Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Take me out to the ball game!

Craig made sure I knew about the guy that got beat up for wearing the wrong colors in the Dodgers Stadium parking lot this year........ so I MADE sure to wear a Dodgers uniform... (I am totally converted to L.A. thrift stores.. got the shirt for $2.00!  No offense to D.I.but thrift stores down here are pretty amazing!)... maybe that will be another blog.

Brandt and Cody modeling the Dodger Dog and Garlic Fries

One insane Hot. Dog.

Comparing.... the Dodger Dog to my boring healthy Grilled Chicken on a Whole Wheat Bun.

Craig and Liz having a riot.
Take me out to the Ball game!

I heart Max!

Anyways the game.  The pictures are pretty crappy.... but long story short, I had the time of my life!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Family Reunions

They really are quite unique.... I mean a bunch of people that sadly typically only see each other once a year, or every other year, or every other other year.... the people come in all shapes and sizes.... from all over the country.... all different educations, all different life styles... with one thing in common... their blood.  And for some reason that one thing is a bond that can bring together perfect strangers and make them feel united.
Bartholomew Reunion 2011 - Fayette, Utah
I have the great fortune of being from amazing strong families... every time I am around my family I am dumbfounded by the wonderful people I share this common bond with.   This weekend was one such an occasion.  But the most wonderful part of this reunion was it was to celebrate the life of one man.  His story gives me so much hope.  Although I can never fully comprehend the work that was involved in his success, this weekend I think I saw a little better how drastic of a leap it took to create such legacy.  I saw what a life of sheep herding in a desert looked like.  I saw what the norm standard of living and education was like.  And how grateful I am that I can claim a Grandpa that risked it all to be great.  Instead of doing what was easy.  Instead of doing what was comfortable.  He became a rocket scientist.  And I as well as all this decedents will be forever grateful.

But this lil guy.... makes my heart melt.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

As of late.

One reason why I haven't blogged lately...

I know you won't believe me from these pictures, but I've never seen this girl so happy!

This was when I let their parents go off and be kids, and I was babysitting.  Sophie was actually really really happy... I know, I know it doesn't look like it!
Honestly, It was so much fun that when I finally got home from the 17 hour day.... I couldn't sleep.  I just pictured Ava laughing, Sophie singing Small World and waving at every character, and Jack blushing when Arial blew him a kiss in the parade.

It was bad news that I couldn't sleep because...the next morning I got up at 4:45 in the morning.... to go to a hide-away location.... to do something super cool.  I can not wait to post it on here... but sadly it will take a week or so.... so maybe don't hold your breath... but I promise it's going to be so cool you might wish that you had.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


 So when my friends asked if I want to go on a hike.... I was expecting a cute lil trail hike... maybe to the Hollywood sign... maybe overlooking the ocean.... what I wasn't expecting is all of the sudden, our leader just started scaling the mountain.  Straight up.... although I am terrified for heights I figured I only live once.... I don't think Jeremy found it very comforting as he was clinging onto a rock with hundreds of feet drops on both sides, "Look at it this way Jeremy... the worst thing that could happen... you fall and die... no biggy right?"  Sadly... clearly...because I was clinging onto a rock wall... I didn't get any pictures of the cool stuff...All the other girls dropped out before we got to the top.  But it was pretty amazing!
Yes... graffiti on rocks up in the mountains.... welcome to L.A.

Charlie, Jeremy, Me, and Cody

Dream Wedding Cake.

So I went to a wedding...... I swear, this town LIVES for weddings. Even though I am clearly not on the guest list... I have become a great wedding crasher.... But actually for once, the wedding we attended Friday night... I knew the bride!

The family of the bride... is known for their parties and most imporant their weddings.  And this wedding did not disappoint.  It was at the L.A. Arburetum.
Add caption
Then we took a tram around the park 
(GORGEOUS!) to where the reception was being held.
The wedding line was in the middle of a beautiful rose garden.
The food.

But most imporant... the title of this post.  The wedding cake.  Possibly my favorite cake I have ever seen... and best part?  It was made by her cousin! Honestly. I could not get enough of this cake.  And the chocolate looking cake next to it?  Fudge.  Yes. Amazing.



Friday, July 15, 2011

There is only one thing you can count on in life....

One of the most valuable lessons my dad has ever taught me is quite simple really.  I mean it only makes sense.  But ya know sometimes I get so mad about it.  And today is one of those days.  The lesson you ask?  Life is not fair.

