Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We see addiction every day. It's shocking how many kinds of addictions exist. It would be too easy, just booze and cigarettes. I think the hardest thing about kicking a habit is wanting to kick it. I mean we get addicted for a reason. Often, too often, things that just start as a normal part of your life, at some point cross the line to obsessive, compulsive, out of control. It's the high we are chasing, the high that makes everything else fade away. The thing about addiction is it never ends well, because eventually it is that is getting us high stops feeling good and starts to hurt. Still they say you don't kick the habit until you hit rock bottom, but how do you know when you are there? Because no matter how badly a thing is hurting us, sometimes letting go hurts even worse. - Meredith Grey
Well I did it, after almost exactly 7 years I decided it was time. I finally deleted the addiction.

Friday, December 5, 2008

So Much Better Than Twilight...

So last night I finally broke down and saw Twilight... poor poor Tyler. I had just got done with a long day of parent teacher conferences, I was so tired, Tyler was so tired. To state it kindly, it was a disaster.

I thought I would share my top 5 favorite short stories of Sams..... Every time I read his stories... I fall in love with the author over and over and over again.

5. for a second there I thought you'd disappeared
He hadn’t seen her in years. How strange it was to look upon her now, leaning into a shopping cart, comparing jars of peanut butter. She’d colored her hair for him once; she’d worn sandals like that for him once. He disappeared before he saw who she was living for now.

4. sightings
First time: walking down Freedom Boulevard in gold heels and oversized sunglasses.

Second time: bowling at Gerry Lanes in a lavender summer dress.

Last time: on the back of a Vespa, hair glowing under the streetlights, eyes closed, profile pressed into his back, riding away from me into the darkness.

3. maybe
They would share secrets. They would get married on a rainy day. They would buy a house. They would cook and clean. They would have three little girls. They would talk late into the night. They would live in London.Or maybe he’d just let her walk off the bus.

2. third date
I was looking at her through the bottom of my glass.
What are you doing, she asked.
I am looking at you through the bottom of my glass, I said.
You are so weird, she said.
I picked up my fork and looked at her through the tines. That better?
1. european sunrise
He had never seen a European sunrise before. The valley drew the pink beams of light over the houses and fields scattered there, a bowl filling with the glow of morning. Now the camera panned back to her face and she smiled. He couldn’t tell what was prettier to him.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

How To...

How to Catch a Wedding Bouquet.
The first and most important thing to catching a bouquet is... you have to really want it. It takes practice and determination that many girls just aren't willing to do. But for those of you heading to a wedding soon and can't spend months training here are a few tips to ensure catching a bouquet.
1. Wear tall shoes. I specifically say shoes because sandals are very unstable and do not allow for a solid jump or racing forward.
2. Stand at the front of the pack of girls. I know this is a bit risky, but what I have found from years of bouquet catching is... brides really over estimate their ability to throw, so they stand way too far back when they throw. It is a lot easier to catch a short throw when you are in the front then when you are behind hoards of girls. Also if you have to jump because the bouquet is thrown behind you, it is a lot easier to hit it forward and pick it up then to come down with it in the middle of a crowd.
3. But the most important tip I can give you is... you have to really want it. You can't feel bad for the little girl that you ripped the bouquet out of her hands... even if she cries. Or the friend that is 2 years older than you that desperately needs the luck.... it's nothing personal, it's buisness.
Good luck.

Lars and Whitney's Wedding
November 22, 2008

My 26th Wedding Bouquet.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Well I was waiting to post this hoping that I would have something to report... but alas, it just wasn't meant to be. Wednesday night I gave my name and phone number to the cute little old man that I talk to every time I go the temple. I told him to give it to David.... now it's just the waiting game....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After

