Friday, October 31, 2008

The Joys of Public School

Sometimes I question why people dress up the way they do on Halloween. Is it like dreams? Is there some type of hidden meaning in a costume... is what we wear really want we want to be? Or is it just a day where we can escape into something different? I obviously can't answer for everyone.... but Vice Presdient.... what a dream! It kinda scared me how comfortable some of my students were in their costumes... Here are a few pictures from my Halloween experience at school....

This kid one of the cool kid football players... I would never have guess he would love his tights so much!

My cute little Seventh Graders....

But the award for the best costume had to go to the smartest boy I've ever met....

What girl wouldn't fall for Edward?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Crush

I have always thought that crushes are a hard thing.... I mean it is always exciting.... It gives you something to look forward to... but it always seems that crushes never work out. So the fact that I am typing about this crush for the whole blogging world to read proves this can only lead to a disaster...
So every Wednesday night I go to the temple to do Baptisms for the Dead. Now in the beginning my reasoning for going Wednesday night was because for some reason I could always get in and out of the in 45 minutes. (Which is unheard of because Provo Temple is notorious for a 2 hour wait at the baptismal font) I could never figure out why Wednesday nights were such a dream...
That was until I started watching him.... the guy who always baptized on Wednesday nights. The way he whipped out those baptisms was amazing!!! He got someone in and out of that font within a minute. And then I started watching him.... he was extremely attractive... So while I am sitting there waiting for my turn... I love watching this guy. After a few Wednesdays... I kept catching him looking at me. It's the funniest thing how I would smile and blush and look away. I feel like I am 13 again. After every time that he would baptize me he would say, "It's good to see you again." And I would leave the temple in a total blur dreaming about the man in the font. Now I know what you are all thinking… he does this to every girl to keep them coming back to the temple… I thought that too. So I started watching… did he smile at other girls? Did he tell them “Thank you for coming” Did he stare at other girls while he was baptizing??? Ah…. What I relief when I concluded it was only me J
Well because I have been so busy lately just I couldn't find the time to make it to the temple on Wednesday nights... until this Wednesday. I was extremely disappointed when I got into the room and looked down at the font and he wasn't there. I should have guessed when I saw the line of people waiting to be baptized was 4 rows long... I sat in disappointment for an hour... where was he? Why wasn't he there? Had he changed nights? Had he stopped doing baptisms all together? And then he walked in. He wasn't in his usual baptism outfit, he was wearing his temple clothes. So he just witnessed. I watched him scan through the four rows of people waiting and when he saw me he got a huge grin on his face. For the next hour while we were both watching people get baptized we just sat and eye flirted.... It was ridiculous how it made me blush... Then finally when it was my turn to get baptized he winked at me!
Crushes are ridiculous... but they sure are fun.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Any luck at all... it's bad luck Part II

I don't consider myself a superstitious person. I have no problem walking under a latter, I don't think twice about a black cat crosses my path, and the only reason I am sad when a mirror breaks is I'm kinda obsessed with reflections. But with all these bad things happening I am starting to question. Now I am not talking about true trials, I am not talking about things that make me question the existence of God or question why He is punishing me. I am talking about straight up, bad luck.
If I had to pin it down to starting with one event.... my bad luck always seems to begin when I decide to wash my car. A couple of Saturdays ago I spent 2 hours scrubbing every inch of my car. I must admit I was quite proud by the time I was finished. Maybe it's that pride that brings on the bad luck...
Later that day Tyler found 2 nails in my tires.... So I borrowed the Celica from Craig while I got my tire fixed. I parked the Celica in a BYU parking lot on my way to class... as I got out of the car I couldn't help but smile as the brand new red paint job glistened in the setting sun... After class I found a police officer parked in front of the car. Someone had busted in the window to steal my 2001 computer speakers in the front seat. Of course they had throw glass all over the car scratching the paint in numerous areas. $950 later.... the car glistened again.
When I went to the same auto body shop, Wesley said, "Kristin, you really have the worst luck." You know it's a bad thing when the auto body shop man knows you by name.
So I thought my bad luck had ended.... until this weekend. I flew down to California for my roommates million dollar wedding. It was so beautiful I can't even begin to describe it. But half way through the wedding dinner I looked in my purse and realized... my wallet was gone. No where to be found. Of course I am the stupid girl that kept her social security card in her wallet... So not only did I lose cash, credit cards, and licenses.... I now have to worry about my identity. But hey, at least I still have my phone!
And then yesterday my phone broke.
In times like this... the only sane thing to do... is laugh.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I regret to say, I have learned that I am techinically not random. In my Statistical Research Class I learned that I am not only kinda not random I am completely not random. As much as I would like to be independent, as Simon and Garfunkel would say, I am far from a rock or an island. Every topic does not have an equal chance of getting discussed on my blog.... you will never hear me support any type of socialist program so technically I am not random. Also last but not least there are zeros.... once I have discussed a topic it is highly unlikely I will discuss the same topic over again so I can not claim having a non-zero system... so I am sorry to say I am not random.