Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just some things I have been wondering about:

Why do mini reeses peanut butter cups taste so much better then the normal size?

Why do people that live in Utah and hate Utah, continue to live here?

Why do we learn so much about Hitler and the Holocaust and practically nothing about other genocides and horrible rulers?

Why is it relationship suicide to be straight forward and tell a guy that you are interested in him?

Why doesn’t Hogi Yogi do very well…. I mean it is really tasty, but still people choose the competitors over them?

Why do guys think they look good in skin tight hot pink girl pants?

Why do people drive slow in the fast lane? This one probably blows my mind more then any other question on here. Even when there are 15 cars passing them on the right they are still content jamming the fast lane.

Why is it so much easier to not even taste a treat then to try and just eat a little?

Why do Texans love Texas so much?

If we all lived in the nude do you think we would be any more disgusted when looking at an unsightly person then we are now?

If vegetables were bad for us and candy good for us, do you think we would crave brussels sprouts?

Do people who put gages in their earlobes really think they are going to be okay with it when they are 60?

Why do teachers bash Wikapedia so much, sure anyone can write it, but can’t anyone write anything?

Does putting water on produce actually wash away any germs?

Monday, May 18, 2009

I can see clearly now...

My experience with lasik…
So last Friday Craig and I went and got our eyes fixed. Now we all know a handful of people that got this procedure done. Everyone I ever talked to made it seem like no big deal, some little minor thing like going to the dentist, and you walk out with new eyes.
Here’s the side of the story they don’t tell you. First you go through all sorts of testing to determine whether or not you are a candidate for lasik. During these tests Craig and I learned we have extremely flat corneas which means that we will probably only ever be able to have this surgery once, so although our package deal came with a life time guarantee more than likely if we didn’t get 20/20 vision on the first try, we are destined to wear contacts/glasses the rest of our lives. Then they scared you to pieces with all the horrible things that could go wrong such as worse vision, blindness, or even losing an eye.
After all that they put you in a room. They had given us Valium to help us stay calm…. I don’t know if it hadn’t kicked in or if Craig especially just has high anxiety. We are sitting in a room lined up after 3 other people getting the surgery before us. I see Craig start to squirm in his seat. I hear him mumble, “My eyes are too valuable, why am I doing this? I can’t do this….” I knew Craig was ready to fly the coop when we heard the laser go on in the first persons procedure. I don’t know why but I seriously thought that the laser would be silent. Oh no… at first when I heard it I though Luke Skywalker had invaded the building… It was loud.
SO I went first. After lying down in the chair the first thing the assistant does is hand me a big floppy stuffed bunny. She said, “You are going to need this.” As I clung to my stuffed animal they dowsed my eye in numbing eye drops. This was when the horror began. They used a clamp that looked like eye lash curler to hold my eye open. The surgeon had prepped me by saying, “whatever you do, don’t look away. Keep you eye looking straight ahead, even when it is pitch black.” For the record, in the first eye I was completely numb, I didn’t feel pain, but having your eye suctioned and cut open, is NOT a pleasant feeling. So as he suctions my eye I am trying my hardest to not look away, but in reality I have no idea if I am looking away or not, it’s pitch black, my eye is numb and there is a clamp holding my eye open. As tears are streaming down my face I am squeezing that poor bunny like my life depends on it. Because the fact is my life DOES depend on it. Once the eye suction and cutting of the flap was done, it was a lot easier. The doctor told me stare at the orange light. Then I hear the laser got on. He shoots the laser for about 30 seconds, doing a count down the whole time. As he count downs to 5 – 4 -3 I start to smell burning flesh…. I realize it’s my eyeball that was burning. What a relief when I heard him yell 1 over the loud blazing of the laser. My heart slowed down my muscles started to relax until I realized I had to do the whole process all over again. If at all possible the second time was even worse. For some reason the pain was more intense…. It was horrible.
Now that it has been over a week since the procedure and I can almost see perfectly, the question remains, would I do it again? It’s a miraculous thing, the process of lasik. Every night as I get ready to climb into the bed my last conscience thought is, “I forgot to take my contacts out again.” And the first thing I still do in the morning is walk into the bathroom to put on my contacts…. You know I am truly pathetic when I say, some part of me deep down really misses the blurry vision.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Number 27.... check!

So, I went to the most beautiful wedding on Saturday. It was my roommates wedding and honestly I don't think it could have been anymore more perfect! It was fun because my roomates and I all took dates and just had a ball. Well I have one roommate named Caroline. Caroline is one of the most beauitful talented amazing girls I have ever known... As we were sitting at our beautifully decorated dinner table, I whispered to Caroline, "I'm kinda excited to catch the boquet at this wedding. There might actually be some competition" She looked at me a little surprised, "You already know you are going to catch the boquet?" I leaned over a little closer and said, "I hate to brag, but catching boquets... kinda my speciality." I could see the fire light up in her baby blue eyes as she said, "but what if I tell you that I've caught a few in my days..." I turned my face away from her with a sly grin on my face... "Well then it looks like we got a little competition."
By the time we got to the actual competition, I kinda had to feel bad for Caroline. She really had no idea who she was up against. I tried to give her a fair warning. I tried to tell her I never lose, not even for the crying 8 year old or my older friend that desperatly needs the luck. But poor Caroline thought she had a chance. She even told her date about it, so our dates were also competing over who would win. But my date, he wasn't worried. He knew it was in the bag.

Why would I get married with a talent like this!?!