My Title of Liberty
I believe God gave each of His children rights that when used will bring freedom, success, and happiness but when not used will bring slavery, poverty, and misery.
I believe the Declaration specifically spoke of these rights and listed life, liberty, and property (changed to the pursuit of happiness by John Adams because we do no have the right to property, but the right to pursue it.) But I also believe our rights are not limited to these three listed by Thomas Jefferson in justification to break away from England.
I believe one of our rights that is often forgotten is: The right to enjoy the fruits of your labor how ever you choose.
I believe that the majority of mankind is born with the ability to have freedom, success, and happiness by the means in which God created him. But when given the choice to work to gain freedom, success, and happiness or to survive off the fruits of others labors, human nature will choose the later. I do recognize there is a small minority that does not have the ability to work and I believe we have a duty to take care of these members of mankind. I believe we do not have a right to force members of society to take care of this minority. I believe when we voluntarily help these individuals God will bless us. We gain a sense of satisfaction and love for mankind that we do not gain when philanthropy is forced from us. I do have an optimistic view of mankind. I do believe that the majority of mankind will help those who have needs without being forced to do so. I believe the most beautiful illustration of this is used by God’s church. We are commanded a tenth of our income “for the building of His Church on the earth.” Tithing is not used for philanthropy. We are also commanded to help the needy, but isn’t it so fascinating that we are never told how much to give? Never will you hear the church tell how much to give in Fast Offerings, Humanitarian Aid, or any other form of philanthropy. I believe there is an inspired reason why we are commanded a percentage for one and commanded just to give for the other.
I believe as mankind we have equal access to these rights but we are not equal. We are equal only in the sight of God, the sight of the law, and in the protection of our rights. We do not have equal gifts, talents, skills, or abilities. It is impossible to make everyone equal. Trying to make people equal is damaging both to those you must take from and those you give to.
I believe that democracy can only work when people are virtuous and moral. My student said it best, “The right thing does not always benefit the majority.” If the majority does not stand up for what is right even if it doesn’t help them, the government will become corrupted and should be changed.
I truly believe we live in a Promised Land. I believe that God wants to bless us. I believe God created us with a conscience and the light of Christ that makes us want to be good. I am not denying the fact that Satan is real and that many chose to follow him. But I believe that when we as mankind are given the choice to survive or die the majority will survive, not only will we survive, we will thrive.

Friday, October 31, 2008

The Joys of Public School

Sometimes I question why people dress up the way they do on Halloween. Is it like dreams? Is there some type of hidden meaning in a costume... is what we wear really want we want to be? Or is it just a day where we can escape into something different? I obviously can't answer for everyone.... but Vice Presdient.... what a dream! It kinda scared me how comfortable some of my students were in their costumes... Here are a few pictures from my Halloween experience at school....

This kid one of the cool kid football players... I would never have guess he would love his tights so much!

My cute little Seventh Graders....

But the award for the best costume had to go to the smartest boy I've ever met....

What girl wouldn't fall for Edward?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Crush

I have always thought that crushes are a hard thing.... I mean it is always exciting.... It gives you something to look forward to... but it always seems that crushes never work out. So the fact that I am typing about this crush for the whole blogging world to read proves this can only lead to a disaster...
So every Wednesday night I go to the temple to do Baptisms for the Dead. Now in the beginning my reasoning for going Wednesday night was because for some reason I could always get in and out of the in 45 minutes. (Which is unheard of because Provo Temple is notorious for a 2 hour wait at the baptismal font) I could never figure out why Wednesday nights were such a dream...
That was until I started watching him.... the guy who always baptized on Wednesday nights. The way he whipped out those baptisms was amazing!!! He got someone in and out of that font within a minute. And then I started watching him.... he was extremely attractive... So while I am sitting there waiting for my turn... I love watching this guy. After a few Wednesdays... I kept catching him looking at me. It's the funniest thing how I would smile and blush and look away. I feel like I am 13 again. After every time that he would baptize me he would say, "It's good to see you again." And I would leave the temple in a total blur dreaming about the man in the font. Now I know what you are all thinking… he does this to every girl to keep them coming back to the temple… I thought that too. So I started watching… did he smile at other girls? Did he tell them “Thank you for coming” Did he stare at other girls while he was baptizing??? Ah…. What I relief when I concluded it was only me J
Well because I have been so busy lately just I couldn't find the time to make it to the temple on Wednesday nights... until this Wednesday. I was extremely disappointed when I got into the room and looked down at the font and he wasn't there. I should have guessed when I saw the line of people waiting to be baptized was 4 rows long... I sat in disappointment for an hour... where was he? Why wasn't he there? Had he changed nights? Had he stopped doing baptisms all together? And then he walked in. He wasn't in his usual baptism outfit, he was wearing his temple clothes. So he just witnessed. I watched him scan through the four rows of people waiting and when he saw me he got a huge grin on his face. For the next hour while we were both watching people get baptized we just sat and eye flirted.... It was ridiculous how it made me blush... Then finally when it was my turn to get baptized he winked at me!
Crushes are ridiculous... but they sure are fun.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Any luck at all... it's bad luck Part II

