Friday, December 16, 2011

Rock My Run

We all are good at some things... and definitely not good at others.  I will confess.  This confession is actually a bit difficult for me... I can't dance.  Yes, it's true.  I can cheer.  I can do step aerobics.  But I can not dance.  It wasn't until Frank pointed it out that I decided it's time to just admit it.  It's kinda relieving to not have to hide it anymore.

So I can't dance.  Something I can do is: I am a great co-pilot.  On any road trip I can do a great job keeping the driver and other passengers entertained no matter how long the trip is... no matter how late the trip goes.  I am good at it.... unless the driver or passengers expect me to be a DJ.  I am a horrible DJ.  I don't know why.  I love music.  But I guess it's the pressure of trying to capture the mood in music.  I just can't do it.  I can not play DJ.  Some people are really good at it... I am just terrible.

Well luckily for me... my friend Megan introduced me into an AWESOME website called Rock My Run where DJs creates mixes for running.  It creates a 30-90 mix of songs that you can work out to.  It is absolutely amazing!  You can choose the style of music.  You can pick only edited music.  And it is free!  If you are concerned if it is legal or not, it has a Q&A and it explains why it's legal.  And you do have to create an account which as far as I can tell hasn't been annoying at all.  They did send one email welcoming me to Rock My Run but TOTALLY worth it.  I ran my fastest 8 miles ever on Saturday in LA and I think at least part of it had to do with my new playlist!

If only they created mixes for road trips...

P.S. I promise now that I have confessed the fact that I can't dance... you will NEVER see me even attempt it again.  It kinda feels good to not have to worry about it anymore. ;)

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