Monday, September 19, 2011

No Girls Allowed

For years, girls weren't allowed.  But thank goodness that rule has now changed because this is one of the most beautiful places on earth!  

(I have lots of pictures, if you click on a picture there's a slideshow or to read captions just scroll down)

No girl food allowed... KFC.
(They did let me get a piece of grilled instead of fried)
On the ride up to the falls

So excited.

City Slicker Vs. Outdoors man

The real fisherman.

The Smart One
(Isolated waterproof waders) 

Always getting the short stick.

The Model.

The adventure begins.

The Climb down
 My dad and a group created this trail more than 35 years ago.  Like Lewis and Clark they went down a river that no one (they knew) had ever gone before.  They had scouted it out, discovered Sheep's Falls, knew if you kept to the left... you MIGHT be okay and they took off.  Now, 35 years later, it still isn't well known but there is pretty much a neon sign that says, "Fishermen welcome, great fishing here."  Oh how times have changed.
Using Ores is the best way to make it down the steep terrain. 

The first view of the River

Thank you Walmart for $10 waders.

The first fish of the day

As soon as Craig caught the first fish,
Del got down to serious business.

Yes, I am wearing a fanny pack... yes I am THAT hardcore.

Every  one knows the best fish are hiding near the rapids... so often times
no one is manning the boat as we do 360's down the rapids.

The first fall in of the day.
Trying to dry out and warm up after the fall.... 

The biggest catch of the day.

Lounging after the big catch.

It was a gorgeous day, it was tonz of fun.... it's days like today that I remember that Idaho will always have my soul.
And thank goodness that  they now allow girls.


Kennan said...

Love the "short stick" picture! haha Looks like a blast!

Caralee said...

Ohhh, what a fun fishing trip!