I know, I know, not really mind blowing right?  It's true.  I could end this post right now and we could walk away knowing exactly what we always knew.  But if you will... humor me, and let me tell you how life is not fair... to me... today.

As we all know, and I probably remind the world too often, I am a work-out-a-holic.  Why?  Because I always wish I weighed less... was a little smaller... whatever... (this desire increases drastically when I watch the OC... I only remember that when I start watching it again)

So the fact that over the past 9 years of working my fanny off... no matter what I do... I pretty much look the same.  Now clearly that is a good thing... a great thing.... I am almost thirty... and most people don't weigh less at their high school reunion than they did when were in high school.... so I shouldn't complain too much.  But today I want to complain.

Why?  Because I always blame my size on the way I eat.  If I didn't love bread.... if didn't eat so much.... most important if I didn't swoon over sugar..... I would look different.

Well back to why life isn't fair.

I have been living in California for the past... month and a half?  I have spent almost every waking moment with my cousin Lars.  We have done almost everything together.... eat together, play together, and even sleep in rooms right next to each other.  The only thing that is different is.... I work out in the morning for an hour to two hours.... and eat 1/3 less than him.  (He often says I eat like a bird)  But I have rubbed off on him.  He has picked up biking and running.  So when he goes on a run at night... I join him.  When he wants to go on a bike ride, I join him.  When he walks 10 miles on a typical 12 hour day at Disneyland, I'm right there with him.  (Of course on top of my normal workout)

I'm sure you can guess where this is headed.... after only a month and a half of the "Kristin Parson's Bootcamp."  Lars has lost so much weight that every where he goes, it seems, (okay okay I might be exaggerating a bit) people keep telling him how great he looks.... how much weight he's lost.......... and me..... doing double or triple duty......eating less......... look and weigh exactly the same.

Like I said. Life. Is. Just. Not. Fair.


Cho Chang.... clearly not the most popular of the Harry Potter empire... but she can claim Harry's first kiss... and she's hot.  So there ya go.  I actually wanted to be Professor McGonagall... but this was way easier.

I was SO SO SO excited what Cody was going to be.... he won't tell anyone. Cody is one of the coolest guys I have met in a long time!  But when I showed up at the theater, when I saw Lord Voldemort, I didn't even have to ask if it was him. (I think at like 50 people came up and asked for He who will not be named's picture)
Cody.  I hope everyone can have a friend as cool as him!

Cho, Tom, and Ginny 

Sadly I didn't get more pictures.... they let us into the theater too soon..... so no pictures of Harry... or Doby.... or Hermione..... or 10 other friends that dressed up like "Muggles" aka.... too cool.  But it was great!

My thoughts on the movie: well I've never been a fan of the movies.  Number 7 especially because I have it on my ipod and have listened to it possibly 100 times... I know every detail, almost word for word (I get really sick of listening to music on my runs/rides sometimes so I listen to Harry)  so my thoughts:

I thought if you never read the books and just watched the movies, then it was FABULOUS!  Brilliant.  Wonderful.  But if you are obsessed with book number seven like me, I was disappointed with some of the most touching points of the book that were left out/downplayed/made stupid.  Some of those points for me were:
1. Harry defending Professor Mcgonagall in Ravenclaw Tour
2.Beletrix attacking Ginny and Mrs. Weasely taking off her cloak, getting down to business, and DESTROYING Beletrix.
3. Voldemort screaming out as he watches his most devoted follower killed by Mrs. Weasley
4. The conversation that took place between Harry and Tom Riddle as they dueled in the end... about love.
5. As Hagrid carried in Harry's body, the mourning, the screaming, the desperateness of the defenders.
6. In turn, the celebration, the joy, the relief when Voldemort died.
7. Harry, Ron, and Hermione escaping the celebration to be alone to go to Dumbldore's office.... the celebration there with all the head masters, especially Dumbledore.
8. Harry's love for his Phoenix wand, that he repairs instead of using the Elder Wand.
9. Ginny........... I mean I get it.  The actress is now 4 inches taller than Harry.  I get it.  But STILL!!!!!

But all in all........................... the books were genius.  Brilliant. J.K. you are amazing.

As Danielle just said on facebook, "Harry Potter is over. I haven't been this sad since they stopped making new Saved By The Bell episodes."