I don't consider myself a superstitious person. I have no problem walking under a latter, I don't think twice about a black cat crosses my path, and the only reason I am sad when a mirror breaks is I'm kinda obsessed with reflections. But with all these bad things happening I am starting to question. Now I am not talking about true trials, I am not talking about things that make me question the existence of God or question why He is punishing me. I am talking about straight up, bad luck.
If I had to pin it down to starting with one event.... my bad luck always seems to begin when I decide to wash my car. A couple of Saturdays ago I spent 2 hours scrubbing every inch of my car. I must admit I was quite proud by the time I was finished. Maybe it's that pride that brings on the bad luck...
Later that day Tyler found 2 nails in my tires.... So I borrowed the Celica from Craig while I got my tire fixed. I parked the Celica in a BYU parking lot on my way to class... as I got out of the car I couldn't help but smile as the brand new red paint job glistened in the setting sun... After class I found a police officer parked in front of the car. Someone had busted in the window to steal my 2001 computer speakers in the front seat. Of course they had throw glass all over the car scratching the paint in numerous areas. $950 later.... the car glistened again.
When I went to the same auto body shop, Wesley said, "Kristin, you really have the worst luck." You know it's a bad thing when the auto body shop man knows you by name.
So I thought my bad luck had ended.... until this weekend. I flew down to California for my roommates million dollar wedding. It was so beautiful I can't even begin to describe it. But half way through the wedding dinner I looked in my purse and realized... my wallet was gone. No where to be found. Of course I am the stupid girl that kept her social security card in her wallet... So not only did I lose cash, credit cards, and licenses.... I now have to worry about my identity. But hey, at least I still have my phone!
And then yesterday my phone broke.
In times like this... the only sane thing to do... is laugh.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I regret to say, I have learned that I am techinically not random. In my Statistical Research Class I learned that I am not only kinda not random I am completely not random. As much as I would like to be independent, as Simon and Garfunkel would say, I am far from a rock or an island. Every topic does not have an equal chance of getting discussed on my blog.... you will never hear me support any type of socialist program so technically I am not random. Also last but not least there are zeros.... once I have discussed a topic it is highly unlikely I will discuss the same topic over again so I can not claim having a non-zero system... so I am sorry to say I am not random.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I've always had a really hard time with goodbyes. As embarrasing as it is, no matter how hard I try, sometimes I can not help but cry. Some of the most embarassing goodbyes have been: the last class of the Culture of the Middle East with Brother Anderson, the last time I car pooled with Russ.... yeah kinda embarassing crying over an engaged man, and I think the worst was the last time I worked at the sex offender home. Who cries over such things?

But what gets me more than anything is how much I cry about series finalies. It's seriously pathetic how I act as if these fictional characters are a part of my life...

Top Ten Season Finales of all time.

10. Full House: I know I know, a pretty lame ending to a wonderful show. But that is why it is number 10. When Michelle finally got her memory back, I never thought I could be that happy again.

9. (This is where I wanted to put Louis and Clark and the Adventures of Superman.... but let's be honest, this show died when Louis started eating frogs.....)

8. The Cosby Show.

7. Cheers... I was really really young when Cheers ended... and all I can remember is all of them getting up and leaving one by one... and the lonliness I felt as I stared at that empty bar....

6. The OC: Now techincally the final episode actually wasn't that bad (compared to the rest of season 3), but the end of Season 3 when Marissa died was amazing. I have never cried so much over a stupid episode.... it rocked my world. 5. Fresh Prince of Bel Air: This one really got to me... When they decided to sell the house and move out of Bell Air... I was such a mess.

4. Seinfield: I wasn't really a diehard Seinfield Fan... but this final episode was unreal. The airplane falling, the almost confessed love... and the Good Samaritian Act, what a genius.
3. Saved by the Bell: Zach and Kelly's Wedding. Only 2 sentences need to be said..."Zach and Kelly. Two people destined for each other."

