Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mr. Darcy?

Does Mr. Darcy really exist out there? Or is he just a fantasy that every girl dreams of? And let’s say that you actually meet a man that could be described as Mr. Darcy is portrayed at the beginning of the book, can he really be the noble, sweet, and outstanding character that Mr. Darcy really is or will he always just be the arrogant, stuck up, extremely successful, very reserved guy that you met? As I was walking around the “grounds of Pemberly” listening to a friend of this could be Mr. Darcy talk about how amazing Mr. Darcy is and how noble his character, I couldn’t help but wonder… could it be true? Does Mr. Darcy really exist? And will he really be impressed with an independent, opinionated and bright girl like Elizabeth?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Death to the Provo Hug

I will never forget the first time it happened. It was at church. It was between Sacrament Meeting and Sunday School. It was your typical meat market/ fashion show that takes place every week in the BYU 5th Stake. As I was standing there watching this weekly ritual, amused by the designer suits, handbags, and stilettos the craziest thing happened. I saw my new, veteran to the Provo Scene, roommate. I was excited to finally see someone I recognized. I walked towards her scheming out some witty remark I was going to say to her like, "Do they roll out the red carpet for the catwalk every week or just special occasions?" But I never made the comment. As she walked towards me, I am still haunted by what happened next. I can still see it in slow motion, her arms reaching up over my shoulders and wrapping them around my neck. I was so confused. Why was this girl hugging me? She is my roommate! I just got ready in the same bathroom with her that morning. We ate out of the same box of wheaties. We just sat next to each other in Sacrament Meeting. Why in the world would she hug me? Why was she using such an intimate form of affection to me, some girl she just barely met? I don't remember what we talked about after that initial hug. I was just trying to wrap my brain around this foreign event. As I stood there in that foyer, I was mesmerized by what I saw next. Apparently here in Provo there is no such thing as the usual handshake, high five, or even pound as greeting. If you know someone you always go in for the hug. It doesn't matter if you just met or have been best friends for years. The hug, the length, the pats, it's all the same.

So now that I am officially part of this Provo Scene I am in a pretty difficult predicament. The fact is, I don't hug. Making full body contact with people I am not close to…I think it's awkward. I think it's weird. My family didn't hug. My social scenes at BYU-Idaho, Cedar, and even as close as Orem didn't hug. What weird social evolution took place in Provo that makes everyone hug? After almost 2 years in the Provo Scene I think I have finally discovered what brought on this Provo Hug. It all leads back to the Provo All- Stars. The 26+ year old guys who keep hanging around the scene because they can't seem to get enough of it. They never want to leave it. Very similar to the high school super senior, this group of guys feels like they are in their prime. They feel like they are on the top of their game, so rather then actually dating, they hang out with 18-21 year old girls that are interested in a serious relationship almost as much as they are. They drive nice cars, they live in nice houses. They wear tight v-neck shirts with a little of their manly chest hair popping out. They workout and care about what they eat more then most insecure teenage girls. They use tanning beds. They lead the Scene. I blame this group of guys for adding this weird element to the Provo Scene.

So I'd like to propose an end to this awkward greeting and farewell, there is no need for it. It’s weird, it’s awkward.... but then again while we're at it, let's get rid of the Provo All-Stars too.