Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome to Never Never Land

I recognize most everyone that reads this blog, or that I know read this blog because I have all sorts of mystery visitors who never comment.. probably afraid of being Rachel Lynde…. Anyways I realize most everyone that reads this are in very different stages of life than I am. I thought it would be fun and interesting for journal sake and amusement to describe Never-Never Land.

Never-Never land is located on the eastern bench of the Wasatch Mountain in the city of Provo. More specifically it is located east of 900 Street in areas commonly known as Highland Park, Belmont, Arlington, and my personal favorite “the houses behind Belmont”.

Now the classic occupant of Never-Never Land is rather educated, graduated with at least a bachelors degree typically from the local nationally prestigious university. After graduating the classic example had no where to go, so in turn decided to join Never-Never Land... with no schooling to focus on, this group in Never-Never Land spends their time, money, and energy on one thing alone, having a good time. A typical week includes at least 2 trips to the mall, 8 restaurant visits, and 10 hours at the gym. Although members of Never-Never Land care deeply for those that are not in Never-Never Land, the only person they really have to care for, think about, or pay for is themself. Since these people are graduated they typically make salaries ranging from $50,000 or higher with no house payments, no bills, no responsibilities. So endless amounts of money are spent on very frivolous things like electronics, designer fashion, plastic surgeries, nice cars, and exotic vacations. I once heard a member of this Land state that he was going to fly to London for the day to go to lunch with a girl... Yes spend a thousand dollars in airfare just to go to lunch with a girl that he met once.

Now Never-Never Land looks really really fun from the outside, and actually is quite fun most of the time. At the drop of a hat any member of this community can leave everything for a weekend trip or with a little arranging at work weeks of vacation, so there are all sorts of albums on facebook of this group boating at Lake Powell, going to a Yankees game in New York, or cruising around the Mediterranean. From the outside Never-Never Land looks like the meaning of life! It's easy for non-members to look at those in Never-Neverland with envy. All the toys, vacations, luxuries that money can by. From the inside of this Land, members are so spellbound by the flashing lights and amusement of the festivities that they don’t even realize there is a world outside the land. They almost forget that there are any worries in the world other than what's going to happen next weekend or where the next trip destination is going to be. Until for various reasons one by one some sooner than others the members of Never-Never Land disappear out of the Land.

Last night I had a discussion with one such ex-member of the Land. He said, “It is horrible! All of the sudden I look in the mirror and I see grey hairs... I see wrinkles... All of the sudden I am not a young buck straight off the mission, all of the sudden I am 29 year old man! I have no idea where all that time went! While others my age are established in meaningful careers, gratifying families... all I have to show are toys, facebook photo albums, and a rockin' six pack! While I was immersed in Never-Never Land time just stood still, I was invincible, and all of the sudden I have nothing of value. All of the sudden I seem so shallow. How did I let all those years just slip away?”

So I have concluded that Never-Never Land is actually not really Peter Pan’s fairy tale island because unlike the fairy tale the difference is... when Peter returns to reality, he is still a boy. He still has time. The problem with Never-Never Land located on the eastern bench of the Wasatch Mountains is although the members of the community feel like they have all the time in the world, almost a fountain of youth even, time is still going, the world is progressing, changing, improving and we are just watching it go by. And when we are forced to face the real world we will realize we haven’t really been in Never-Never Land where time stands still... We’ve been in Pleasure Island and although we don’t have buck teeth or a donkey’s tail... eventually we will scream out that we’ve been robbed! Time is no longer on our side, we feel like a bunch of...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This Guy...

might have written the funniest blog post I have read in a long time. I tried to read it while my students were taking a test. I finally had to give in and not read it during class because I needed to salvage what little bit of sanity my students believe I have left. I will never understand why they always think I am crazy and it takes almost all year for them to believe I am a sane, competent person.... maybe it's because within the first week I tell them I B.S.ed my way through college, or maybe it's because when a student puts his head on his desk I tell him my back office is much more comfortable and allow him to go sleep there, or maybe it's the heart to heart chair that does them in.... either way it isn't until about March that my students start to think I really am normal...
Anyways back to the funny post. Read it. It's worth your time:

Friday, September 24, 2010

Free Time

So with all my new found free time I figure I needed something to do! Shane can't believe that "Summer Kristin" is still around even though school is in full swing!

So some of the things I have used to fill my free time are: I had a boyfriend, well kinda, but I already ended that one so don't be offended if you feel like you should have known but didn't... but the other thing that I have added to my life are community classes through UVU. I am currently taking a guitar class... sadly I have yet to learn anything new, but it has been really fun just practicing again. I am taking a bicycle maintence class so I can actually sound like a real adult when discussing my bike rather than a 6 year old kid talking about the chain thingy ect. The last class I am taking is a photoshop class. Now once again I have yet to learn much, but while I sit here for 3 hours in class, I am having a great time editing pictures! Here are some of things I have done in class tonight.

