Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Like a salmon, I have to swim back to where I came from.

One of the most stressful parts about moving away from Northern Utah was, there will be no real reason for us to return.  We don't have any need to ever go back.  That is a very scary thought.  A place that has been a huge part of our life... no reason to return in the foreseeable future.

The more I thought about that, the more I got worked up.  This was back in May while we were packing and getting ready to leave.  I was very nervous about the move.  Leaving the familiar.  Headed for the unknown.  So I decided to do something to calm my ball of nerves.  I decided to make plans to return to the most familiar place I know.  I found flights from LAX to Idaho Falls for under $150 round trip at the beginning of August.  I decided to reward myself for the move and starting a new life in California.  Although not returning to Northern Utah made me sad, the thought of not going back to Idaho, was not an option.

My bro in law asked, "Idaho?  Why in the world would you go to Idaho."  My response was, "Because I am like a salmon, I have to swim back to where I came from."  Idaho just calls to me.  No matter how I try and fight it I need to go home.

I was so excited for find such cheap flights that I didn't even really look at the times of the flights.  After I booked the flights I started to realize that the flights were going to be a little bit tricky.  We flew out of LAX at 6 PM on Monday.  LAX is 90 mile from Murrieta.  After stressing about how to park at LAX I decided to spend $120 and Uber to LAX.  Best $120 ever.  Only problem was it meant I had to take Brad's carseat with me.  No biggie right? (Insert big eye emoji.)

So for our 5 day trip I had 2 backpacks, 2 car seats, 2 kids, 1 Bob double running stroller, and 1 ergo carrier.  I was quite stressed about how I was going to manage it all.  But the kids did great!  The Uber ride was actually shorter than I thought it would be.  It took us 1.5 hours to get there!

 Of course Brad still slept on the drive.

So we got to the airport faster than I thought and our flight was delayed an hour.  So we had over 3 hours to hang out at the airport.  And no offense to anyone who loves LAX (is that possible?) but it is not the best place to hang out.  There were only 3 food options in all of Terminal 5.  So I ended up spending $18 on this beauty.  Yes, a lousy sandwich with potato chips.  Brad said he wants to be like this guy when he grows up.

 We had a few near possible disasters like an insane blow out.  But we made the most out of our 3 hours in the airport.

Kate was of course a champion although she doesn't seem to like the carrier like Brad did.  I was a little nervous about how the gate check would go.  How to carry baby, 2 back packs and watch Brad while I drop off the car seats and the stroller.  (Closing and securing a double Bob running stroller is a feat in and of itself let alone even without wearing a baby)   But we managed.  Putting both carseats in one bag made it significantly easier.

 Probably the most disappointing part of the whole trip..... we were on row 32 out of 32 rows.  I don't mind being in the very back except there was no window!  So Brad, who was super excited for fly for the first time in his memory, couldn't see anything.  Total bummer.  But oh well.  I hear we missed a glorious sunset.

But luckily the girl sitting next to us was able to move seats half way through the flight so Kate was able to sleep on the seat.  And Brad loved his ipad so it was a very great flight!

 It's crazy that exactly 3 years ago I have the exact same pictures of Brad... except going to a lot more exciting places. 
Erica picked us up at the airport at 11:00 and we were all excited to crawl into bed by midnight.  A perfect start to our amazing week in Idaho.

 First thing the next morning I went for a run to say hello to the Tetons.  Oh how I love this view!

 And this one... with the golden wheat getting ready to harvest.

And cool canals like this one.

We tried to do all our favorite Rexburg things.   We hit up the splash pad at Porter Park.  It was amazing.  Brad loves time with two of his favorite 2nd cousins.

After a trip to Millhollow we went back and had a fire.  It's crazy that it is Brad's first fire that he can remember.  He loved it.

We ended the night we a gorgeous walk around Teton.  Oh how I love Idaho sunsets.

The next day we went for a drive up to Island Park.  Brad loved swimming in the river.

And picking wildflowers.

And "riding" in another airplane.  Then we went for a hike along the river to find....


We hurried back to Rexburg to spend time at Leon's.  His yard was amazing.

And of course another delightful sunset.

Brad lived his best life in Idaho.  He loved every minute of it.

Franci asked me if I wanted to go on a paved walking path the next morning. Hahahaha.  It was almost insane but we did a crazy hike pushing my double stroller up and down a rocky steep mountain.  It was definitely memorable.  And Kate enjoyed the ride.

One more stop at Millhollow...

And my week in Idaho was over.  It was amazing.  I was nervous about the 10 PM take off time.... which means we didn't get into LAX until 11:30... and then another hour and half home...

But we made it on the plane.
And got an amazing extended seat so I had tons of leg room!  Which was great because most of the flight Brad was asleep on my legs and I was holding baby girl in the turbulence.

I was nervous how I was going to carry two sleeping kids, two back packs, 2 carseats and open 1 stroller.... but we survived.  And I must say it felt good when multiple people called me Super Mom.

It was all very worth it to make my annual journey to a place that will always feel like home.