Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Step by Step Toffee

My Uncle Nils has some pretty infamous toffee skills... I say infamous because as soon as you know how much butter goes it toffee it is difficult to eat it without feeling disgustingly guilty.  But once you've taken a bit.. there is NO turning back!  He asked me to be his assistant in creating this delicious buttery nutty chocolate heaven.  So I figure I should document it.  

Start by lining a cookiesheet with tin foil and putting a single layer of pecans on the bottom.
Yes. This is my FAVORITE Uncle Nils.

Next it's as easy as 1. 2. 3...

1 pound butter
2 cups sugar

1/3 cup water

Melt the three together on high or medium high heat stirring constantly.

Now this is where the ammature candy maker versus the veteran are made.  Nils says many people take the toffee off the heat too soon.  Just because it starts to turn caramel color is not enough.  (This picture is an example of it starting to turn colors but is not done yet)
You have to wait until there are puffs of smoke coming from the the toffee... and not just a few puffs of smoke, like puffing a lot.  Kinda scary, hence separating the ammature from the veteran candy maker.

Pour the smoking candy over the nuts and let sit for probably 4 minutes

Drop chocolate chips on the top. (You have to wait a few minutes before putting the chocolate on or it will form a while film on the top)
Once the chocolate is melted, spread it out evenly over the toffee.

This stuff is so good that I meant to bring some home for Frank but by the time it got to Frank.... he said it was mean to even give it to him because there were only a few bites left.  Yes it Is. That. Good.

The picture Nils took while I was stirring because I was SO EXCITED

And then we ended with a picture perfect dinner with Salmon, freshly picked salad, rice, and sour dough rolls with LOTS of butter...with two unforgettable quotes.
Quote # 1: 
"Why don't you and Lars just get married."  
(Yes if anyone is confused Lars is my cousin and my best friend.  
That does not mean we should consider insest.)  
Quote #2
"Marriage is not about having fun.  It is about having a family."
Thank you Uncle Nils.

I wish you could smell this tree.  Amazing.
Another amazing Sunday in LA.

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