Yes... like many others, I am delightfully obsessed with Nutella.  I think it is one of the most sinfully delicious pleasures out there..... sometimes I dream about the hazelly chocolate goodness.....  And this cake rocked my socks.
Nutella Cake:
Make whatever chocolate cake you want.
2 parts whipped topping to 1 part nutella
whip together and frost
Enjoy heaven.

Lee, the woman that made it.... I think we were destined to be friends.  Her front living room wall........only mirrors.  Who would have thought. Total dream.

Monday, July 11, 2011


In honor of my current paradise I decided to bust out the first season of The OC.  I'm shocked the dust that has been collecting on my favorite series due to my addiction to Grey's Anatomy, Friday Night Lights, and Glee the past few years... when they mentioned 2004 on the show I realized that's .... 7 years ago!?! (kinda like when a guy last night that I could possibly have a crush on asked me what year I graduated from high school I really really wanted to say, "2005.".... but then I realized I was in high school in 2005.... teaching. )

So I watched The OC with almost completely new eyes... I was afraid I would be so bugged... disgusted by how lame it is... ya know, how sometimes we have memories of things that are WAY better than it really was... kinda like the lobster my mom ate in Maine 32 years ago.... or the Chinese restaurant in Milford my dad bragged about from 35 years ago....... some things are really not that good... the memories are so much better!

Well I am happy to report that Seth Cohen is still as HILARIOUS as ever........ probably, possibly funnier and cooler now than ever before.  Dude that kid is such a dream!
Anyways back to the title.  Why I am depressed.

When Chad introduced me to the first season of the OC (Christmas break 2004.... super sad, just broke up with my year long boyfriend, watched 14 hours straight of the OC...)
 I instantly fell in love with Seth Cohen and so bad wanted him to win over the girl that he named his sail boat after.... made a mix tape with titles that had her name in it...... the girl he had been dreaming about but had never really talked to since 3rd grade when she saved a squirrel from becoming roadkill.
So back to the title. Why I am depressed.

The first time I watched The OC I was so caught up in Seth's crush, I really thought about what happened.  Quick recap:  Through a strike of brilliant luck Seth Cohen, the geek that didn't have any friends.... loved indie rock and comic books, has 2 babes chasing him.  Summer and Anna.

Summer: the hot, ditzy, bratty, spoiled, popular girl Seth has been drooling over for years.

Anna:  the hot, witty, comic book loving, indie rocker geek that moved in from Pittsburgh.

After pretty much the whole first season of drama... Seth picks Summer.

Why is this so depressing?  He doesn't pick the girl that gets him.  He doesn't pick the girl that relates to him.  He doesn't pick his soulmate.... he picks the ditzy brat.

What a sad day.

I guess I'll have to go climb GMR again to get over it...
while listening to  HP7 to get ready for the midnight showing on Thursday...
maybe hit up the pool after...
or just get ready for disneyland tomorrow...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Conquered the GMR

 Well I did it... I made it to the summit of Glendora Mountain.  I now know it is about 10 miles to the top.... a climb of about 3,300 feet.  Words can't describe the beauty at the top... with sweat running in my eyes.... it couldn't be more beautiful.
What I conquered.

My lil friend at the top.
Where does this road lead???

Mount Baldy... my next goal.
What I did after.

Just another day in paradise

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Like a drug...

 People keep asking me about going to Disneyland so many times... I mean I get it... in life we get sick of things... even possibly the happiest place on earth.  But it's the craziest thing.... not only have I not grown tired of it.... I actually LOVE Disneyland more now than ever before!  Why?  Because it is just so dang awesome and every time I go, I have a fabulous experience... so it's like a drug.  I am getting addicted to Disneyland.  I am addicted to the high.  I don't know how I am ever going to be able to be okay going back to Utah... I actually talked to Raine about it today... I'll just have to plan on flying down at least once a month.  I might as well buy my tickets now... and the great thing now is I have great friends down here.
Our Disneyland Crew
Awful picture... but we squeezed all three of us on
Little Mermaid

I heart Disneyland Fireworks.

Almost cried when Dumbo flew.

No longer will I take someone's threat to throw up on the
tea cups lightly...
(This video is awful.... but just in case you wanted to see 5 people stuffed into a tea cup)


Yes, I am a vampire. 

I love this castle.
A previous night we went to a bishopric member's house to watch a movie... he has a soda machine!!! So fuN!  

And once again what does all of this plus two beach trips this week equal?????

A very very happy California Girl
P.S. And the great news is..... it's only THURSDAY!