First picture: my hair was blowing in the wind and the colors were pretty washed out.

Then I thought I would have some fun and turn it into a poster:
The problem with this picture is although I love it, the image is super duper small. So I can't really use it like I want. So my solution:

And last, I love this tulip picture. But I wanted a change that I could use on my blog book.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ten Years

10 Years when said out-loud sounds like such a long time. But when I look back at this picture it seems like yesterday! I can tell you exactly what I did the night before this picture was taken. (It might involve an "adventure" on King Dike!) I can tell you exactly what Mandy and I ate after that picture was taken. Sometimes I still feel like I am 17! But then I look at this picture and I can't help but smile at how young and stupid I was! How clueless and naive towards the world... I thought I was invincible! I thought the world revolved around me. I think about the lyrics of the song that haunts me every time I lay out in the sun...
Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth; oh nevermind; you will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until they have faded. But trust me, in 20 years you’ll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can’t grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked...

So here is a tribute to all the things I have done over the past 10 years:
Lived in 7 different cities
9 car accidents
Attended 4 schools
Worked at 5 schools
Taught 7 different subjects
1460 students
36 roommates
1 Relief Society President
5 Preparing for Eternal Marriage Classes
4 diplomas/degrees
Visited 26 states
2 countries
8 nieces and nephews
4 cars
A lot of first kisses (I about put a number, silly me)
12 boyfriends
3 marriage proposals
2964 hours working out
1 email address (!)
27 wedding bouquets
Countless number of wonderful friends

So here's to another wonderful ten years!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Pictures courtesy of Jylare

Observing humans in their raw, natural state for 3 weeks in Chicago I have come to a new realization. As sad as it may sound the pleasures in life really revolve around 3 things. Sex, food, and alcohol. It seems like every action humans make is to advance themselves towards one or all of these three pleasures. Sure people say they love attending professional sporting events but what do they talk about? The hot dogs, the popcorn, or the beer. People travel all over the world but what do they talk abut most? Gelato.... Chocolate..... Wine.... Pizza.... And don't even get me started with humans innate desire to fulfill their sexual desires.

So you can imagine my disappointed when I came to this realization. Here I am completely 100% human but I am completely obstaining from two of the three pleasures and trying to avoid the third... *food that is. So I no longer feel guilty about my one true pleasure... so bring on the diet coke!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Swiss Days

For the past 10 years of my life every Labor Day weekend meant one thing.....Now for those of you that aren't from northern Utah or don't participate in this annual ritual let me explain to you what Swiss Days is. It is the biggest Utard fest in history. It is when 100,000 of your nearest and dearest friends try and cram onto one square block in, under different circumstances, the cutest summer retreat town in Utah. Every craft or trendy Utard item is found at this event. Some of the most memorable trendy items found at Swiss Days that people went nuts for are:

The Witches Broom
The charm necklace (this years trend)
And the most notorious of the trendy crafts was the iron weather vein yard ornaments.... people stood in lines for 2 hours in a downpour at 5 in the morning to purchase one.

I would probably have a much more positive feeling towards Swiss Days... who knows I may even like it, if I hadn't been conditioned through years and years of horrible experiences to hate Swiss Days.

But rather than focus on all the horrible experiences it's time to celebrate! Del says this was our last day at Swiss Days ever!!! Yeppy! (Although I am not holding my breath, Del is so wishy washy these days)

*Don't let these pictures deceive you... based off these pictures you would think that we actually had fun!

We were actually surprised at the tasty food this year!!!! (well mainly because we found a great little Italian Restaurant completely unassociated with Swiss Days! But some of the food highlights were:
Caramel Apples dipped in roasted Almonds.

Probably the best ever addition to Swiss Days was the fruit and cream! Last year they just had strawberries and cream, but this year it was unreal! Fresh strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries!And since it is our last year ever, all day Del kept talking about wanting to try the traditional the knockwurst sandwich. There is nothing like sitting in the hot beating down sun for 12 hours to NOT make you ever want to eat one of these.... but Del figured it was our last year, so we needed to finally give in.

Here is standing in line....I left my dad for two seconds, when I turn around this is what I see... my dad talking to anyone and everyone about how excited he was to finally try one of these traditional sandwiches.After standing in a disgustingly long line... here is the Sandwich.
The First bite....The last bite....(If you didn't catch that, after one bite he decided it wasn't worth it.)

Well although Swiss Days has definitely become my favorite event to hate, I have to admit we have had a lot of wonderful memories there. Spending hour after hour in the sun, the wind, the rain... like so many other memories, someday I might look back at our years in Midway on Labor Day as fond memories... or maybe not.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

South Fork Canyon

I figure sometime, someday I won't be able to ride my bike up this beautiful canyon whenever I please, so I'd better take pictures of how AMAZING it is!

This is the very top of the ride. .. which is a cruelling 4 miles up hill.
About half way is the beautiful Bridal Veil Falls.

I LOVE this Farmer!!!! Every time I ride he is out on his old tractor!