Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Macs vs PCs

I love a good rivalry. Pepsi vs. Coke, North Carolina vs. Duke, Hollister vs. Abercrombie, the Redmen vs. the Flyers. The added aggressive nature of a good rivalry brings so much excitement to any competition. One of my favorite rivalries to watch is the Mac vs. PC. I think one reason I love this contest so much is because I really don’t have a large bias either way. They both have great qualities. Macs design is out of this world… so sheik. The PC is so compatible and logical. But I will admit if I was going to purchase a laptop it would definitely be a Mac.
Because of my love of this rivalry, I enjoy watching the Mac commercials portraying PC users as old fat geeks and Mac users as smart hip indie kids. I think it is very smart advertising I mean honestly who would want to admit they are a PC user when compared to that guy? Last night as I was watching the most recent Mac commercial I was kinda disappointed in the major logical fallacy of the commercial. The commercial starts with Mr. Mac and Mr. PC and a time machine. Mr. PC states that he is going to the future to check out what PCs will be like in the year 2150. Mr. Mac is blown away by Mr. PC’s ability to timetravel stating, “The future? Really? Wow! That’s amazing.” Of course when Mr. PC gets to the future the PC still freezes. But the underlining message of the commercial is PCs are creating new machines that can travel through time and Mr. Mac is blown away with the technology. The message of the commerical is even if PCs crash and freeze they are still ahead of the game.

When push comes to shove... when I have to get off the fence…. There is just something magical about that right click.

*If you would like to watch the commercial titled "Time Traveler" click here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you had a perfect memory? My mom told me about a lady that was on the Today Show that can remember every little detail of her life. She hasn’t forgotten anything. Part of me thinks it would be so amazing! The ability to remember every cute thing a boy said or the feeling of tingles running up my spine… it sounds wonderful! But then I think of the heart aches, the embarrassments, the rejections that I can just faintly remember… that almost seems like some meaningless dream. I am so grateful they don’t haunt me. Because of such a worthless mind, I can barely remember bad memories. For instance, looking back one of my fondest memories is living in West Yellowstone with my two dear cousins. I look back now and remember how much I discovered about myself, the strong bonds that were created with my cousins, and the adventure of living on the edge of the wilderness. I just faintly remember the nasty smell of beer, urine, and stale cigarettes in our junky trailer; how hungry I was living off of peanut butter and pop ice; working 21 days straight for 10-12 hours a day; the never ending supply Asian hairballs to clean in every cabin, and the loneliness of no phone, no computer, and only a handful of friends. Erica kindly refers to it as, “The Summer that we almost lost our souls.” I will never forget the joy as we sang Homeward Bound by Simon and Garfunkel as we left West Yellowstone for the last time. Why is that I now look back now with such fond memories, laughing at the misery we were in.
Every time I decide to indulge on a crush somewhere deep down a little voice is screaming not to fall for it. Not to start on the path that will ultimately lead to humiliation and rejection. But for some odd reason I can never seem to resist. The fun and excitement is really too big a temptation to fight. It’s so fun to have a reason to get all dressed up. It’s exciting to hope that tonight might be the night that he will fall for me. It’s entertaining to dream about what the future could be like… But now that most of the excitement is over. Now that most hope of anything possibly happening with this crush is gone, I sit here and wonder. Why do I keep falling into the trap of crushing? How did I forget how stupid I feel in the end? How can this pain fade away so much that I ever want to endeavor on another crush? After thinking about it the past couple of days, I think I have found the answer. I think the answer is two folds… first the excitement, the thrill is just so much fun that somehow it justifies the misery in the end and second, there is always this slight chance, a glimmer of hope that the next crush could possibly be the last…

Friday, April 17, 2009

Previews of blogs to come.

I think my favorite part about being a blogger is... I see life in a whole new light. Now whenever something interesting happens or when I start pondering something, I try to figure out how I can blog it. Sometimes it is simple but other times it can be extremely challenging.... a lot of the time I end up not posting. So here are a few of the ideas that I have been thinking about during spring break:
1. Sports Fanatics.... and how I just don't get it.
2. Crushes.... Part II
3. Memories, how easily we forget horrible things.... I think this one could possibly be tied into crushes.
4. Spring Break 2009
5. Music... and why our passion for it fades with age.
6. Blogs I love to hate.
So if you have a preference to one of those ideas let me know and I will start formulating the idea into a blog.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Chameleon Factor