2. Friends. No matter how many times I have watched it I just burst into tears when Joey asks, "Has the apartment always been purple?" and the camera scans around the room and settles in on the yellow frame around the peep hole. It brings tears every time. "It may have gone on too long. While it may have not been near the quality of the early seasons, the series finale served as a reminder that even though they may be married, adopting children, or causing chaos on airplanes, they'll still be there for you…"

1. The Wonder Years: "Winnie left the next summer to study art history in Paris. Still we never forgot our promise. We wrote to each other once a week for the next eight years. I was there to meet her, when she came home, with my wife and my first son, eight months old. Like I said, things never turn out exactly the way you planned. Growing up happens in a heartbeat. One day you're in diapers; next day you're gone. But the memories of childhood stay with you for the long haul. I remember a place...a town...a house like a lot of other houses... A yard like a lot of other yards...on a street like a lot of other streets. And the thing is...after all these years, I still look back...with wonder.”

So now I am curious, do you think I missed any?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kindred Spirits

Last night when I got trashed by yet another guy I was sad… do you ever wonder when God will give you a break? Then I thought about soul mates again…. And I thought of a better word to describe them…. Kindred Spirits. (Thanks Anne) As anyone who actually reads this blog would know… the passed four years of my life have been anything but what I have dreamed of or wanted. But as I was running down the Y mountain this morning, I couldn’t help but cry when I thought of all the kindred spirits God has put in my life to enrich my expeirence. Heres to the last four years of Kindred Spirits God has blessed to have as a part of my life: I will never forget the night that Linz and I drove around Cedar City for hours talking. I had just moved home from BYU-I and broken up with my "super cool" boyfriend of the past year…. I was a mess. Linz, on the other hand, was sturdy. I will never forget that night and the bond that we have had ever since. The thingthat I love about Linz is that she is always happy. She is so so so strong. Even when she talks about her mother’s death you can just feel how strong her faith is. She is so caring and positive.

Kennan and I met years and years ago, but its been over the past two years that she has really been there for me. Some of our favorite sayings are, "I really need some chocolate" and "Today was so bad, I didn't even wear my seatbelt."

Jeanine will hate me for putting this weird picture on here, but it’s the only picture I could find of them. Although it is probably better that Nick, Jeanine, and I never talk about politcs or education, no one has been more wonderful in my life. Sure we are going to die of skin cancer after our years of laying out but it was worth the memories! I love Jeanine because of her huge heart... espeically now that it doesn't have a hole. :) She cares so much about people. She will do ANYTHING for the people that she loves. I will never forget the most wonderful talk she gave in church over a year ago. She has such strength and faith in God's plan. Someone with so much to complain about rarely does. She as been a wonderful friend.

When I moved in with Jess, I must admit I was quite nervous. Moving in with 4 random strangers is one thing when you are 18 or 19. But by 24 I was pretty set in my ways. I knew I would have nothing to worry about when I asked Jess what she wanted to do with her life and she said, “I want to change the world.” I have never met anyone that looks to serve random people like Jess. One day she saw a littered cup on the grass in our complex. After she walked passed she felt guilty so she turned around and picked it up. A grumpy old Catholic man that lived next door in the heart of BYU said, “Even though no one saw that, God saw it, and He will bless you.” Jess spent many Sundays with this lonely man. Jess is full of compliments and encouraging words. She spends her life giving of herself to anyone who needs a helping hand.

For some reason I have always felt guilty about my love for Dawson’s Creek, Saved by the Bell, and sugar. When I met Schyler all that guilt went away… she was even worse that me... she loves N’Sync! She has a whole kitchen cupboard dedicated to candy! She had all the seasons of Dawson’s Creek, Saved By the Bell, and Friends. When Schy and I became roommates her boyfriend/fiancĂ© lived in Arizona so we got to spend many nights watching episodes of my favorite shows and eat cookie dough…. Ahh those were the days!

As much as I have tried to forget Cedar City and my experiences there, it has been such a wonderful experience having Jord and Suz around. I love Jord because of her willingness to love everyone. She is so positive and optimistic. I love Suz because of her ability to realate to people. I love her beautiful voice. I love both of them because of their contagious personailities!!!

When Craig came home from his mission I knew it might be a challenge. Even if I never thought it, he still loves to tell people that I hated him. But Craig moved to Provo when I really needed him. On sad days when I would lay in my bat cave and cry, he was always willing to get in bed with me and make me laugh.

