Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Well I could elaborate more about the end of my glorious summer, or start complaining about the brutal reality of going back to teaching.... but alas, I would rather distract myself. It's a rare thing for me to truly fall in love with a character. (Yes I recognize how stupid it sounds that I can possibly fall in love with a character) As I sit and think of characters through all literature and film that I have really been enamored by. The list is really quite short:

1. Mr. Darcy, but only in text or when being played by Collin Firthe
2. Adam Brody, in every acting he has ever done, even the pathetic stuff like The Land Of Women
3. Josh Dutton, a charater in Jack Weyland's book Nicole.... well until he gets way too soft at the end of the book... total turn off.
4. Mathew McCounaughey

Well there is now a new character that is getting thrown on the list. I am kind ashamed of this character because although I've watched some cheesy t.v. shows in my day, this show might take the cake. I only started watching it because Adam Brody appears as a boyfriend in two seasons! So I started.....I am almost humiliated to admit it... no offense to anyone that loves it, the writing is atrocious, the acting downright embarrassing. Often I feel nails on a chalkboard is more appealing... but alas I discovered this character and now I am hooked. Everytime he comes on screen my heart skips a beat and I remember what love is.

What am I crushing on:
Blonde Hair
Sail Boater
New Englander
Ivy Leaguer
Trust Fund Baby

So if any of you know anyone like Logan Huntzberger from Gilmore Girls... I give you permission to give him my number.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summertime in Review.

Well sadly summer ends tomorrow... the life of a teacher is pretty rough, right when I start to really appreciate my new found freedom it ends. So here is a review of all my glorious adventures this summer.

Chicago Architecture River Boat Tour- check.
Pilgrimage to Michael Jordan's statue- check.
Running around Chicago smelling all the hot dogs but never actually tasting one- check.
SO many cool things about Chi-Town that I had no idea- check.
Going to Southern California Twice - check.
Running on Newport Beach- check.
Carrying Cooper 2 miles just so I can eat Yogurtland- check.
Being a sucker broken down in the middle of Death Valley in July - check.
Riding bikes in sun-dresses around picturesque Glendora - check.
Picking lemons off the tree to make lemon bars - check.
Watching Aunt Raine who hates lemon bars eat half the pan - check.
Biking around Fish Lake - check.
Having baby Sadie(who is 3 so technically not a baby) clean my room - check.
Watching the sun set in Idaho - check.
Bike for 5 hours watching the Tetons the whole ride - check.
Spending much needed time with my kindred spirit - check.
Reliving our glory days in West Yellowstone - check.
Deciding that maybe being a teacher is worth it - check.