I’ve always prided myself on my ability to adapt and relate to the people I am surrounded by. Well except now with politics, but that’s another subject. I always thought it was a good thing. I love that I know the language and could probably fool most people in many different areas. Whether it be the music scene, the outdoor scene, the farming scene, the art scene, the intellectual scene, the gym rat scene, the craft scene, the Southern California scene, the cooking scene, the athletic scene, the Starbucks/Barnes and Noble scene, the pop/celebrity culture scene, the traveler scene, the small town scene…. I can hold my own, and have always been pretty proud of it. Until Sunday…
I was hanging out with this guy. He spoke French on the mission. He is still taking French classes although he is pre-med and French really isn’t going to help him. I asked him why he continues to take brutally difficult French classes. He said, “Well the way I look at it, if I am going to do something I am going to get as good as I possibly can at it.”
I didn’t think anymore of it until yesterday I came home from school and my roommate’s fiancé’s friend was playing my guitar. Fiancé says, “I hope its okay he’s playing your guitar.” I of course didn’t care, was actually thrilled thinking that maybe he tuned it for me. Friend says, “I didn’t know you played the guitar.” Fiancé said, “Kristin does a little of everything.”
That was when it hit me… I do a little of everything but never get good at anything. I can play a few songs on the guitar and piano, I can knit up a storm with one stitch, I have a fake pair of chacos and hike red cliffs, I love books but hate to read, I have seen the most famous artwork ever created and been to more art museums and art shows then most art majors, but I’ve never picked up a brush…. Is it better to be really good at one thing or mediocre at a lot of things? Is lukewarm at a lot of things worth something? I don’t remember where I read it but one time I read somewhere and have the visual of someone spewing out lukewarm water…. How no one likes lukewarm anything. So now I am beginning to wonder, is the chameleon factor that I have loved so much really a blessing or is it a curse?

Friday, April 3, 2009

It's alright cuz I'm saved by the bell!

*Disclaimer… I recognize this post shows how truly pathetic I am…. But oh well! :)

I am sure I am just trying to justify the 2 hours a day I watch Saved by the Bell growing up, but seriously looking back a lot of morals and principles were reinforced by watching it through my teenage years. I emphasis reinforce because luckily I was raised in a family of principles and morals, but for some kids out there Saved by the Bell was where they got their value system. So when I read this editorial I must admit, pathetically….. it kinda made me upset.

Morally corrupt
It has come to my attention through reading two recent letters to the editor some students at BYU believe it is acceptable to derive moral lessons from episodes of the television series, “Saved by the Bell.” I am extremely troubled by this mode of thinking. “Saved by the Bell,” or SBTB, as it is known to the extreme followers of the show, is morally corrupt. If we use the show as a moral compass, surely we will be led astray.
For example, in an episode titled, “Screech’s Woman,” Zach cross dresses and tries to make Screech think Zach is in love with him (season 1, episode 5). In season 2, episode 5, the “gang” holds a house party when a parent is out of town. Jesse is addicted to caffeine pills in season 2, episode 9. The list goes on and on. Cross dressing? Disobeying our parents? Consuming caffeine? Whatever happened to the essential nature of manhood, honoring thy father and thy mother and condemning all those who dare to sip Coca-Cola?
I call on all BYU students and alums to boycott any reruns of SBTB and any further use of it as a moral scale. No longer may Zach lead us astray, as he did with his friends on “Day of Detention” when he convinces them all to help get him out of detention. Need I remind you that in the end, rather than freeing Zach, everyone winds up in detention (season 4, episode 8)?

It makes me so sad that this person must have actually watched these episodes but ignored the point of each episode, completely missing the moral.
“Screech’s Woman” is possibly one of the dearest sweetest episodes in the history of television. Zach is so concerned about his friend that he is willing to shave his legs, paint his nails, and humiliate himself to try and boost his friend’s self-worth. Not only did Zach show how much he valued Screech, in the end Screech broke up with Bambi because she didn’t like Zach. Screech showed that Zach was much more important to him than a girl even if he really liked her. This episode was not promoting deceiving or cross dressing, it was promoting loyalty during the insecure adolescent years.
When Screech’s mom heads to Graceland to celebrate the King, the gang does break the rules. They hang out at Screech’s house, dancing around in their boxers lip syncing to Beach Boys… real rebels if you ask me. But a statue gets broken. They knew the responsible thing to do is when something is broken it should be replaced or paid for. So they earn back the money by much sacrifice to replace what was broken, and in the end Screech’s mom yells “Let’s boogie on down!” showing that all is well.
Arguably the most memorable episode of SBTB was when the girls form a singing group called the Hot Sundaes. Because they are spending so much time working on the group, Jessie gets behind in Geometry. Her solution is to take caffeine pills so she can stay awake all night and get all her homework done to keep her 4.0. I will never forget how mortified I was when Zach was trying to get Jessie to stop taking the pills and she belts out, “I’m so excited” then just trembles and she sobs out, “I’m so so so scared.” Right then and there I knew I would never touch caffeine pills.
Time and time the characters of SBTB face challenges or make mistakes, but time and time again the group is willing to forgive, willing to help, willing to stick together. Whether it was when Kelly breaks Zach’s heart for a college player, when Slater discovers he’s really Latino, when Jessie’s dad is marrying an aerobic half his age, when Bayside has to decide if they should drill for oil, when Kelly’s dad looses his job, when Zach is one credit short to graduate, over and over again the group is there to build each other up and stick together through perhaps the hardest stage of life. Sure I probably shouldn’t have spent 2 hours a day watching…. But I am a better person from watching.