Friday, August 22, 2008

Any luck at all.... it's bad luck

The curse had to have been put on me at a young age... well before I was 16, because even by driving age I had had two major run ins with automobiles. It all started on September 17, 1987. It was my 4 and a half birthday and it was quite a big deal for the country seeing how it was the 200 Anniversary of the Signing of the Constitution.... which was exactly why we were loading up the yellow station wagon with a massive painting of Benjamin Franklin and others signing the constitution along with a painting of Joseph's First Vision. My mom and dad ran into the house for something and left Nick, 6, Me, 4 1/2 and Craig, 2 sitting in the car. I had the great idea to pretend like I was driving. I turned the wheel until it locked so I was looking for something else to play with, so I pulled down on the stick looking thing connected to the wheel... I didn't know what to do as our car began to role backwards down our hill of a driveway across the street and into the ditch. Luckily our 14-year-old neighbor was mowing his lawn and saw the whole thing happened. My mom and dad came outside to see three of their children crawling out of the front window.
I'm sorry to go into so much detail but I had to explain where my bad luck all began. My next episode of bad luck didn't come until I was eight. My brother Broc just turned 16 and was pulling out of the garage to drive to church. I thought I could hurry and jump in the car before he pulled out of the garage.... smash! The car door hit the side of the garage and glass when flying everywhere.
I didn't have another episode until I had been 16 for a few months. I figure the bad luck gods had to save up for this one. I had to hurry to school for an early morning math session. It had snowed the night before but I wanted to drive. My dad said, "Only if you drive the back way." (Which took an extra 5 minutes to school and when the school is only 1.2 miles away that gets kinda annoying) Long story short, I listened to my dad but then I came home during 1st period. With Cedar City's bright sun, I figured the snow was melted so I drove down Sage drive at my normal 30 miles an hour. As I went to turn 90 degrees to go over the overpass, although my wheels turned my car headed straight for a 30 foot drop off to the freeway below. Frantically I slammed on my breaks and my car started turning. The next thing I knew I was doing a 50-50 grind up the guard rail tee-ter-tot-toring over the freeway. I remember running in my house, "Don't worry Dad the car is fine! We just need to call the tow truck right now!" and with a slap of his hand he yelled, "I'm so mad I just can't believe it."
Six months later I parked that same 1989 Honda Preylude on the street where it had been parked for the last 2 years. Like a magnet, the owner of Pizza Factory's van smashed into the Preylude... I didn't even have to be in the car.
A little after that my best friend Mandy and i were driving out of town for something to do. For some reason at the last light before the highway takes off we both put on our seatbelts... less than 3 miles away going 65 miles an hour, we T-boned a girl.... bad luck for sure
When I went up to college you would think the luck would be better.... no. Driving past Scipio Becca and I were listening to President Hinckley give the last speech in general conference. As I was dozing off I feel the car swerve left then right... and all of the sudden we are circling and all I see is sage brush and dirt. Lots of dirt. When I get out of the car, we are facing the opposite direction on the other side of the freeway.
Then when I finally talked my dad into letting me take the Preylude up to BYU-I, one rainy evening, my boyfriend and I were in a fight, so I figured I should go drive by my ex-boyfriends place of employment (Taco Bell) and then swing by my boyfriends apartment. There I was minding my own business, I stopped at a four way stop, it was my turn so I pulled out to turn left and BAM! Someone couldn't see because of the setting sun mixed with the rain and didn't see the four way stop, or me.... and that was the end of the Preylude.... or so we thought, until we saw it in the Brick Oven parking lot 4 months later....
The next encounter with bad luck was the day before Christmas 2005. I was a wreck... my boyfriend was an idiot, I was trying to take care of Christmas presents.... Chad I were pulling out of the Target parking lot in St. George... I thought the car pulled out.... smash. obviously they hadn't. $26 dollars worth of buffing and the celica was back in prime condition.
The last three I won't give specifics... let's just say in January I got the Accord from my parents... in the past 5 months.... not one new bumpers, not 2 new bumpers... THREE accidents... THREE new front bumpers...(and other parts.)
Moral of the story...
1. Never let me drive your car.
2. Never let me give you a ride anywhere.
3. If you ever see me coming, flip a U and drive the other way.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Seth Cohen

I think every girl can close her eyes and picture the man that she wishes to be with. Mine has blue eyes, blonde hair, tan skin, about 6’2, big muscles that make me feel small…. And that is why my crush on Seth Cohen is so odd. Seth Cohen is a geeky, tall skinny, pasty white, dark curly hair, Jewish boy. With his hand movements, if he constantly wasn’t professing his love for Summer I might even question his sexuality.
The purpose of this blog is to try and put into words why I care for this kid the way I do. Why his love for indie rock, comic books, and his plastic horse Captain Oats drives me wild! Don’t get me wrong, he is an attractive guy, but it’s his quick whit, his sarcastic humor, and his lack of embarrassment that make him so charming. He’s completely self-absorbed, he runs like a girl, and he is any beside cool but he makes it all somehow adorable. So no longer am I searching at the pool for a hot water-polo player, instead you’ll find me at a local venue, an art gallery, or an action figure convention. Or in front of my T.V. screen watching Seth Cohen Thursday nights at 8 PM Mountain or 7 PM Central…

Thursday, August 14, 2008


There a lot of things in life that really feel good to get done with... a hard run, a knitted scarf... but there really is nothing that competes with finishing your last final of the semester. Sometimes I really think that the misery is almost worth the joy of being done.
As I finish another semester of wasted time and energy, I can't help but reevaluate the purpose of education. As I am typing this I can't even believe I would bring up a subject after spending the last 5 hours in the library... after a whole day of teaching, but here goes nothing. Just kidding this really is going to have to wait for another day. I just can't do it! My brain is mush....