Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Disneyland.... where all of Brad's dreams came true.

To say that our day at Disneyland was pretty darn perfect might sound a bit extreme.... but even as we speak it's 5 am and Brad and I are sitting at Grandma's house watching the Disneyland Sing-a-Long.  Brad loves everything about it.  

But we'll back up.  Because we were going the week of Thanksgiving, we knew we had to get to Disneyland before opening.  That first hour at Disneyland is the most important.  So we woke Dad up at 5:30 to make it out the door by 6 am.  Luckily for us we were greeted with a beautiful sunrise.

Something that was so fun about this trip to Disneyland was that Brad remembered Disneyland from the last trip.  He was so so so excited from the start.  As we went through security Brad was so excited the security guard joked that we didn't even need to bother going into the park.  Brad would be happy just going through security and riding the tram.  I love that the security guard loves working at Disneyland so much that he is happy to still notice a super excited 2 year old.

We got to the gate about 23 minutes early.  Brad was so excited, dancing around, pointing out all the characters' pictures he could see.

We of course ran straight to Fantasyland.  I still decided that Peter Pan wasn't worth it.  Maybe next trip?  So we started easy with Dumbo, Casey Junior Train, and Alice in Wonderland.

We were planning on heading to Brad's favorite, the Toon Town Roller Coaster next but we discovered that Toon Town didn't open until 9 and it was only 8:40 so we went on It's a Small World - Holiday edition.  It was a lot more enjoyable and fun when it just wasn't the small world song being blasted over and over for 15 minutes but also Jingle Bells!

We got out at like 8:57 so it was perfect timing to line up for Toon Town.  We ran straight to the roller coaster.  The delighted squeals from Brad were enough to make the whole trip worth it.

And luckily for us.... there was no one in line when we got finished so we got to ride it again.

And again. And again.  We rode it 6 times in a row.  And Brad loved every minute of it.

After the roller coaster we decided it was time to slow down.  We ate a grilled cheese and tomato soup snack and headed to Tomorrowland.  The line for Autotopia was the longest ling of the day.  Even though it was only a 20 minute line Brad was DYING to get on a car.

And he took his job of steering so seriously that Jason didn't even believe that Brad was smiling until he saw the pictures/videos after.  The rest of the day Brad said that the Cars ride was his favorite.

We decided to venture onto Nemo's Submarine.  Jason has never been on it and it was a lot more enjoyable than I remembered!  Brad was getting so so so sleepy though.  We were trying to keep him awake because we had fast passes for Buzz Lightyear in 20 minutes.

You know he's tired when the cement makes for a perfect place to lay down.

After Buzz Brad feel straight to sleep and slept in the stroller for at least 2 hours.  During that time Jason and I went and ate at the Hungry Bear Cafe.  Jason was mesmerized by what he could see of the cliffs of Star Wars Land while I was SO SO SO bugged about the lack of lids and straws now in Disneyland. 

Since Brad was still sleeping we decided to spend the next hour or so people watching on Main Street as we waited for the Christmas Parade.  Brad woke up just in time to watch the parade.  His cute little wave at all the characters was absolutely darling.  But he was still so so sleepy the rest of the day.  

We spent the rest of the day going on the roller coaster again and going on the carousel and tea cups in Fantasyland.

We went back to Orlean's Square to hit up Pirates.... which scared Brad so he hid in his hoodie and the Haunted Mansion.

The night ended with a ride on the train and a stroll down Main Street.  I love Disneyland at night with all the lights and glow.  The holidays at Disneyland is pretty dreamy.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

A Snapshot into a day in the life with Brad

This summer I kept saying that I was sure that Brad was at the height of his cuteness.  I couldn't believe it would be possible that he'd get any cuter.  The things he was doing and saying this summer were just so dang cute.

I am happy to report that if it is humanly possible, Brad is even cuter right now.  Yesterday is a memory I hope I never forget.

Jason has his implant course all weekend.  (A special class separate from dental school that Jason is taking to be better prepared and trained to do implants when he graduates.  The course is 3 days Friday, Saturday, and Sunday once a month for a year)

So yesterday it was just Brad and me.  We had been super busy the Saturday before so we hadn't gone grocery shopping in 2 weeks.  Grocery shopping is quite the ordeal in our house because Brad is anything but easy at the grocery store.  I get quite envious when I see other shopping carts with kids just happily sitting in the cart as the mom shops.  I know I know that isn't normal, Brad is probably more normal.  But the point is Jason and I have learned it takes both of us to handle Brad and try to buy groceries.

But we needed food.  So yesterday I braved the grocery store by myself with Brad.

It was arguably the cutest most delightful experiences with Brad to date.  At first we just used one little cart that he could push.  We talked about what food we needed.  He said we needed pears, apples, and bananas.  So we headed to the produce ailse.  When I tried to guide his cart a little he said, "No touchy please."  So I didn't touch.  I just walked and he followed pushing his little cart.  Sure he tried to put in some fresh flowers when we walked passed or some marshmellows but for the most part he just kept up with me and would put into his cart whatever I handed him.