Wow… I don’t even know where to start with this friendship…. The lipstick that “never went away”, the 5,555 whatevers, Mr. Benson’s 7th grade science class, or the competition to talk more. Jen and I have always been close. But when I was so sick of running on the tredmill for an hour every day by myself, she was there. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday night I knew that I would be okay because I knew there would NEVER be a silent moment. And of course I have to add that I love her husband because he wants to be a politician….

I hate to clump this group together.... but I know that God put these girls in my life for a reason! Starting a new school was extremely difficult. Espeically dealing with the wicked witch of "The Shift"... although we are all so different we got along so well. I love Laura because she is always so kind to everyone. I love her intense concern with detail. I love her rockin body, her love for being healthy, and her chickens!!!! When we met, Chelsey was anything but nice... and I was so sad! But once we got past that stage she has been so wonderful. Watching her go through a huge trial during the school year was so hard, but her strength and faith are amazing. And last... Joanie.... she was such a brat in the begining. I think she was afraid that I, too, was prettier than her! :) I am trying to describe the connnection I have felt with Joanie over the last two years. I feel like we are as close to sisters as we can get. We fight like sisters, we share like sisters, and we definately laugh like sisters. I hated her when she was engaged and constantly talked about how wonderful her fiance was, but the wonderful thing about sisters, is I could be a brat and she still loved me! I must add... her husband really is wonderful.

I don't even have words to describe Scott and what he has done for me. As my bishop, as my adpoted dad, and as my friend. He has been there to comfort me and bless me. I have never met someone that loves to have fun more than him.

But the two people that has been there more than anyone else, through the ups and downs of the roller coaster of life, have been my parents. They love and care so much about me. Two of the most memerable experience would be... watching my mom dance around the house clapping as she chanted, "It's not over! It's not over!" and see how mad my Dad was when he saw me get hurt. They have truly been there as my strength and support.

Now this picture of my parents might seem strange to some of you... "I mean honestly, couldn't you at least find a picture with all your mom's face?" But I love this picture because of my mom's face. This is a picture that shows what my mom looks like when she is REALLY laughing. It is one of my favorite things to see. Whether is Chad teaching my mom to "pound" and then explode, Craig hugging and hugging and hugging my mom, or Nick dancing around the kitchen singing "I'd do anything for you dear" from Oliver Twist.... my mom laughing so hard her eyes squint and water streams out. It's one of my favorite things in the world.

The one thing that every single person in this blog has in common is: They have all saved me. They have made my life worth living. They have given me reason to keep going. And for that I owe them everything.
Honorable Mentions:

Thank you.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Soul Mates

Now all of us can quote at least one Prophet of the Lord telling us that there are no such thing as soul mates, so I would be an idiot to even try to argue that. But for lack of better words, I have been wondering a lot about soul mates and why it is that there are people who we connect with so deeply that no matter what happens in life, there will always be a little place in your heart for them. I don't even think it is gender specific, I just wonder why some connections are so strong.
Just last night I was dreaming about someone and their cat Alexis.... I haven't spoken to this person in probably a year. But sure enough this morning I got a text. I just question what it is that binds us so tightly together.
But I have discovered my true soul mate. It is a fictional author named Sam and every day he write a 50 word blog. Every day that I read his blog I can just feel my heart strings tug...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Magical Weekend

I don't get, I really don't. I don't know what Southern California has that makes it so wonderful. Sure, it's pretty, the weather is amazing, but honestly, sometimes when I really stop and think about it, it is really kinda a stressful scary place. But whenever I take in that ocean smelling warm air, my whole soul lights up...
This weekend I took a short trip down to 'the oc'. Of course before I headed down I made sure to complete the first two seasons of the OC. I know critics love to trash on the OC saying how unreal it is. But whenever I am down there I honestly start feeling like Summer Roberts and start to think that life really doesn't get much better than this...
Well I didn't bring down a camera, because honestly, I didn't even want to attempt to capture the magic, but I figure I would take you on a picture tour of my 32 hours trip to so. cal.

It started at 9:15 when I landed in Longbeach Airport. First off, Jet Blue.... totally not overrated! As I looked down at Newport I knew this going to be a great day.
First a short stop at the Newport Beach Temple: Although I feel bad brashing a house of the Lord.... it was definately overrated... but of course everyone says it's the inside that counts. It had two beautiful water things...

