Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Dilemma of Stalking...

So the other night I was invited by a friend to go to a get together. It was at a condo downtown Salt Lake.... a condo in a 30 story building.... with a doorman... elevators..... and a hot tub on the roof! I felt like I was back in Chicago! Who knew that such a building existed in Salt Lake City.... certainly not me! So fun!

Anyways of course I ended up knowing a lot of the people at this gathering for my past.... 5+ years ago. I mean I was getting teased about my Idaho pride (which I have long since stopped showing) or boys that I kissed in high school... So clearly I've known a lot of these people for a lot of years.

Anyways when I run into people that I haven't seen in years it is always kinda awkward because although I haven't seen them of course I have been following them on their facebooks, blogs, twitters, myspaces or their friends facebooks, blogs, twitters, myspace... so it's hard to know what to talk about! When I ask them what they have been up to... as they start to tell me here is what is going on in my head:
"I went to Europe a couple of months ago."
-Yes, you went with 3 other nurses in your hospital.
-You went to France, Germany, and Spain, although I am kinda shocked you didn't go to Italy.
- That picture of you trying to hold the Eiffel Tower in your hand was fun.
"My sister got married last week."
- The guy she married looked a little strange
- Although the brides maid dresses were darling
- Was the food as good as it looked?
"I'm not really dating anyone"
-Yeah, I saw that that cute girl that you took to Vegas a few weeks ago is now dating your best friend.
-It's a shame cuz she was really cute.
- And I saw that your ex that you dated for 2 years is now living in Thailand teaching English.
-I wonder if you still want something to happen there.

But the question is... do you tell people you run into from years ago that you stalk them? Or are you just like me and smile and say, "Oh! You went to Europe! Where did you go?"

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Bottom line, I love music. Get me alone in a car, with heated seats, a diet coke, and some good tunes.... and for me life couldn't get much better. (maybe it's because I haven't been in a car accident in almost three years, knock on wood, but I sure love to drive. If you want to remember my bad luck with cars go here.) Anyways, My friend Matt wrote an awesome post about music.... I couldn't agree more.

I just wish sometimes I wasn't such an addict that I can only listen to one song on repeat over and over and over again until I am so sick of it I can't stand it. Sometimes the song I am currently addicted to relates to my current life, sometimes it doesn't. You can decide which is the case with my current addiction. ;) So without further ado....

Zooey Deschanel.....

But I need new music.... any suggestions?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I was asked the other day, "Why Tulips? Most girls love roses, daisys, or maybe lilies.... but tulips?" I had to really think about it, why do I love tulips so much. I tried to venture back in time when I first discovered my love to tulips. Really nothing significant happened. My mom had planted some beautiful white tulips outside our front door. When they came up they were just so crisp, so clean. But when really analyzing why I love tulips so much is because I feel it is so rare to see a great tulip. Tulips are so fragile. Too much sun and they spread out too much so they lose their shape. Too much wind and they lose their peddles. Too much snow or rain and they are smashed. But despite the awful March weather they try their hardest to make the world remember spring is coming...

The only thing better than spotting a perfect tulip is getting some for your birthday...

Thursday, March 17, 2011


So every birthday/spring it seems I have a post or two about the melancholy feeling I have about life passing me by.... you can find them: here. here. or here.

But this year is totally different! I am loving life! It's probably because I just went to see these:

With some of my favorite people.
And Her.

And of course with my favorite addiction I was in heaven...

And just in case you didn't get enough.... here is another picture of my favorite flower!!!!! For the record the festival we went to, there were over 500,000 bulbs!!!!! God Bess TEXAS!

So although my Texas fun is over.... the good news is, great things are to come! In exactly 24 days I am headed to Hawaii! In preparation for my big trip I have become an even more workout a holic.
This is me and cute Nat when we went running over President's Day. :)

The only thing left is to go the last 23 days eating only lean protein and veggies... to prepare Zoe and I made a countdown chain!

And here is a cute picture of Zoe.... we have the same birthday. What more could I ask for?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Salt Lake Vs. Utah Valley

Well it's officially been one month since I left Happy Valley and entered the world of Salt Lake Valley. Although it is only minutes away from each other, I am SHOCKED at the differences between the two places. So I have complied my Top Ten Differences:
10. Who knew that Sandy was So. Freaking. Big.

9. What I thought was the "Utah Style" of fake True Religion blinged out jeans... in other words the overdone Buckle (the retail store) look.... it's a Utah Valley thing... thank goodness.

8. The other morning I woke up to 11 inches of snow in Sandy.... in PG, barely a skiff.

7. All Gold's Gyms are not created equal. (yes I did get up at 4:45 this morning to make it to my 9th East Provo Gold's Gym by 5:30)

6. Gas in PG is 5 cents cheaper than Provo.... Gas in Sandy is 5 cents cheaper than PG.

5. Maybe I was the only one that didn't know this, but there are so pretty awesome radio stations that just work in Salt Lake Valley.

4. Silly me, I was under the impression that pretty much anything you can find in Salt Lake valley you can find in Utah Valley.... who knew there were so many more resturants, retail stores, and entertainment venues in Salt Lake!

3. In Salt Lake people are a lot more friendly to a young single girl.... whereas in Provo where I was one of the thousands, in Salt Lake they are so nice! Whether in line at the grocery store or just walking down the street... it is a world of difference!

2. In Salt Lake the rivalry between Utah and BYU is not just something that heats up Thanksgiving Weekend. I am shocked by how many people are really disgusted that I went to the Y. Even when being introduced to speak at a Relief Society Conference the introducer felt the need to apologize to the crowd for my alma mater. Who knew!

1. In Salk Lake the guys are men... unlike the Utah Valley boys, the men in Salt Lake actually get your number and ask you out.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Last night the two of us...
went with these two lovelys

to it was really fun and I could write a whole post on the things I learn or wonder about while at professional sporting events like.... why don't they put lids on cups of beer??? Or how are we any different from the lower class citizens or even slaves of Rome going to Colosseum to watch Christians get eaten by lions...

But alas today I want to discuss something else. I would like to talk about her:

And I guess we can say him.
But mostly just her.
Now I just met this two lovelys so I am sure they would be totally creeped out if they knew I wrote a whole blog post about them, but oh well?

So everyone in life has their style right? Some people are sporty, some are granola, some people are country, while some are urban. Utard is definitely a style.... . Now the dilemma I often run into is I don't think I really get to pick the type of style I am. Whether I like it or not I am kinda a JCrew, Banana Republic, kinda preppy kinda dressy girl.... the only time I really tried to deviate from that was when I was 18 years old and tried to be a punk rocker.... my brother Nick gave me the best advise possible, "Kristin go buy yourself a new pink shirt".

Now although I have come to accept my style, it doesn't mean I don't wish I could be another style. If I had it my way in life....

I would wear these:

And shop here:

And eat more like this:
And ride this:
To visit this:
And be in a band like this:
And be more like this:

Really just live a life more like this:But alas unlike the lovely girl I went to the Jazz game with last night, I can not just chop off my hair and bleach it blonde.... I can't shop at thrift stores. I can't even be the singer in a band.... last night as Emmie and I were driving home I started to dream out loud. And when I mentioned trying to be more of "that style" Emmie said, "Uh.... Kristin, I'm sorry. It's just not you."

All I have to say is Thank Goodness For Honest Friends.