(Shar says my blog is kinda cryptic. I am sure it is comments like this that she is talking about...)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 6

To walk to our private beach with a wade pool for Cooper we have to go through a little forrest. We came across.... a huge snail! Notice how Coop is LOVIN it.

But of course it was another picture perfect day at the beach.

So as we are all laying out having loads of fun, Cooper had thrown one of the snorkels in the water. Shar was telling Cooper to go get it out of the water. I said, "Don't worry about it, I have to pee anyways I'll go get it out of the water." So I stepped into the water and all of the sudden I hear a bark. Completely freaked out I see Ricky the Seal's head pop out of the water literally feet away from me! Somehow this ginormous monk seal had swam up to where we were laying out and NOT ONE OF US had noticed!
(I know, it doesn't look that big in the pictures.... believe me, when you have a monk seal in your face it might as well be the size of an elephant!)
Let's just say.... with that scare, I didn't make it to the water....
(Yes, seals are dangerous. Do not get near them.)

So I probably am giving way too much information, but long story short, I think I got sick from something I ate on the trip. So yesterday I told Lars, "I always knew Del knew what he was thinking when he only eats at McDonalds everywhere he travels." Del has eaten at the finest McDonalds on 4 continents in over 20 countries, and 36 states. So I told Lars I was only eating at McDonalds the rest of the trip. The La'ie McDonalds is across from the PCC and AMAZING! An indoor waterfall and everything!
As we were waiting in line at the drive thru I was explaining to Lars that the wonderful thing about McDonalds is you always know exactly what you are getting.... it NEVER disappoints. I was ranting and raving about how great McDonalds was as I ordered my usual Southwest Chicken Salad. We then were going to drive to the Superette to get Lars more Poke (raw fish and rice).

Well as Lars was driving, I of course was eating... enjoying my delicious salad.... until I picked up a piece of lettuce.... and there it was.... a big thick short strand of black hair. At first I tried to ignore it. Then I was so sad... "Lars......... a hair!" (in my whiniest voice) He said, "Oh can't you see, clearly that is my hair." (Thinking that if I thought it was his hair, I wouldn't be grossed out and would continue to eat...... for the record I don't care who's hair it is, that is gross) So I grabbed the chicken because the hair was in the lettuce, not the chicken, so clearly I could continue to eat the chicken.... then I thought outloud, "But when you think about where chicken comes from...." Instantly images of the hundreds of dirty stray homeless hawaiian chickens started running through my mind. I thought of feathers.... and skin.... and feathers.... and dirt.... "I am done with this salad."

Lars looks down and saw pretty much an entire plate full of wonderful Southwest Chicken Salad.... so what did he do when he parked at the Superette to get Poke? He grabbed the salad, grabbed the salad dressing (which I hadn't even opened.) grabbed the fork (which I hadn't even used) and started to eat.
He did remark how it was definitely a delicious salad..... but he was so so mad. Why? Because he was now too full to eat Poke!

He sulked and sulked and sulked saying things like, "I come all the way to Hawaii and what do I have to eat? McDonalds salad???? The poke is so delicious and here I am eating McDonalds!" "Lars you can still get poke." "No I can't! I am too full!" So what did I do? I marched right over to the FroYo truck.....
As you can tell. It. Worked.

My one last request before leaving Hawaii was another sunset.... so on our drive to the other side of the island for "the best thai food in the world" we stopped for another spectacular sunset.

After Thai Lars and I went out for one last shaved ice. I finally got my Blue Hawaii flavor. And then got one last view of this amazing view....

A Sneak peak of what is to come....

Next blog entry: Lessons Learned in Hawaii.

Hawaii Day 5

So the day started with a run.... I wish I could say it was the best run ever... but sadly, it was beautiful. The sun was out in all it's glory.... by mile 6 I was dragging myself back to the house. I once had a friend tell me that working out in Hawaii is impossible... I am starting to believe her.

In the morning Lars tried to surf again with Mossi... I think they each got up once.

Shar, Cooper, and I on the other hand spent the morning chillin' at Turtle Bay Resort beach. Wonderful.

For lunch Lars tried Poke (Poe - Kay). It consists of raw fish and rice. I on the other hand ate frozen yogurt with the most delicious raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries... (I even put sweetened condensed milk on it.... when in Rome....)

After lunch the exhaustion of sun/traveling/having the time of my life finally caught up with me. I tried to sleep.... not before trying to make seal noises using my limited movement hands (because of all the bandages).... If Lars talks to me when this trip is through, I for one, will be shocked.

Lars and I hit up the PCC (Polynesian Cultural Center, for those of you not familiar with the North Shore lingo) It was great, it was wonderful, the entertainers were really funny..... but after a couple of hours we were so exhausted we had to leave. We stopped at my favorite place.... McDonalds.

We were so exhausted after we ate we couldn't lift our heads. "Leave me here and let me die." Lars called Sharla but clearly couldn't lift his head....

Another great day.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 4

Who knew here in Hawaii stop signs can be blue?Today we went for a "hike" .

We of course went swimming in the pool of water to the waterfall. Of course I got hurt again trying to climb under the waterfall.... making the grand total of battle wounds.... like a bazillion. Here are just a few.

After the hike Lars got surfing lessons from these guys:

and of course a picture perfect sunset.Just another day in paradise....