After the temple we went to this beautiful outdoor mall... We started out with breakfast at the Pinkberry. It is the latest trend in the wanna be healthy junkies... it used to smoothies.. now it is natural yogurt with fruit on top. I have been to three different generic Pinkberry's (Yoasis, Red Mango, and the ever so popular in happy valley... Spoon Me) I was excited to taste the original. (Obviously I have become quite the contesuer) Honestly... it tasted pretty much the same as every other natural yogurt place I have been. But at least now I can officially say that I have been there.
I looked up and saw a sign and I knew it couldn't be true! I have never heard of an actual Penguin Store...
but sure enough there it was. If there is one store in this world that I could shop exclusively at.... Penguin would probably not be it... but I sure love the clothes! It's a total southern California look that Seth Cohen wears regularly. I was so excited about the store that I went back to the sale area and went crazy! And of course to top it all off.... I knew it was my lucky day when the sales rep came up and said, "By any chance are you a teacher? Because we are giving a 20% disscount to teachers today." Although I am pretty excited about what I bought for myself... I bought a shirt for my lil brother that I knew he would love.
At this point, my day was already completely satisfied. The trip was already well worth it... and it was only Noon... so we went to Balboa Island. It reminded me of how much I love little touristy beach towns. Two of the most memerable are the cute little cobel steet town in Germany on the Balitic Sea and the Second is Main Street Annapolis. I love the surf shops, I love the art galleries, I think what I love most is the carefree attitude of all the people there. Rarely is anyone in a hurry, just walking around enjoying life. So of course because I am my father's daughter, I had to go into every art gallery and ask how business has been doing. We wondered into June's Fine Art Gallery. I actually really enjoyed the paintings because I felt like they really did capture the feeling of California. But honestly, I would have completely forgotten about the gallery except for the eccentric sales lady working the shop. I don't think I even dare try to describe this crazy lady. I had walked in with my BYU grad notebook because I was planning on doing some homework. She was sure I was trying to sell her something. Numerous times throughout the conversation she kept asking for my card... when I told her my dad is a Mormon artist, she hesistated and said, "I know this is probably not politically correct, but the only people I trust in this world are Mormons." (I have no idea why she thought I would possibly be offended by that comment.) Anyways what I will never forget is when this fragile little old lady said, " Pardon my expression but..." I was thinking she might say crap or darn or possibly hell... but I tried not to laugh when she said, "They really F%^$ed that one up." Only in California.
We ate at the cutest little Italian Restruant, not much to say other than... the pizza was delicous! There are no flavors in the world that compare with Tomato, Basil, Cheese, EVOO, and Garlic....
After lunch we went to another huge mall... with one store in mind. But first we had to stop off at Tiffany's. It was my first time ever. Honestly I used to think that it was overrated... I mean isn't one diamond that same as another... I found my future ring... it even made my grandma hands look great!
But after a few distractions we finally found the store we were looking for. Honestly, I don't think that H&M is the most amazing store in the world... but I like to think of it as a cheap express. I love that. I am such a sucker of argyle.
After the mall we headed to my roommates wedding reception in Huntington. I honestly dont' think the night could have possiblily been more perfect. It was the perfect temperature, not a stitch on wind... honestly how do people not love this place! My roommate looked beautiful. Once again, it would have been nice to have a camera... but this picture of them will do.
After making a showing at the wedding, we headed to Brea to Sharla and Mossi's house. Myra, Lars, and Whitney were all waiting for us! I can't even describe how wonderful it was so see all of them. I got introduced to Mossi's friend.... I don't remember his name.... but he was quite the character... and of course we got to hear a sneak peak of what Brobee will be doing next!
Although I love my cousins dearly, there was one reason and one reason only that I went to Brea..... YOGURTLAND! If you think my life revolves around food, it's probably true... but let me just explain Yogurtland to you, and you will completely understand. Unlike this trendy idea of healthy yogurt, Yogurtland lets you make your own... the cups are HUGE and they have all the flavors of frozen yogurt you can imagine, but the best part is you get to scoop up the toppings as well! Because it was my second yogurt of the day I felt I should go healthy... so I got a huge cup full of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, mangos, pineapple, and kiwi and then put a little yogurt on top. Absolutely delicious!
The rest of the trip was filled with laughs..... I think I have decided what my favorite scene in California is... it not even the ocean.... its the skyline of Palmtrees..... Whenever I see these Palm Tree I know everything will be alright...
And then I woke up...