Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Tale of Two Cities

It wasn't until recently that I realized why it bothers me so much when people call the town I grew up in Cedar City. Now clearly from the outside it sounds ridiculous that I would be bothered that someone would actually refer to it by it's actual name. I could never quite explain why it bugged me so much until I discovered that within this town located in Southern Utah there are two very distinct and different towns. Cedar and Cedar City.

"Cedar City" is the quaint little town that the general populous considers where I am from. When they think of Cedar City they think of Shakespeare, Southern Utah University, the gateway to the National Parks. I like to call this the "Gilded Cedar City". This is the high class, educated, cultured portion of the town I lived. The people associated with this are either tourists, college students, or what we lovely refer to as "move ins." Although my parents have now lived in this town for almost two decades.... they will always be considered "move ins." Cedar City folk eat at The Garden House, a charming Victorian style cottage, or Pastry Pub, a French inspired organic salad, wraps, croissants shop. They enjoy road biking, traveling, learning, going to concerts and play, art museums, and culture. Living away from this town whenever I tell someone I grew up here and they respond, "OH I love Cedar City!" What I have described above is what they are thinking of.

"Cedar" home of the Redmen, on the other hand is quite the contrast. Cedar is a small farming/ranching community that has existed since Brigham Young sent pioneers to Iron County. When I think of Cedar I think of pick-ups, four wheelers, snow mobiles, and trips up the mountain to the family cabin. I think of hunting, football games, and cruising Main. The locals of Cedar have direct lineage to the early settlers of the town. Cedar folk eat at Brad's Food Hut, the local hamburger joint with English chips and fry sauce and for finer dining The Pizza Factory. On rare special occasions they might travel up the Moun'ain to Rusty's Steakhouse. Oh and for breakfast they head to Market Grill for chicken fried steak or biscuits and grave. They dip everything in ranch. Think that Lucky is an expensive designer brand. This is the town that I grew up in... the town that I love.

So when people call my town Cedar City I am bugged because they don't know the real town... they know the veneer... the facade, the mask, the guise. But what is worse than hearing some random outsider call my town Cedar City... what really hurts is when I hear a local call it Cedar City.... like they are ashamed. But I guess I am glad that most people don't know Cedar because if they did I'm afraid it would lose some of it's ambiance.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Brown vs. Blonde

It's shocking how many times I start a blog and don't finish it. Some I don't finish because I become uninterested. Some I don't finish because I'm afraid it's too offensive. Some I don't finish because I feel it reveals more about myself than I would like the blogging world to know.

Tonight I was going through my unfinished blog posts and found this interesting one titled Brown vs. Blonde:

I think almost every girl faces this dilemma at least once in her life if not over and over again.
What color should her hair be. Do blondes really have more fun? So often we see some sweet girl who clearly doesn't have the right hair color for her skin tone because either she doesn't care or no one tells her.

Well sadly I face this stupid dilemma all the time. What color should my hair be? Because of the dilemma and my fickle ways my hair color changes so much that my old principal wrote about the many changes in the yearbook! Well I am getting my hair done in a couple of days. Which color should it be this time?

***Disclaimer: If you think this is the most obnoxious, egotistical post ever.... you are probably right. Hence I didn't post it the first time I wrote it. But I am really getting my hair done and have no clue what to do!

I tried to find the closest hair style as possible.... any thoughts?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Addiction Part II

I have heard from time to time that it takes two weeks to break a habit. For some reason this here-say has given me some sort of comfort when I have tried to break a habit. If you want to keep believing such a fallacy then you probably should stop reading...

On December 16, 2008 I wrote my first post called Addicted. It is now two years later. I tried so hard to break this habit... I tried and I tried and I tried.... I cried and I cried and I cried...(I don't know if I really cried that much, but I thought it sounded good as I typed it) and for a few moments there I actually thought I really could overcome this habit... but that is the problem with addictions. They never go away. And I don't know why confessing my addiction to the blogging world is a relief... but it is. I have failed.

Some of my favorite addiction pictures:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We always talk about how no one is perfect.... how easy it is to fall... but it's still shocking when you find out that someone who has made you better, someone who has inspired you to be great.... does something really stupid.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

She must have a lot of cats....

As I was searching on Amazon this morning for a world puzzle I came across this doozy of a review on a 18,000 piece puzzle. For your pleasure and enjoyment I have highlighted some of my personal favorite parts.

"I purchased this puzzle as a gift to myself in August 2009. I have been doing jigsaw puzzles since my childhood and I am now in my 30's. After putting together countless 1000 piece and 3-D puzzles, I felt that I had already had my "fill" of puzzles; my puzzle days were long gone and a part of my past (or so I thought). Then I spotted this eye-catching "Skylines of The World 18000 Piece Puzzle" on I didn't purchase it right away. I spent months wondering whether or not I possessed that ever necessary staying power and fortitude to take on such a monumental task. Then one day I decided to stop wondering; I needed to attempt this 18000 piece puzzle. It had now become a matter of "now or never" and I HAD to do it!

At first glance, the amount of puzzle pieces was overwhelming for me; I had never put together a puzzle even remotely close in magnitude. In spite of those nagging feelings of discouragement, the notion that "maybe I can actually do this" helped keep me on track and superseded any feelings of doubt. And so the construction process began...

Each quadrant of this beautiful puzzle brought me to that sought-after level of challenge and beyond. Some quadrants are more agonizing than others, but the entire process of putting this puzzle together was still fabulous and unforgettable. Very difficult to express the feelings of joy and ecstasy after completing the first 4560 pieces, and then the next, and then the next... Feelings I was not at all prepared to deal with. Akin to that amusement park thrill ride where you just can't seem to get enough; where you're on a high and you simply have to keep going!

I highly recommend "Skylines of The World" to all puzzle aficionados out there who may also be thinking that they too have had their fill of this ageless pastime (or for those who are just serious puzzle extremists!). This deliciously insane puzzle will inevitably soak up hours and hours of your time and challenge your tenacity. But most importantly, your love for this brilliant hobby will be renewed in the most marvelous and satisfying way!

The completion of this lovely puzzle was the best way to bring in the first week of 2010! I began constructing this puzzle on August 18, 2009. I completed it on January 8, 2010. I will soon be mounting this stunning piece of art to display on my living room wall. It will represent a true milestone in my life, and it will serve as a reminder that anything is possible.

Good luck to everyone out there daring and courageous enough to attempt this puzzle!!!"



A brilliant friend of mine told me that a study has shown that on average those who twitter are of a higher intellect. Now honestly, I know nothing about "twittering". A few times I have tried to read some twitters... but I don't get it. All these @ signs... All these incomplete thoughts.... I never understood all the hype. But after hearing my friend's statement about the intellect of those who twitter, I am determined.

So you can follow me at @krisparson....
(I guess, I have no idea how to even tell you where to find me.)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Love Struck

Every morning as I drive to work I look like this.

Totally and completely love struck.

Sadly it's not because I'm listening to a 9 year old boy desperately trying to help his widowed dad.... Rather I am listening to a guy that gets paid to be the logic, the skeptic, the reasoning of the Glenn Beck program. He tells Glenn when he is overreacting. He tells Glenn when he's being ridiculous. Each and every time Stu speaks, my heart just melts.