Friday, September 25, 2009

"I miss Summer Kristin"

To understand where such a statement came from, let me tell you about yesterday, a very typical weekday in my life this fall.
5:00 My alarm goes off.
5:20 I run 7 miles
6:30 Quick shower and grab breakfast as I leave for school
7:15 Teach
3:45 Go to Grad School Classes
7:45 Leave Class
8:15 Get home try to do some home work before falling asleep from exhaustion.
So when Shane hastled me about how he never gets to hang out with me any more and I snapped at him... it makes sense why he said, "I miss the summer Kristin"
So I figure I need to make an ode to summer and all the wonderful things that made it so great!

Count down: 153 days til Summer Kristin returns!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why I am fair weather fan.

With all the recent excitement of a particular game that took place Saturday my heart goes out to all ecstatic fans. I have heard all sorts of talk about how great season is going to be. People are getting their hopes up so high! Some even dream that because this year is the 25th anniversary of the team's only national championship that it is destiny. I question why I feel so bad for all these fans getting their hopes up. Why my heart just aches every time I hear another crazed fan dream of a national championship.

After searching back in my past I have discovered why I am such a fair weather fan. Let me indulge about some of the major sport disappointments that have led me to this jaded state.

It all began in the Centrum Auditorium on the campus of Southern Utah University back in 1993. The Pineview Lady Panthers were taking on the Hurricane Lady Tigers for the 3A basketball state championship. I remember watching the janitors drop the two school color flags over the game court. Excitement was in the air. Pineview took an early lead in the game. I thought I could rest easy. I could already picture the 1993 championship banner hanging back in our home gym, The Pit. But alas, with 5 seconds left Shauna Hepworth stole the ball from Mandy Shaheen and made a lay up. Final Score Pineview 47, Hurricane 48. I will never forget watching Mandy Shaheen sprawled out on the floor in center court with tears running down her cheeks… the agony of defeat.

After that season of basketball, after that devastating blow, it was all down hill from there. My family moved to Cedar and it was one devastating blow after another. Whether it was the football season of 1999 with a loss to Dixie in the State Championship, an upsetting season of volleyball in 1999, Soccer in 2000 with a loss against Ben Lomand in the State Championship, Baseball season 2004…. One stupid run away from beating Bear River to take first, State Long Jump 2006 second place by a ¼ inch… time and time again I have got my hopes up, dreaming that this would be the year, this season would be the season that we would finally win.

After years of disappointment I have come to learn one thing. Never hope. Never dream. So does my blood bleed blue? I don’t know, ask me in 11 weeks.