Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bring on Christmas!!!!

So my cute friend Jade thought it would be fun to have a Christmas dinner before everyone left for home. She's so stinkin' cute, she has never really cooked before so this was her first attempt. She spent all day working on it! These are all pictures from the night.... something happened to my blog and now I can't see the pictures anymore, so no captions.... sorry. But yes there is one with me knitting... I have turned into a knittin' fool!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Can Fly!

I fully recognize the vagueness of the last post was a little mean… but I couldn’t resist. It was how I was feeling and I needed to write it! Now for the rest of the story... The boy that rocks my world. The boy that makes the light seem brighter. The boy that gets me to stay up until 3 am. The boy that makes me laugh so hard I almost cried. The boy that leaves a smile on my face for days. The boy that reminds me what it feels like to be in love… doesn’t feel the same. I know what ya'll are thinking…. You think there is small slight chance that he really does and I just don’t know it yet. But those of you that know him understand that there is no hope. You know that he is Peter Pan and as much as he complains about the challenges and annoyances of wearing tights he really has no intentions of leaving Never-Never Land. The joys of flying gives him such a high that the undesirable outcomes are worth it.

But the great news is…. There is hope on the horizon. Though I don’t expect Peter Pan to ditch his lost boys anytime soon, this recent encounter has brought a newfound optimism. You see I was starting to think that there was no one out there for me. That my education, exposure to greatness, and worldview made me so skeptical and critical that I can never really fall in love again. But the great news is, hanging out with him, hearing him tell me how good I look, feeling the butterflies in my stomach every time he touched me, analyzing the world with him late into the night made me realize that there is something to look forward to. Although the bends of the road are always unknown, the only thing I can count on is... there still is hope.