Thursday, November 27, 2008

How To...

How to Catch a Wedding Bouquet.
The first and most important thing to catching a bouquet is... you have to really want it. It takes practice and determination that many girls just aren't willing to do. But for those of you heading to a wedding soon and can't spend months training here are a few tips to ensure catching a bouquet.
1. Wear tall shoes. I specifically say shoes because sandals are very unstable and do not allow for a solid jump or racing forward.
2. Stand at the front of the pack of girls. I know this is a bit risky, but what I have found from years of bouquet catching is... brides really over estimate their ability to throw, so they stand way too far back when they throw. It is a lot easier to catch a short throw when you are in the front then when you are behind hoards of girls. Also if you have to jump because the bouquet is thrown behind you, it is a lot easier to hit it forward and pick it up then to come down with it in the middle of a crowd.
3. But the most important tip I can give you is... you have to really want it. You can't feel bad for the little girl that you ripped the bouquet out of her hands... even if she cries. Or the friend that is 2 years older than you that desperately needs the luck.... it's nothing personal, it's buisness.
Good luck.

Lars and Whitney's Wedding
November 22, 2008

My 26th Wedding Bouquet.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Well I was waiting to post this hoping that I would have something to report... but alas, it just wasn't meant to be. Wednesday night I gave my name and phone number to the cute little old man that I talk to every time I go the temple. I told him to give it to David.... now it's just the waiting game....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After

My Title of Liberty
I believe God gave each of His children rights that when used will bring freedom, success, and happiness but when not used will bring slavery, poverty, and misery.
I believe the Declaration specifically spoke of these rights and listed life, liberty, and property (changed to the pursuit of happiness by John Adams because we do no have the right to property, but the right to pursue it.) But I also believe our rights are not limited to these three listed by Thomas Jefferson in justification to break away from England.
I believe one of our rights that is often forgotten is: The right to enjoy the fruits of your labor how ever you choose.
I believe that the majority of mankind is born with the ability to have freedom, success, and happiness by the means in which God created him. But when given the choice to work to gain freedom, success, and happiness or to survive off the fruits of others labors, human nature will choose the later. I do recognize there is a small minority that does not have the ability to work and I believe we have a duty to take care of these members of mankind. I believe we do not have a right to force members of society to take care of this minority. I believe when we voluntarily help these individuals God will bless us. We gain a sense of satisfaction and love for mankind that we do not gain when philanthropy is forced from us. I do have an optimistic view of mankind. I do believe that the majority of mankind will help those who have needs without being forced to do so. I believe the most beautiful illustration of this is used by God’s church. We are commanded a tenth of our income “for the building of His Church on the earth.” Tithing is not used for philanthropy. We are also commanded to help the needy, but isn’t it so fascinating that we are never told how much to give? Never will you hear the church tell how much to give in Fast Offerings, Humanitarian Aid, or any other form of philanthropy. I believe there is an inspired reason why we are commanded a percentage for one and commanded just to give for the other.
I believe as mankind we have equal access to these rights but we are not equal. We are equal only in the sight of God, the sight of the law, and in the protection of our rights. We do not have equal gifts, talents, skills, or abilities. It is impossible to make everyone equal. Trying to make people equal is damaging both to those you must take from and those you give to.
I believe that democracy can only work when people are virtuous and moral. My student said it best, “The right thing does not always benefit the majority.” If the majority does not stand up for what is right even if it doesn’t help them, the government will become corrupted and should be changed.
I truly believe we live in a Promised Land. I believe that God wants to bless us. I believe God created us with a conscience and the light of Christ that makes us want to be good. I am not denying the fact that Satan is real and that many chose to follow him. But I believe that when we as mankind are given the choice to survive or die the majority will survive, not only will we survive, we will thrive.