Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Rest of Summer

Since summer ends tomorrow for me.... back to school we go..... I figure I should do one last post on glorious summer.  

A few weeks ago we went down to Cedar for a few days.  It was a wonderful wonderful trip.  So wonderful that when Jason found out they canceled school the next Friday Jason said, "Let's go back to Cedar!"  Brad had so much fun with Grandma and Grandpa.  I tried to get as many pictures as possible with Brad and Grandma and Grandpa.  

I love this picture of Brad watching tv/Grandpa play solitare.  I love how Brad is sitting like Grandpa on his legs.  Yes.... what 70 year old man can sit on his legs for hours at a time.... good question.

One time I couldn't find Brad anywhere.  I searched the toy area upstairs, I searched the toy area downstairs, I even searched outside wondering how in the world he would have gotten out there.... and then my mom heard me yelling for Brad.  She called out, "He's in here!"  I went in her bedroom to find Brad watching Jeopardy with my mom.  

Grandpa spent a lot of time coaching Brad first on the tramp...

And then in baseball.

We also got around to celebrating Brad's half (real) birthday.  The cake was our attempt at a Mickey Mouse Roller Coaster.

2 1/2 going on teenager.

Then all the cousins came! Oh and we had caramel popcorn 

We went on hikes up Cedar Mountain and found frogs at Kid's Pond.  Brad was terrified of the big frog.  After he kept asking for a baby frog, not a big frog.

Other fun things that ended out the summer:
I got a call from my dear Erica stating that she didn't get enough Idaho in her life this summer.... I totally agreed.  It is crazy how that place is so important to fill my soul.  So she decided she was going to drive up from Denver.  I was trying to figure out what Jason could do to make an Idaho trip fun for him.  He suggested that I should just go up by myself.  It was glorious!!!!!!!!  So glorious that I didn't take any pictures!  Well.... here are two lame pictures, one of me waiting for Franci (a very normal part of my life with Franci :) and a sunrise as I was driving home.  


One day Brad wanted to climb into the bookshelf.  I had to smile because I have a picture of Craig and I doing the exact same thing when Craig was probably exactly Brad's age.

Last week we went boating up at Jordanelle with Ali and Jared.  It was an awesome day!  The sunrise was a bit crazy with the fires.

But it was an awesome day boating.  Brad even went out tubing with Daddy and Brad was even okay going shockingly fast!

To try and get out of the horrible smoke last Saturday we went for a hike around Silver Lake up at Brighton.  Brad ran more than a mile on the hike.  Pretty impressive!
It's always a huge accomplishment to finish my blogbook every year!  (I am getting a LOT faster at it but it still takes a shocking amount of time).

I great my first really garden this year.  I am so proud!  Sure half of the plants didn't grow but the ones that did are doing awesome!  Here is a bounty from one morning harvest.

And last.... we decided it's time to take Brad out on a path to ride his strider bike.  Brad loves it and is getting shockingly fast.  Jason determined this "training" needed to start happening bi-weekly.

What a perfect way to end summer.  
It's now 6 am and I have to get to the gym so I can get back to work.  
Back in the Saddle Again.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Oh Canada - Banff National Park

After leaving Glacier we were on the road again on to Canada!

 We took a break in Cardston and visited the temple.

But then we were on the road again driving through lots of brilliant yellow canola fields.

 I am so so sad I don't have a single picture from the most wonderful visit we had with my old roommate Geneva.  Her, her husband, and 3 kids have a beautiful home in Calgary.  We spent the night with them.  It was a wonderful visit and Geneva is just as amazing as she's always been.  Then we got up early Monday morning to get on the road to Banff.

Oh Canada.  (we had to drive to multiple Mcdonalds to finally find one that was open at 6:30 am) shockingly most McDonalds didn't open until 7!

We got to Banff and headed straight to the mother of all tourist attractions, Lake Louise.

We went for a hike in the crazy heat (a total crazy abnormal heat wave had hit Banff while we were there) I had brought full on coats based off previous temperatures but seriously we barely needed a sweatshirt the whole time we were there!

We after a couple of miles of hiking we were HOT.  So Brad went for a swim in the water.  Of course it was freezing but really not so bad because it was so hot outside.

After Lake Louise it was time for Brad's nap.  Franci had told me her favorite part of the entire park was the drive from Lake Louise up to Jasper.  She said even if we didn't do the whole drive she said we needed to do part of it.  She was totally right.  It was gorgeous!!!  The brilliant lakes with amazing glaciers.

After Brad woke up we headed to Banff for dinner...  one guess where we ate :)

We tried 2 traditional Canadian foods.... poutine which was delicious! and a naomimo bar (I've had lots of super delicious naomino bars but this was were terrible.)

The best news for me was I could get some of my favorite workout clothes for 40% off!!!! (Between the strength of the dollar and my teacher discount) it was awesome!

The next morning we got up relatively early to try and get into Lake Moraine.  Long annoying story short..... if you don't GET to the lake before 4:30 am you won't get a parking spot, at which point you have drive 20 miles back to an overflow area to wait in a line (Franci waited for 1.5 hours in the line with her family last week) to pay $15 an adult, $10 a kid to ride a shuttle to Lake Moraine.  I was very frustrated by this.  So we planned to get up super duper early the next morning to make it to the lake. (Our hotel was an hour away from the lake so we were planning on getting up at 3:30 am)

But instead Tuesday morning we went to hike Johnston Canyon.  It ended up being absolutely delightful.  And especially since we got there at an early hour there was hardly anyone there.

The water in Johnston canyon was unreal and the waterfalls were amazing.

But the coolest part was the trail.  A lot of the trail had been made on top of the stream.  Brad ran for the entire first kilometer of the hike!  And then he rode for the rest.

I'd put this hike near the top of my favorite short hikes I've ever been on.

Later we took a ski lift up to see an amazing view of Banff.  We called it "A Canadian roller coaster".  Brad of course loved it.

Then we talked to a ranger and discovered that it was easy to get into Lake Moraine right before sunset.  So we headed back to the lake.  It was just as beautiful as I anticipated.

The ultimate road trip.... over 2,500 miles.