He was doing so well with his responsibility of pushing his cart and following Mom's directions that when his cart was full I did the most daring thing!  I grabbed another full sized cart!  So there Brad and I were walking down aisle after aisle me pushing my cart with Brad following close behind.  Sure he ran into my ankles a few times as I stopped but he wanted to keep going or we had to stop and look at all the different doggies in the pet food aisle.  But overall Brad was an unbelievable good shopper.  Every aisle we turned on another customer or employee would comment on how cute Brad was or how well behaved.  When we finished and were ready to check out we pulled up in line and I said, "Okay Brad now we have to wait our turn."  Multiple people moved their cart out of the way saying we could jump in line in front of them.  Brad was that cute.

I know this might not seem like the most significant story.  Big deal, Brad pushed a little grocery cart around a store and was cute?  But man it made my Momma heart melt.  I am so so proud of this little boy and what he is becoming.  My cousin Sharla watched Brad for a few days this week.  When Brad didn't come one morning her 5 year old came up to her and said, "I wish we could watch Brad just one more day."  Brad is so sweet and fun and just loves being around kids.

Now why do I need to write this?  Because he did wake up again at 4:15 am this morning.  So obviously he's not perfect.  But it was so cute when he was pretending to be a mean donkey (he was playing with his Nativity Scene) he said to the sheep, "Go away, please!"  With all the meanness a 2 year old could muster.  And once again my heart melted.  His please and thank yous and love you Mommas are the best thing ever.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween

From the cutest boy and his pet alien.

And of course I had to throw in these two pictures:
My costume: sick angry sleep-deprived pregnant teacher who only came to school because no sub in their right mind would come work at a junior high on this blessed day. #happyhalloween🎃

Monday, October 15, 2018

Brad at 2 and 9 months

Jason had school yesterday (yes Sunday... yes weird) Anyway so before church Brad and I had some time to kill... so we got out the sheet and the DLSR and took some pictures.  Brad was the most corporative he has ever been for pictures!  It was awesome!

To describe Brad right now: he is just as cute as can be.  His favorite pass time is riding his strider bike, playing with his cars in play doh, and doing anything with "friends."  He begs to go home when we are somewhere he doesn't want to be, he is completely potty trained, and he loves Dr. Seuss books.  He still asks for kisses any time he get injured and it melts my heart that after I've kissed it it's "all better".  I am sad for the day that my kisses can't fix all his problems.  He hate it every time I pick him up from his other family's house.  He cries and cries and cries from Jackson and Abby (the 3 and 4 year old siblings that have become his other family)  He still wildly squeals when he sees Jason's car pull into the driveway after work.  He loves yogurt, apples, pears, and Cheerios and on special occasions  "Unicorn Cereal" (Lucky Charms).

Bottom line:  just when I think this kid can't get any cuter he does something unbelievably cute and my heart swells with so much love all over again. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Parson Reunion 2018 at Pine Valley

Our Parson Reunion was held up above St. George in a beautiful mountain valley called Pine Valley.  My parents rented the Dixie State Cabin that was at our best estimate close to 20,000 feet.  One thing is for sure.... Brad was in absolute heaven.  Friday night was filled with card games and Brad's favorite, the obstacle course.  In the huge great room there was at least 7 couches filled with lots of pillows.  The game was to see how many times you could run across the room without getting hit by a pillow.  Each time you made it across you earned a point on your head of antlers.  It was real bragging rights to say you were a 5 or 6 point buck.  Brad had a blast just running in and out of the 8 or 9 big boys and dodging pillows.  Seriously, I don't know if Brad has ever had that much fun.  Luckily he made it out alive because it would have been a pretty hard fall if he didn't.

Saturday morning was filled with a walk around the beautiful valley, going to see the dead bird with Grandma, and the cutest/saddest memory was Brad and Max had tried to make it out to the sand volleyball court to play without shoes on.  Grandma had carried them last time so they didn't know that although the sand was soft..... there were a lot of stickers before then.  I came outside to see both Max and Brad stuck in the middle of a sticker patch wailing in pain and unable to move.  Other cousins were trying to carry both boys out of the sticker patch.  It took a while to get out all the thorns.  Once they got their shoes on those two boys could have had fun all day playing in the sand.  We also brought Brad's strider bike.  Brad and Max had a blast taking turns riding the bike around the huge cabin.

Brad has no problem just going to hang out with Grandpa. 

Saturday afternoon we went down to Veyo to the coolest natural spring, creek, and rock climbing canyon.  Jason got to rock climb while the kids swam in the pool, big kids went fishing for crawdads, and after we had a big weenie roast in the fire pit.  Veyo was way cooler than I had imagined. 

We gathered all 15 Parson grandkids together for a picture.  They look a little bit like ragamuffins but they were as happy as could be.

Sunday while we were cleaning up the cabin to check out we sent the three toddlers to watch Land Before Time.  It was so cute to watch them all huddled around the little TV.

We went to church at the Pine Valley Chapel that has quite the history built in 1866 by a ship builder.  The church was constructed like an upside down ship.  So the chapel has curved walls like a ship.  It was quite an adventure trying to keep Brad entertained because we didn't bring anything to entertain him.  But we all survived and of course had to get some cute family pictures before we took off.